Nationals Day 0 and Day 1 (quick update)

by Ed ~ July 8th, 2011.

Well, day 1 is over. I am not doing well. I chose to go with the deck I knew best, and unfortunately it’s garbage. I thought it wasn’t great, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Take a look at some pictures of day 0 (arrival/registration) and day 1 (the actual event) and read how the first day of Swiss went.

Round 1: I had a bye from winning states. It took so long to repair for the no-shows, that they announced that lunch would be after round 1. That means I don’t get to play until like 1:30PM. What did I wake up at 6:30AM for?

Round 2: I played a guy named Cliff (I think). He started Cleffa. I played Juniper, drew into a Cleffa and a Communication. I played Communication for Tyrogue. Great. I’m now 2-0 after playing 1 turn.

Round 3: I played Erik with MagneBoar. I revived Tyrogue twice in this match to get KOs on Cleffas and to put damage on Magnezone. I recall this being a close match. If I had pulled Plus Power or slept better on my Mischievous Punch, I could have had the win.

Round 4: Nick C. had Tyranitar, Samurott, Mandibuzz, AND Zoroark. The game went down to +2 after time was called. He had Samurott out and just KO’d my Resh to bring it to 1 prize left each. I needed 2 Plus Power for the return KO (since it had taken damage from TTar) for the win. I got one, and drew the rest of my deck with PONT to look for another (or Junk Arm). It wasn’t there. He wins.

Round 5: I don’t recall this guy’s name, but he had MagneBoar. It’s a tough matchup for me. I really need to set up and get some Plus Power action. I did neither while he picked off my early babies with Tyrogue and then went to work with Magnezone.

Round 6: I played a guy named AC, and he had Muk, Rotom, and Slowpoke. I did not set up quickly, and Muk was actually a bit of a problem. Luckily, I got some timely Switch and KO’d the Muk’s. After that, it went fairly easily.

So, that’s it. If I win out tomorrow, I can still top cut (thanks to the “perfect” States BYE). The way things are going, I’d give that about a 10% chance of happening.

Here are the other Team Omar records (off the top of my head since Tre, Louis, and Omar are asleep).

Team Omar
Omar: 3-3
Tre: 3-3
Louis: 4-2
Pikkdogs: 4-2

Other people that I recall talking to (or about)
Adam (Six Prizes): 5-1 !
Emmanuel: 3-3
Radu: 5-1 (Maybe? I’m pretty sure he got paired against and beat Pooka like immediately after they played a “fun” match.)
Jake Long: 4-2 (another big MAYBE)
Nick S: 3-3 (I’m pretty sure he was 2-3 and then donked his opponent.)

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