PokeClass Episode 39 – Worlds 2011 Recap

by PokemanDan ~ August 22nd, 2011.
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This week we finally saw the 2011 World Championships come to a close and there were some very interesting results indeed. The Top 2 consisted of two interesting deck choices which I will go into detail about in this episode and I will also talk about why certain other decks did so well at the tournament.


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  • Anonymous

    I really like your videos Dan. But the video frame that the embed is frozen on is a little disturbing–just how many nostrils do you have?

    • Ed


      • Anonymous

        I completely agree.. makes you actually realise how long it takes YouTube to update the chosen thumbnail ;)

        • Anonymous

          Awwwww you fixed it. I had a good chuckle about it, like, three times today.

          So, yes, I guess I need some hobbies. (Or some *other* hobbies.)