PokeClass Episode 38 – Emerging Powers Set Review

by PokemanDan ~ August 15th, 2011.
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This week, I debut a brand new format of bringing you PokeClass. I have added video content to make the presentation of the information a lot more ‘viewer friendly’ and hopefully you will all enjoy the changes.

Note: I’ve had a lot of feedback about the ‘live video’ additions with pretty much all of them being positive. I have taken into account that people like the full screen video better than the bottom-left corner so that will be a change for the next episode. I can assure you I’ve ironed out most of the creases from this episode, so bear with me ’til next week where I think I’ve got it mastered ;)

Emerging Powers is set for release in just a few weeks and we have just had the full set list released to us, so this week, I’m tackling all of the most interesting cards from the set and analysing each one of them. Stay seated for a fairly long episode!

Enjoy and comment below what you think of the changes :)

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  • Ed

    Whoa!  There you are.  Cool.  I like the facetime.

  • Anonymous

    Dan–you’re an amazing speaker! Each segment in one take, and no drink breaks! Whenever I’m recording audio, I find that my mouth gets mushier as I go on, that I start to slur a little. But you did outstanding!

    • Ed

      You might want to check the alcohol content of your favorite audio recording beverage.

      • Anonymous

        This sounds kinda lame, but an ‘autocue’ paired with a fair few retakes and you have it ;)

  • Martin

    Actually Mewtwo EX’s attack does 20x the damage attached to Mewtwo EX and the defending Pokemon.

  • Joel Howe

    One of my female friends was watching this with me, and told me she was going to get into Pokemon because she thought PokemanDan was “cute, and had an extremely cute english accent to go with it”. Anything to bring more players to Pokemon I guess. 

    • Ed

      That’s great!  Heh Heh!  I guess the new format is already paying off.