Stupid Deck Idea: Audino Donk

by Pikkdogs ~ October 24th, 2011.

A big hello to all your OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs and my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  If you aren’t familiar with the stupid deck idea concept, it was Ed’s idea to have an article that reviews a deck that isn’t the best.

Couldn’t we say that about all of your deck lists?

Well I guess so, let’s rephrase that.  A stupid deck idea is an article that highlights a deck that I don’t believe is as good as other decks.  It could be a deck that I haven’t had a chance to test, or it could be a deck that is more of a fun league deck.  This deck is more towards the fun league deck category, but it might be a little more if you can get a really polished deck.

Before we get into the deck, let’s check in with Pedro.  How are things going Pedro?

Well, I’m doing good.  How bout you Pikkdogs?

Not so well, I came down with a cold or something like that.  So I have an excuse for writing a terrible article today, I’m not feeling too well.

What are your excuses for writing terrible articles the other times?

I don’t get paid.

Works for me, let’s look at this horrible Audino deck. 

I gotta give credit to a friend of Team Warp Point who took an Audino deck to a Battle Roads.  This is not his list, I basically came up with this list myself, but his deck did inspire me to test the deck out.  So thanks Casey for the idea.

The Strategy  

This deck is fairly simple.  Audino’s “Powerful Slap” attack  lets you flip a coin for each energy attached to Audino, and you can do 40 damage for each heads.  Since you can’t rely on flipping heads every time, you gotta give yourself a good chance of getting 3-4 heads each time.  The way you give yourself a better chance of hitting heads is to load a lot of energy on Audino.  The goal is to get 10 energies on Audino, this way you should be able to hit at least 4 heads each time, this will knock out almost any Pokemon.

The best way to get that many energies on Audino is to use Electrode Prime.  His Poke-Power, “Energy Mite”, lets you reveal the top 7 cards of your deck, and attach any energy you find there to any of your Pokemon.  The drawback is that you have to discard all cards revealed that were not energies, and Electrode gets knocked out.  Since this is more of a donk deck, you don’t mind giving up a couple prizes, and you don’t mind wasting some extra supporters.  So the drawbacks to using Electrode are not huge.

So if you bring these Pokemon together you have an okay deck.  On the first turn you want to do a Pokemon Collector so you have at least 2 Audino and 2 Voltorbs.  On your second turn you want to have at least 1 energy attached to Audino (ideally you should have at least 2 cards attached), and you want to have at least 1 Electrode Prime in your hand.  You then can use “Energy Mite” for as many energies as possible.  This should give you about 6-9 energies on Audino, depending on how lucky you are and how many Double Colorless Energies are on Audino.  Hopefully you will get lucky on your coin flips and be able to knock out the active.

There are a couple cards that I use to make the deck more effective.  Research Records is an item card that lets you look at the top 4 cards of your deck and then rearrange them in any order on the top or bottom of your deck.  The strategy is to use 1-2 of these before you use “Energy Mite”. So you can keep the energies at the top of your deck and put anything else on the bottom.  Another card that works well is Poke Gear.  It lets you look at the top 7 cards of your deck and choose any supporter there to go in to your hand, the other cards get shuffled back in the deck.  This is good because you need to have the right supporters at the right time.  If you run 4 each of Twins, Pokemon Collector, Professor Juniper, and Poke Gear you should be able to get the right supporter when you need it.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Because this is a stupid deck idea, you should be prepared for me to say that this will not win any regionals in November.  It is a very cool and fun deck, but it just isn’t consistent enough.  But that does not mean that I wouldn’t recommend people to play it.  I would say that if you do not have confidence in playing the top tier decks, running Audino donk wouldn’t be the worst move ever.  Audino donk would also be a good choice for beginners who don’t have access to the more expensive cards.  You should be able to get Electrode Primes for about 4 bucks each on Ebay, and Audinos should only be about a buck each.  So to look at the positives and neagtives of the deck, let’s look at the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good.

  1. It can beat any deck– All you need is a bad start for your opponent and you should be able to get the victory pretty easily.
  2. Easy to play-  It is a pretty straight forward deck that anybody can play.  You don’t need to have a high Pokemon IQ to play this deck, it is something that most players should be able to play very easily.
  3. Cheap to make– As mentioned, the Pokemon in this deck should only cost you around 20 bucks.  The rest of your deck shouldn’t cost you that much money, if fact it will cost you a lot less for trainers than most decks.  If you have a couple of friends who play the game, you can probably borrow the needed cards off of them since they aren’t used too much.
  4. It is fun– If you are getting tired of playing other decks in this format, Audino Donk will be a refreshing change.  It does not play like other decks, so it should keep you excited about your deck.
  5. Can do a lot of damage fast– This deck can win a longer game, but it is mostly here to get a donk.  The Zekrom deck is the only deck that is faster than Audino, but Audino can do a lot more damage than Zekrom.

The Bad

  1. Very luck based– Since you are relying on coin flips to attack, the entire deck is luck based.  You could have 3 energies on Audino and knock out a Tornadus, or you could have 10 energies and get no knock outs.  It all depends upon how well you flip.
  2. You need to start first– If you don’t start first you will have a very hard time at winning.  Your opponent will be given an extra chance to get more Pokemon on the field and avoid the donk.  Starting first with this deck is mandatory.
  3. Not Consistent– This deck does have a shot to win regionals, but that shot is very miniscule.  You basically will have to get very lucky 12 times in a row.  While you could get lucky, it is not very likely.

The Ugly

  1. Pedro.

Hey,   I don’t appreciate that jab. 

Nobody asked you.  Anyway, the minuses of this deck do out weigh the positives, unless you can’t play some of the other better decks.  So now that we talked about the deck, let’s look at the list.

The List

As always, I advise you that I do not usually provide great decklists.  I only provide the lists so you guys can test it out and make the deck for yourself.  I only made this deck last night, so it is not a great list, but it should be able to do give you a place to start.


  • 4- Audino EP
  • 4-Voltorb TM
  • 4- Electrode Prime


  • 4- Twins
  • 4- Professor Juniper- You can use PONT if you want.
  • 4- Pokemon Collector
  • 3- Research Records
  • 4-Poke Gear
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 2- Junk Arm
  • 1- Energy Restore


  • 4-Double Colorless Energy
  • 4- Rescue Energy- if you don’t have this card it isn’t a big deal.  But it is a good play if you have it.
  • 13-Basic Energies- any energies will do.

Well that is all I have to say about this deck.  How do you wanna end this article Pedro?

Well let’s talk about what we know best, world politics.   What did you think about the Libyan people killing Ghadafi?

I normally don’t like executions, but as Napoleon has shown us, if you don’t kill dictators they will just come back.

That Napoleon was a pretty crazy guy.  He was a pretty short guy, if he played Pokemon he would probably have to play at the Juniors table.  Did you know that his brother’s grandson helped found the FBI?

I did not.  That was not a very funny ending Pedro, but at least it was informative.

Well, we are rarely funny, so I will settle for informative.  Good night all you Earthlings!


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