Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea:Victreebel Lock

by Pikkdogs ~ September 2nd, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  I haven’t done one of these for a while, so I thought I would try something different and throw a stupid deck idea together. 

Before we get to the article, lets go over some news.  The first piece on news is that the Victory Medal is no more.  The card that you won from winning a Battle Roads is now gone and replaced with a card called Victory Cup.  Not much is known about Victory Cup, but sine BR’s are right around the corner I’m sure Tournament Organizers will be getting them in the mail soon and they will let us know when they find out.

I don’t know what Victory Cup will do but I don’t think it could be better than an athletic cup, those things are life savers.

Right you are Pedro (If you have read my last article, first I apologize, but second if you did read it you would have known that Pedro is the name of my sidekick).

The next news article first came out about a month ago, but of course with the speed of this fine site we are just getting it to you now.  The news is that Pokemon EX are coming back.  In the next Japanese set there will be at least 3 EX Pokemon.  We don’t know if there any different other components of EX cards compared to the previous “ex” cards, but we assume its basically the same as the ex cards that were in the format so many years ago.  So far all of the Pokemon revealed have been basic and have had 180 HP.  The attacks have been somewhat lack luster, but the HP has been great.  Right now I don’t see these cards being great, but they seem to remind me of SP Pokemon.  At first they released SP Pokemon with high energy attacks that didn’t really work, and then they released other cards that were broken.  I only hope that Nintendo can have some restraint and not make these Pokemon be unbeatable.  The Pokemon that have currently been revealed are Mewtwo, Regigigas, and Kyurem (the 3rd Pokemon of the Reshiram and Zekrom Energy trio).

The final bit of news is that Pokemon TCG online is progressing very well.  When I played a couple weeks ago, all I could do was play with theme decks and win 1 match before the game froze on me, but that has all changed.  Now, you can build your own deck by purchasing real packs.  With every Emerging Powers pack you open, you will get a code for the game.  If you enter that code online you will be able to “buy” a pack online from any set that is in the format.  After you buy the pack  you will be able to open it, and every card will be sorted and added to your collection.  Once you have enough cards you can build a deck and play against computer or human opponents.  The problem is it will take a long time to build up your collection to the point where you can build a decent deck.  Its sort of like starting out as a new player again, having to build yourself up from a theme deck.  But once you get your collection set, you should be able to do a lot of good testing online.  I think this program could be really valuable.

Okay, now we can get on to the article and the stupid deck idea.

I thought all your deck idea’s were stupid?

Hey, watch it Pedro………okay maybe they are but  that’s not the point.  If you haven’t read one of these article before, a stupid deck idea is an article where I provide a deck analysis and list of a deck that I don’t think will be very good, but it could be pretty fun or cool.  It could just have a fun idea behind it, it could be a league deck, or it could be an okay deck that spotlights one of my favorite Pokemon. Anyway, these decks are not for tournaments but they are fun for talking about and maybe taking to league.

Today’s stupid deck idea is about Victreebel.  From the Triumphant set, Victreebel has been an interesting Pokemon since I first pulled it at a pre-release.  It is a 110 HP Stage 2 Grass Pokemon.  It has a 2 retreat cost and a weakness to fire.  Its Poke-Body adds CC to every Pokemon’s retreat cost.  Its attack, called “Acidic Drain” does 30 damage, poisons and burns the defending, and lets you heal 30 damage off Victreebell.

As you can tell, Victreebel is a locker.  If you get a Pokemon trapped in the active, it is unlikely that it will be able to escape (the number of Switches being played right now is very very very low, almost non-exsistant).

The strategy would be to setup a Victreebel quickly, then use a Pokemon Catcher to put a bench sitter in the active spot.  Once you get the lock on you can either attack it to finish it off.

The main problem with this deck would be fire decks.  Almost anything fire would be able to OHKO it, so it would not matter what you were able to trap.  But since this is only a stupid deck idea we do not care about that as much.

Well we got a Victreebell active, what sort of Pokemon can we use to backup Victreebell?  If we were trying to have a shot at beating fire decks, we might try to look at Zoroark BW or Swanna EP.  Zoroark lets you copy Reshirams attack and do 120 damage to him.  White Swanna lets you OHKO Reshiram because of weakness for WCC.

One other good Pokemon to partner Victreebell could be Yanmega Prime.  Since Yanmega is versatile and disruptive, it would work in this deck.  I would not put this in my list because they is supposed to be a league deck, and shouldn’t have one of the better Pokemon in the set.  But, if you did put it in this deck, the deck would probably be better for it.

So here is a basic thrown together list of a Victreebell deck.  As I said this is not a serious deck, just something fun to play at league.


  • 4-Bellsprout 
  • 2-Weepinbell
  • 4-Victreebell
  • 2-Cleffa
  • 3-Zorua
  • 3-Zoroark BW


  • Pokemon Collector-4
  • Elms-2
  • Pokemon Communication-4
  • Flowershop Lady-1
  • Professor Juniper-4
  • Judge-4
  • Switch-1
  • Pokemon Catcher-4
  • Junk Arm-4
  • Plus Power-2


  • Grass-8
  • Double Colorless Energy-4

Well, what time is it Pedro?

Time to go home and play with our dolls.

Okay, Pedro said it, lets go home.  If ya have any experience with Victreebell or have a cool fun deck idea please leave your thoughts in the comment box.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

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