Opening a Terrific Tepig Box!

by RenaeCollects ~ September 24th, 2011.

Hello everyone! I realize that I haven’t posted any pack openings here in… well, a very long time. It’s time to change that! It seems as though all of the special boxes featuring 3D jumbo cards of the 5th generation starters have been released early. I was able to find the Terrific Tepig Box, but strangely enough, it appears that they are releasing only one of the 3 different boxes at 3 different stores. From what I understand, Terrific Tepig is at Target, Outstanding Oshawott is at WalMart, and Super Snivy is at Toys ‘R Us. I plan to find them all, but for now, here is my (not so) Terrific Tepig Box Opening!


YouTube Preview Image

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  • Ed

    It’s been a while.  I met you at Nats, but most of the readers here haven’t seen you for longer than that.

    Welcome back, Renae!

  • Anonymous

    love your vids renae!

  • Anonymous

    In an added note, I did find the Oshawott box at a Meijers store, so thats the Meijers box.  Since it is not a nationwide chain like the others, Im not sure if the same rules apply, but it seems like it is one per store.  Thats weird that they did it that way. 

    The weirder part is that the price was for a box that was 4 packs big, yet it is only a 3 pack box.  Plus the promo is horrible so its kind of weird that they thought people would still like it.  The jumbo card is awesome, but only for collection purposes.