Deck Workshop: Bear Hug: Beartic, Ursaring, and Vileplume

by Pikkdogs ~ September 16th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs and his sidekick Pedro here with a deck analysis for you.

Before we get to the article, Pedro, I have some news for you.

Some news.  Hmmmm…… is it good news, like…….are you quitting writing?

No I’m not quitting, but it is good news.   The man, Ed, and I call him the man not because he is especially masculine but because he is the authority figure of which he can rebel against, has told us that we can start using more adult humor.

So we are no longer bound  by the rules of the PG rating?


So we can say naughty things……… like dry hump?

Well yes i suppose so.

Dry hump, dry hump.

Well, Pedro.  Just because we can say dry hump, does not mean we should just say it.  It should make sense, you know so it’s comedy.

Comedy, when did we start that?

Well Pedro-


Hey you interrupted me with another dirty word that doesn’t even make sense.  In fact Urethra isn’t even a dirty word, its a part of the human anatomy.

Like coccyx? 

Coccyx is not a dirty word, it’s another word for your tail bone.  Though it is fun to say.  Well this conversation is going no where,  lets just go on to the article.


Again, not a dirty word, just a planet, try again.  Wait, don’t try again, just let me talk about the article.

The deck we will be talking about today features Beartic.  While I have not used this deck very much, I thought I should talk about it because everybody is talking about Beartic, but nobody is talking about a list.

So you thought you would screw people up by talking about your stupid version of the deck?

Well I guess you could say it that way.  As I was trying to say, I will talk about the deck and then hopefully people will talk about their own Beartic decks in the comment box at the end of the article.  Hopefully at the end we can get to a Beartic list that is kind of playable.  But, before we get there, lets talk about Beartic and how my Bear Hug deck works.

The Bears

There are two bears in this deck, one of these is Beartic from Emerging Powers.  Let’s talk a little about the basic stats of Beartic.  It is a 130 HP stage 1 Water (Ice) Pokemon.  It has a 3 retreat cost and a weakness to metal.  It has two attacks.  The first attack, “Sheer Cold” is the one that everyone is talking about.  It lets you do 50 damage for WCC, and prevents the defending Pokemon from attacking next turn.  It’s second attack, “Icy Wind” costs WWCC and does 80 damage.

As you can tell, the second attack is nice, but nothing to exciting.  The first attack is what all the fuss is about.  The ability to hit for 50 damage and prevent the defending Pokemon from attacking next turn is great.  The problem is that it is not impossible to switch your active Pokemon with a benched one.  You can just retreat, or you can use a card like Switch. 

If you use Vileplume, you will be able to stop the use of Switch, meaning the only way they can escape from a “Sheer Cold” lock would be to get knocked out or to retreat.  Now there are some good free retreaters like the prime versions of Mew and Yanmega.  But, there are also Pokemon like Donphan Prime that have high retreat cost.  So Beartic will stop a lot of the Pokemon in the format but it will not stop all, so what can we do if we run into Yanmega?

I don’t care, but I have a feeling you are going to tell us.  Also, can I add just one more thing…. Dry Hump.

Just ignore him, he got a little excited when he learned that he can say dirty words.

I was going to say that a good pair for Beartic would be another Bear Pokemon, Ursraing Prime.  It can hit for 120 damage, and Teddiursa can provide an Item Lock until Vileplume gets setup.  Although there is an Item Lock in this evolution line, the main reason to use this Pokemon is because Ursaring Prime can do some damage.

Ursaring has very meager stats, compared to that of Beartic.  He only has 110 HP, and has a fighting weakness.  What is good about Ursaring, however, is that he has the “Berserk” Poke-Body.  It lets him do 60 more damage on each of his attacks if he has a damage counter on him.  His first attack, “Hammer Arm”, does a base damage of 30 damage for CCC, and lets you mill one card from your opponent’s deck.  It’s second attack, “Megaton Lariat,” does 60 damage for CCCC.

I also mentioned that Teddiursa wasn’t a terrible Pokemon.  He does only have 50 HP, but in this format that is not really that donkable.  The good thing about Teddiursa is that it has the “Fake Tears” attack.  This attack lets you flip a coin, and if heads  you can prevent your opponent from using items next turn and prevent 30 damage from any damage done to Teddirua next turn.

These Pokemon work together by each using Double Colorless Energy.  They also work well in regards to weaknesses.  Ursaring is weak to Donphan Prime, but Donphan Prime is weak to Beartic.  So even though these Pokemon may seem a little clunky, they do have some basic things in common.  If we ever do get this deck in working order, I am not sure that we will want to keep Ursaring, but it seems like a good idea to start with him.

How to Set it Up.

This deck is a little bit clunky right now, and does not have a typical setup, but the number 1 thing you should think about when setting up this deck is to lock trainers.  Make sure to have an active Teddiursa (and hope you flip heads) and at least 2 Oddishes on the bench with a way to get a Vileplume in a turn or two.  Next you can think about a main attacker.  You will probably want to start with Beartic.  This means getting  a water energy and a DCE on Beartic.  The hardest thing is consistently finding a DCE.  You might want to play Twins in your deck to setup faster after you lose a Teddiursa.

The List.

As mentioned before this list is very early in testing. 


  • 3-Beartic #30 EP
  • 3-Cubchoo #28 EP
  • 4-Teddiursa Cl
  • 3-Ursaring Prime
  • 1-Cleffa
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume


  • 4-Juniper
  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 3-Elms
  • 4-Twins
  • 3-PONT
  • 1- Flower Shop Lady
  • 3-Pokemon Communication
  • 4-Rare Candy


  • 4-DCE
  • 4-Rainbow Energy- For getting damage counters on Ursraing
  • 6-Water

You know what Pikkdogs-

Do you have another comment about boobies or Uranaus?

Well now that you mentioned it, coccyx.  But, I was going to say that this deck is kinda sucky, it looks a little too slow.

I am afraid of that too.  How would you fix it?

How would I know, I’m a freaking extra dimensional being, how would I know how to fix a deck?   Why don’t you ask the people who read the site to give feedback on the deck, to see if we can get a decent Beartic list?

The Future of the Deck

As you can see, my list is not all that tested, or all that good.  Hopefully you guys can leave comments on this article, to try to improve the list.  There has been talk about Bearitc, but nothing in the way of a workable list.  Maybe we can change that.

Is Ursaring the right play here?  Or should something more orthodox to be used instead?  Is there just not enough DCE to spare?  Or can the two bears co-exsist?  So please leave your thoughts in the comment box so we can try to fix this list up and get a good Beartic list out there.

So Pedro, how do we normally end articles….. So Long and Thanks for all the fish!

Haha I remembered how we normally end articles here and I said it before you could think of something silly like the Teletubbies thing you did last time.

Ahhhhh stick it in your Coccyx.

Revisions to the Deck

As people have commented, I can change the decklist around.  It does seem clear that Reuniclus could be better than Ursaring in this deck.  It does leave the deck with less trainer deck and less heavy hitters.  But, it does make the deck more consistent.  Here are some changes.


-4 Teddirursa

-3 Ursaring Prime

-4 Rainbow Energy


+3 Solosis

+1 Duosion

+2 Reuniclus

+1 Chansey

+1 Blissey

+3 Water Energy

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