Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Yanmega Prime, Pidgeot Tm, and Beartic EP

by Pikkdogs ~ July 21st, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Pikk Three article.  I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I’ll explain some stuff.  These articles are like a big card review.  One card is a card that is used a lot, one is a card I feel is under-rated, and and another one is a card that is from a new or yet un-released set.

Before we get to the article, just wanna let you know the contest is still going on.  I have explained the contest in the last couple articles, so go to the last couple articles and read up on what it takes to enter.  The contest will end at the start of the day on Monday, so the time you have to enter is slowly passing away.

The Staple- Yanmega Prime

Description: Yanmega Prime is a 110 HP Stage 1 Grass Pokemon.  It has free retreat, a lightning weakness, and a resistance to fighting.  It’s Poke-Body”Insight” lets you ignore the cost of all attacks if you have the same hand size as your opponent.  It’s first attack, “Linear Attack”, does 40 damage to any of your opponent’s Pokemon.  Its second attack. “Sonic Boom”, does 70 damage and you don’t factor in weakness or resistance.

Review: Yanmega was a great card for a fun deck a couple of months ago.  But now hand sizes are easy to equalize and sniping for free is an amazing ability.

When Uxie left the format, people decided to go for a better setup with Cleffa.  Yanmega is good because it can kill a Cleffa no matter if it is active or not, and if Cleffa is asleep, Yanmega can just hit something else for 40.  The emphasis on Supporter based draw has also given Yanmega a boost.  Yanmega has turned into a very fast disruptive card.

The one drawback for Yanmega is that it cannot hit hard.  70 just doesn’t cut it any more its not 1999, we kinda want to get to around 110 damage.  That is why Yanmega is usually paired with the hard hitting Magnezone Prime.  Yanmega Prime is also paired with Kingdra Prime to maximize Sniping damage.  Another knock on this card is that the format is changing because of Pokemon Catcher.  It is likely that the baby Pokemon will not be as useful.  Because of this there will be less things to snipe and to snipe around.  Yanmega once owned the Indiana Convention Center at U.S. Nationals, I think it will continue to be a great card in the Catcher era, I just don’t think it will be quite as good.

Rating: 8.5/10– Yanmega Prime is an average card that just happens to fit the format perfectly.  It will be great with Pokemon Catcher, and have enjoyed a great run in the past month or so. 

The Underdog: Pidgeot Tm

Description: Pidgeot is a 120 HP Stage 2 Pokemon.  He has a free retreat cost, a lightning weakness, and a resistance to fighting.  His first attack, “Headwind,” does 20 damage and increases the energy cost of any of your opponent’s Pokemon by CC.  His second attack, “Quick Attack,” does 40 damage for CCC and you may flip a coin, if it is heads you can do 30 more damage.

Review: This card was brought to my attention by an article of sixprizes.com, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.  No its not an over powering card, but it is very interesting.  The ability to add CC to an attack cost is pretty crazy, it would even drive a Reshiboar deck crazy.  It is a great walling Pokemon and can stand up to Donphan very easily. I could see this in a disruption deck.

The bad things about this card are easy to pick out.  It’s a stage 2 that doesn’t really jump out at you.  It can’t hit hard and can be easily shot out of the sky by Magnezone, Zekrom, and Reshiram.

Rating: 7/10– This card kinda reminds me of a mix of Yanmega Prime and our next card, Beartic.  It’s like Yanmega because at first glance it looks like an average card, but when used right it can be a great card.  It’s like Beartic because it makes attacking next turn difficult for your opponent.  I think this card is very under-rated and could be great soon.

The Young Gun- Beartic EP

Description: Beartic is a stage 1 130 HP Water Pokemon.  It is weak to metal and has a 3 retreat cost.  Its first attack, “Sheer Cold,” does 50 damage for WCC and prevents the defending Pokemon from attacking next turn.  Its second attack, “Icicle Crash,” does 80 damage for WWCC.

Review: The stats are great for a Stage 1.  130 HP is great, and can hit for weakness on Reshiram and Emboar without being weak to Zekrom and Magnezone.  Having the ability to stop a Pokemon from attacking next turn is really great.  If your opponent is running a tanking deck, they would have to use a switch and have another tank ready to go.

This card has had a lot of hype, but I’m just not drinking the Kool-Aid.  If you want to delay the Pokemon from attacking, I think Pidgeot works a little better.  For a tanking Pokemon like Beartic, he just does not push out a lot of damage for the amount of energy he requires.  He can be used with Floatzel/Shaymin and Feraligatr Prime, but bench sitters will be all but eliminated with Pokemon Catcher.

Rating: 7/10– A lot of potential and a lot of hype here, so people will try to make it work.  But, I think I might want Pidgeot in my deck a little more than Beartic.

So there is the first Pikk Three article I have done in a while.  Please tell me your thoughts on these cards by leaving a comment.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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  • So i am new to reading this site so this is my first one of this type of article to read. I just want to say that I really enjoy the article and the website overall. I really like cards like beartic and krookodile and pidgeot that can keep the opponent from attacking. I’m most a fan of beartic out of those three bc he keeps the opponent from attacking and doesn’t just block one attack or up attack cost which can be worked around by evolving the active or slapping on an extra couple energy with a dce or reshiram or emboar or feraligatr. The point is I personally feel like beartic has a more solid lock and i like that he does more damage which is also nice. I feel like putting him in a trainer lock deck with a slowking to keep energies away from the opponent and then just slowly killing them would be a fun deck to play that probably wouldn’t suffer too much from a slower start. That’s the first thing that i thought of when i saw beartic. However, I agree that Pidgeot is better in a deck that doesn’t use trainer lock for the lower energy cost and the fact that he would be more effective at keeping your opponent from attacking if they are able to switch with the switch trainer card or by retreating normally. so thats my spiel… its late and im rambling but thanks for the good articles, man.

