Hartland, MI Battle Road report.

by Joel ~ October 9th, 2011.

Hi everyone in the OneHitKO universe, Joel here with a battle road report. Yesterday, I attended the Battle Road in Hartland, MI. I had the option of going with fellow OneHitKO writers Mark and Pikkdogs to Toledo, but I opted for Hartland mainly because it was 20 minutes away from my house. There were 26 masters, 5 rounds with a top 4 cut. I decided to run Donphan/Yanmega/Zoroark/Tornadus for this tournament.

Round 1 vs Jeff M. with Volbeat/Illumise.

I was happy to know I was playing against Jeff the first round, because he is both a good player and fun to talk to. I go first and start with a lone Tornadus. I collector for 2 Yanma and a Phanpy, then attach a DCE to Tornadus and pass. He goes, and plays a lost remover, slowing me down, then proceeds to attach a grass to his Illumise, collectors for 3 Volbeat and attacks. Luckily he gets only 1 heads. I use a switch to get Tornadus out of active and promote Phanpy. I then evolve to Donphan, attach a fighting and use a pluspower and earthquake for the first prize. He promotes another Illumise, flips a heads on a Crushing Hammer, and then gets 4 heads on Vulcan Beat. Luckily Exoskeleton saves me, however I cannot manage to draw an energy, therefore I use PONT, and still don’t get an energy. I reluctantly pass. He goes and manages to KO my Donphan, which is great for me because I have Copycat and I can use Yanmega. Over the next few turns, I luck out by getting a catcher and some form of hand refresh in my hand, which helps Yanmega pick off Volbeats for prizes. I manage to win the game with Zoroark copying Volbeat’s firefly light, burning and confusing a Volbeat to win the game.

Round 2 vs Sean F. with ReshiBoar

Everyone has that one game that is so horrible that they don’t want to talk about it. This is that game. All I can say is that all my Phanpy were prized, I couldn’t draw into any hand refresh and he just had fun picking off my basics. As you can tell by my lack of enthusiasm about this game, you know the result.

Round 3 vs Chris D. with Reshiphlosion w/Samurott tech

This game made up for the blunder that was Round 2. I start with Tornadus and I go first. I attach a DCE to Tornadus, and use a collector for 1 Phanpy and 2 Yanma. I pass. He attaches 1 fire to his Reshiram, and Collectors for a Vulpix and 2 Cyndaquil and passes. I attach a fighting to Tornadus and evolve Phanpy to Donphan and a Yanma to a Yanmega. I catcher up a Cyndaquil, and Hurricane for a KO. He promotes Reshiram back up, attaches, and evolves to Quilava. He then only outrages for 20. I go, and draw another fighting, attach to Tornadus and use a Junk Arm for a Catcher, then I catch up his Quilava and Hurricane for a KO. He goes, and collectors for 2 more Cyndaquil and an Oshawott and benches them. He then attaches to Reshiram and Blue Flares my Tornadus for a KO. I promote Donphan and catcher up the Oshawott and Earthquake for a KO. He was unable to catch up because I managed to have a Catcher in my hand every turn.

Round 4 vs AJ D. with Reshiphlosion

This is another one of those games where I have terrible draws, and AJ gets set up fast. I didn’t take many notes on this game, except for mid game where I managed to catch up a little bit, but I only managed to get 3 prizes out of it. His setup was just way too fast for me to win. I apologize for not taking notes and going into more detail, but like the 2nd round, it’s one of those games you just don’t want to talk about.

Round 5 vs Catherine T. with Serperior/Reuniclus

This game was entirely in my favor. I had the advantage of going first, on top of starting with a Tornadus, Phanpy, Yanma, on top of having a Collector, DCE, Catcher and Communication in my hand as well. I attach DCE to Tornadus, Collect for Yanma, Tornadus and Zorua and pass. She collects for 2 Solosis and a Snivy, and Eeeeeks into a new hand. I topdeck a PONT, and communicate for Donphan. I then catch up Solosis, and use PONT. I get a fighting energy in my hand, attach to Tornadus and Hurricane for KO. The game basically consisted of me steamrolling with Tornadus and Donphan, on top of me managing to have  a Pokemon Catcher in my hand at all times.

All in all, it was a good day. I took 8th overall, and left on a winning record. I didn’t make top cut or get any championship points but I did have a good time. My little brother took 2nd in seniors, and got a 2nd place Victory Cup and a Championship Point. He was running Reshiphlosion. There was a lot of diversity at this tournament, however the winning decks were either ZPS or Reshiphlosion. I will be attending both Ann Arbor and Okemos Battle Roads next week so I will have reports for those as well. That’s all I have for today, so as WWE superstar Zack Ryder always says, “take care, spike your hair. Woo Woo Woo, you know it!”.

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