Deck Analysis: What a Rush! (Donphan Prime, Yanmega Prime, and Zoroark BW)

by Pikkdogs ~ August 24th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis for you guys.  This deck has been called many things: Megazord, Stage 1 Rush, and others.  I call my deck “what a rush” because it is an easier take off of Stage 1 Rush, and of course who doesn’t like the Legion of Doom?  The deck was popularized at Nationals by Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich, a tournament at which he narrowly lost in the finals.

The three attackers featured in this deck make the deck versatile, and add a toolbox like quality to the deck.  Here is a basic over view of the deck.  Donphan Prime is a great primary attacker.  It is tough to knock out, and can attack for just 1 energy.  It also has a type advantage over Mangezone and Zekrom.  Yanmega Prime is a versatile attacker that can snipe for 40 damage or attack for 70 damage.  The best part of Yanmega Prime is that he can attack for free (if you and your opponent have the same hand size) because of his “Insight” Poke-Body.  Yanmega is both disruptive and versaitle.  Zoroark BW is a card that I don’t really like, but it does work because it is a great Reshiram/Zekrom counter.  Zoroark is also fairly versatile and can do damage to most Pokemon, not including Mew Prime.  The goal of this deck is to adapt to the deck that your opponent is playing, and be able to take advantage of your ………………. advantage.

This is the part where I usually talk about how to setup the deck.  The problem is that this deck does not have a regular setup.  It all depends on what you are playing against.  If you are playing Zekrom, Mew, or a Mangezone based deck, I would lead with Donphan Prime.  The early Donphan start will allow you to get type advantage on the main attacker, and will give you a good front-man on which to get some easy knock outs on basics with Pokemon Catcher.  If you are playing a Reshiram based deck, I would instead try to setup a couple Zororarks because those will be your only answer to Reshiram.  I would also setup a quick Yanmega Prime to take some easy prizes with Pokemon Catcher.  Of course, no matter what Pokemon you lead with it is a good idea to get a couple Judges in to disrupt your opponent’s hand.


Lets look at some of the matchups out there.

ZekromFavorable. Zekrom won’t be able to do much if you lead with Donphan and then finish it up with Zoroark.  Of course things will change based on the list of the Zekrom play, but in theory this should be a favorable matchup.

Reshiphlosion or Reshiboar-Even to Slightly Unfavorable.  Reshiphlosion is a really tough deck to beat, but I think that the Stage 1 Rush deck should be fairly even.  The matchup should be decided early in the game based on how many knock outs this deck can do against the basics of the Reshiboar or Reshiphlosion player.  Hopefully you should be able to cause some chaos early in the game, and it will be enough to get you an early lead that you can’t lose.  The winner is decided based upon what the exact lists are.

Mew and Trainerlockslightly favorable.  Donphan is pretty tough for Mew to deal with.  While Mew decks are very diverse, the list does not change the fact that Donphan is Mew’s worst nightmare.  The mew player can do well by establishing an item lock, as long as they can get it done early.  The matchup will probably be decided early, I don’t think that either deck will be able to come down from a large lead, unless the Mew deck is more lock based.

The List.

I know I say this almost every article, but I will provide a list that will not be perfect.  It is just a list to start testing with.  It is not a polished list that is ready for a tournament, but it will get you testing some new ideas.


  • 2-2 Donphan Prime- You might wanna go to a 3-3 line depending on your metagame.  If you expect Zekroms and Magnezones, make sure to go to 3-3.  The Phanpy you run does not really matter, thought I think the HGSS might be the play, because of the extra 10 HP.
  • 3-3 Yanmega Prime.
  • 3-3 Zoroark- You can drop to 2-2 with 3 DCE’s if you don’t expect a lot of Reshirams.
  • 1- Bellsprout-Your only hope if you do not have the game in hand by the time an item lock is put in place.


  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 2-Professor Elms Training Method
  • 4-Judge
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 3-Junk Arm
  • 3-Max Potion
  • 2-Plus Power
  • 1-Switch
  • 1-Energy Retrieval
  • 1-Flowershop Lady
  • 1- Switch
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher


  • Fighting-6-If you play 3-3 Donphan, I would play 7 fighting energies.
  • Double Colorless Energy-4

So there is my list.  Of course don’t bash it too hard, I acknowledge that its not tournament ready I just wanted to provide a list so you can test this deck if you want to.  I am not sure how good this deck is because it struggles a little against Reshiram.  But it is one of the best contenders coming into the Battle Roads, so you better be familiar with this deck.  Please share any thoughts you have about this list in the comment box.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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