Contest Winners

by Pikkdogs ~ July 25th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a quick article to announce the winners of the contest.

First, Ed and I would like to thank all of you who entered.  There were a lot more entrants this time then there were for our last contest, so thank you.  Also, we love the suggestions and comments you had about the site.  We have already started working on improving the site based on some of your suggestions. 

Now, onto selecting the winner.  The 2 winners will each receieve a t-shirt, just like Team Omar wore during Nationals this year.  This is an exclusive design that was never open to the public. 

The winners were selected randomly.  Based on the order they entered, each contestant was assigned a number.  I then used a number generator to randomly pick 2 winners.

The winners of the contest are………………………………..Can I get a drum roll?

Ahhhhh… Pikkdogs?

Yes creepy sidekick, what is it?

We don’t actually have audio on this website.

Okay, then can we have a picture of a drum roll?

Much Better

The winners are………..

Lukas G. and Theo S.

Congrats guys, and thanks again for everyone who entered. 

To Lukas and Theo, I will be sending you an Email shortly about getting the shipping and stuff taken care of, if you don’t hear from me soon, let me know. 

So long and thanks for all the Fish!

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  • NJ Lukas, congrats on the win.

  • Ed

    Congrats guys.  Thanks for running this, Pikkdogs!

    • I agree. Well done, Pikkdogs. And I’ll just lol add something quick.

      Congratulations Lukas! Just thought I’d stop in for a comment or two to congratulate ya.

  • Sweet win, bro. That’s awesome, Lukas.

    • It’s pretty sweet that Lukas won, I agree.

      • Anonymous

        We are all happy for Lukas. 

        • I don’t think you understand the magnitude of the situation. 

          Let this be a lesson to all you non-contest winners…Lukas won.

  • ArenB

    Yeah Lukas, what a bamf.

    • I know, right? Nice job, man.

  • Anonymous

    So, umm, what were their suggestions?

    • Ed

      #1 suggestion was…

      “Less TAndrewT”

      So, sorry.  You’re cut.

      • Couldn’t agree more. You know who WASN’T cut? Lukas! Yay!

      • Anonymous


        I’ll just submit my super-secret Wobbuffet donk deck list on HeyTrainer then. Sure, they’ll make fun of me…BUT NOT AS MUCH AS YOU.

        • Ed

          Actually, to be honest, most people want more authors writing articles.  So, if you could please write up the Wobbuffet deck as an article, the masses would appreciate it.

    • Does it really matter? Lukas won!

    • Anonymous

      While I don’t think I should share specifics of this I can give some basic things if you really want to know.  One thing that was suggested is other writers, which I agree 100% on.  Its just hard to find other writers.  Though we are working hard to fix the problem.  Another suggestion was more resources for beginners, which we also are working on.  No other suggestion really stands out right now, but we are taking all suggestions into consideration. 

      Oh and the less of TAndrewT was also a popular suggestion. 

      Well maybe that was just Ed. 

      • Someone must have suggested that Lukas won, because that was probably the best suggestion I’ve ever seen. Awesome Lukas, awesome.

  • Woohoo Lukas!

  • Lol thanks(onlymichael?) But yeah good job on the site guys, I did suggest other writers be brought onto staff. I mean I really like what TeamOmar(onehitko)is trying to do but most of the information is widely one sided down to Josh’s opinions or experience. Honestly I’d just like to see the game get bigger and have a larger pool of information available to the player.

  • I think a congratulations are in order for Lukas. Hey. Lukas. Congratulations.

    • I’d like to agree, congrats!

  • What about this other guy. Man I feel bad.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, big ups for Theo.  Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theo won. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Michael

        Yay to Lukas as well!

    • Michael

      Well yeah but…Lukas won as well.

  • Ed


    Nice work!  Woooooooo!

    • Michael

      Nice work Lukas! Theo’s gotten enough congratulatory messages. Give Lukas some credit for winning as well.