    • Anonymous

       Thanks for the comment, and thanks for stopping by the site. 

  • Anonymous

    Great article! I too don’t believe the Beartic hype–retreat costs are currently too low, and energy acceleration too prevalent, to make Beartic’s first attack work. I can see it working against a Magnezone or Donphan, but Yanmega, Kingdra & Reshiram–our other three most popular attackers right now–can get out from under the attack lock.

    I disagree, though, on what you wrote about Catcher and Yanmega; I think Catcher will actually make Yanmega *more* powerful, by making T2 and T3 Sonicbooming of basics more effective. Right now, a typical play for anyone running stage 1’s and 2’s is to Collector in the opening turns for multiple weak basics, so that they can run the evolution gauntlet. The opposing player then Reversals one of these guys up and delivers 50-70 HP to knock it out, and Yanmega is almost always the attacker in this situation. Catcher will make this gambit work even better.

    But I sure hope I’m wrong–I’d appreciate anything that would make Yanmega more affordable. :)

  • Ed

    I think these “wall” sort of Pokemon are interesting, but I actually see them getting worse with Catcher.  You might think that they’re great for it, because you can Catcher something big up and then wall for a while.  The problem is that decks will change to deal with Catcher.  They’ll run more Switch and free retreaters and all that.

    Joey’s comment about pairing them with Vileplume is a good call, though.  If you can wall under trainer lock, then they can’t retreat as easily (via Switch or SSU).  Yeah, they can manually retreat, but then you don’t go for that strategy against a baby or whatever.

    Now, Pidgeot Vs. Beartic is a no-brainer in my opinion.
    – Beartic is a Stage 1 (which is going to be an even larger deal) that stops the defending Pokemon from attacking altogether.
    – Pidgeot is a Stage 2 that’s X2 weak to a fairly popular color.  His attack only increases the defender’s attack cost.

    Don’t get tripped up by Pidgeot’s wording.  It says, “Each of the Defending Pokemon’s attacks”.  That’s not referring to their benched Pokemon.  If they retreat or Switch, the effect goes away just the same as Beartic’s.  It means if the opponents have are multiple active Pokemon, then they each get this status of needing to pay more for the attack.  I guess this is only likely to happen in a 4-player 2 vs. 2 battle.

    Beartic is WAY more likely to drive a Reshiboar deck crazy.  Obviously, Reshiboar has X2 weakness.  On top of that, stopping an attack is tough for Reshiram.  With Emboar, adding 2 to Reshiram’s attack is no problem.  Just Fandango 2 more energy down and Blue Flare for a One Hit KO on Pidgeot.  To KO Beartic, you’d need a Switch (or retreat cost) and a Plus Power.  Also, Beartric can OHKO everything with Icicle Crash.

    Here’s my take.

    Yanmega Prime:  8.5/10 (but it could drop to 7 or 8 soon)
    Pidgeot:  4/10 (I just don’t see it, and his second attack is pretty sucky.)
    Beartic:  6/10 (I can see an interesting deck being built around this.  Otherwise, it’s just a minor annoyance.)

    • yep yep… i missed the “of the” and assumed that it would carry through a switch…. that’s what happens when you try to pokemon late at night… haha. yeah i agree that beartic being a stage one is huge, but i think the energy cost difference is what makes pidgeot and krookodile better as techs bc you can wall to a certain extent without adding certain type energy. so i feel like if you really want a walling tech, then pidgeot or krookodile (depending on what you are trying to compensate for) would be better where beartic is a better card all around, but needs to have a deck built around him or be teched into water decks only. however, with catcher coming into play, i feel stage 2 techs are super risky and even stage 1 techs will have issues depending on what deck they are in. 

  • Bob

    I think Yanmega will rise and stay and around 60 dollars…maybe more! It is THE card right now. All of the nationals winning decks had yanmega. Catcher will only help Yanmega. easily kill stage 1’s and basics. 

    Beatric/Pidgeot? I have one thing to say. Cya later! (off pokebeach)

    Cobalion – Metal – HP120
    Basic Pokemon[M][C] Energy Breath: 20+ damage. Does 20 damage times the number of Energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.
    [M][M][C] Iron Break: 80 damage. During your opponent’s next turn, the Defending Pokemon that was hit by this attack can’t use any attacks.Weakness: Fire (x2)Resistance: Psychic (-20)Retreat: 2

    • Ed

      Actually, I think the Canadian Nats winner didn’t play Yanmega.

      That Cobalion does look nicer than Beartic, since it’s a basic.  Though, I think this is the one we’ll see soon.

      • Anonymous

        I agree–the other cobalion/terrakion/virizions, the ones that have full-card art in the Red Collection, I bet we won’t get until November at the earliest.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Pidgeot doesn’t have 130 HP…

  • pally snape

    Is yanmega magnezone playable???

    • Anonymous

      now not as much. but still a yes.

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