Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Hydreigon

by Pikkdogs ~ November 7th, 2011.

A big Hello to all you OHKOers out here, this is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  I am also bringing with me my extra-dimensionary sidekick, Pedro.   A Stupid Deck Idea is an article that spotlights a deck that either is more of a fun deck, or a deck that was not tested very much.  This deck will be one that has not been tested.  In this article I will just be giving out a  list for a Hydreigon deck, I have not tested them yet so I will leave those for you.

How lazy of you.

Well that is what I am, Lazy.  Do we have any news for the good folks Pedro?

Yes, lots of news.  Our first bit of news is that Yanmega Prime will soon be coming out in a promo box with 2 packs, and evolution line, and one theme deck.  It is called the “Prime Challenge” box.   The price has not been announced yet, but I would assume it would be about 25 bucks.  The box will also be coming out with Machamp, Umbreon, and Espeon Primes.  What do you think of that Pikkdogs?

Well, I do not like the decision.  It is great for beginners, but it is a big slap in the face for us who have been collecting the card.  We had value in our cards, and we might have spent a lot of money in getting cards like Yanmega Prime.  It is overall not a good thing for the good players who already had the card.  I like what Adam from www.sixprizes.com said about this piece of news.  He said that if they want to give out good cards as promos, they should do it when the card first comes out.  This would keep the price even and keep the young players and the older plays just as happy.  Any other news Pedro?

Well, the Prague Challenge Cup was held this weekend.


I’m assuming Prague. 

Gotcha.  And what happened there.

All three winners were French, and all three winners played Zekrom.  The second most successful deck was Primetime.  That leaves those two decks poised to do very well at regionals.

Thanks, Pedro.  Well I don’t want to sound like a doubter about this format, but man I can’t wait till Regionals is over and we can use Noble Victories cards. Enough complaining, let’s just go on to the article.

Deck Strategy

Hydreigon is a really fun card.  It has 150 HP, a resistance to psychic, and has an ability that let’s you count all energy on Hydreigon as dark.  It’s attack costs DDDD, and does 60 damage to the active and then 40 to two benched Pokemon.

The strategy of a Hydreigon deck would be to get Hydreigon up as fast as possible using something to load energies on Hyrdeigon.  It doesn’t matter what kind of energies since his Ability turns them all dark.  Then you would be ready to hit for 60 damage and then snipe twice for 40.  Depending on the deck you are facing, it could be  a very challenging deck to play against.

There are five major forms of energy acceleration in the format.  The first is Pachirisu Cl.  It let’s you attach two lightning energies to Pachirisu as you play him to your bench.  Those energies could then be moved around by something like Shaymin Ul.  The second form of energy acceleration is Floatzel.  Floatzel let’s you attach one water energy to him per turn.  You would then need something like Shaymin to move them over to Hydreigon.  The third energy acceleration Pokemon also uses water energies, it is Feraligatr Prime.  His ability let’s you attach as many water energies to water Pokemon as you wish, you would again need something like Shaymin to move them over.  The fourth Pokemon is similar to Feraligatr, but can be attached directly to Hyrdreigon, I am talking about Emboar Bw.  The last Pokemon is Electrode Prime.  He has an ability which let’s you look at the top 7 cards of your deck and attach them to any Pokemon.  The drawback being Electrode is then knocked out.

So what is the best way of the five.  Pachirisu is nice, but only works once and requires Shaymin.  Floatzel is also good, but requires a lot of stage 1 Pokemon.  Feraligatr Prime is nice, but Emboar can do the same thing without needing Shaymin.  Emboar is great, but it is stage 2 and a Pokemon Catcher liability.  Electrode is useful, but it gives up prizes and you will need to run a very focused build with a lot of energies.  I think the best two Pokemon to use would be Pachirisu and Emboar.  But, Pachirisu may be the best.

So now we got two energy accelerators, let’s look at the positives and negatives of this deck.


  • Deck is Really Fun Unique.  No other card can really do what Hydreigon can do.  It is a really unqiue deck that nobody has seen before.  It is also a really cool Pokemon.  A dragon with three heads is pretty cool, cooler than a dragon with two heads I think.
  • Great Gothitelle Matchup.  No Gothitelle is not the deck to beat right now, but it is a popular build.  So it is a good thing that this deck can handle most Gothitelle decks.  It will be very hard to keep all of their Pokemon alive when you are taking advantage of them spreading damage around.
  • Solid Idea with Only One Weakness.  Hydreigon is a simple deck that is not that complicated. It is based on one idea that should be fairly easy to operate.  The only drawback is that it has a fighting weakness, and almost all Pokemon has a weakness.


  • Well, Donphan.  Donphan Prime can make quick work of Hyrdreigon, so that will always be a bad matchup.
  • Energy Acceleration.  No matter how good an energy accelrator is, it still will be a liability.  They make the deck clunkier than it should be.  Especially with Pokemon Catcher in the format.
  • The 4 Energy Attack.  Even though you can use DCE and energy accelerators, 4 energies is still tough to get out.  It iwill slow the deck down.

The List

This is just a list that I drew up without testing it, so it will not be a great list.  You will have to make it yourself and test it.  It could be close to being a decent deck or it could be a crappy deck that never works, I am not sure.  Here is  a rough list that I made up for testing purposes.


  • 4-Deino
  • 2-Zweillous
  • 4-Hydreigon
  • 2-Pachirisu
  • 2-Shaymin
  • 2-Cleffa
  • 2-Tornadus-Gives you a better Donphan Matchup and more donking ability.


  • 4-Junk Arm
  • 2-Energy Search
  • 4- Pokemon Catcher
  • 2-Switch
  • 4-Professor Oaks New Theory
  • 3-Professor Juniper
  • 2-Sage’s Training
  • 2-Cheren
  • 1-Super Scoop Up
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 1-Super Rod
  • 4-Pokemon Communication


  • Double Colorless Energy-4
  • Lightning Energy-10

Well that’s a rough list to get you started.  I know it is not the best deck out there, it is probably more of a fun deck than something I would take to Cities.  But, this should be a really fun deck to play, so I’m sure the deck should get a little bit of play from the rogue players.  It will not be a great deck, but it will be pretty cool.

Final Words, and Words About Matchups. 

Matchups for this deck are fairly easy to think about.  Fast decks like Stage 1 Rush will be hard to beat if they setup very quickly.  But, if you can setup at the same time, this will be quite an interesting matchup depending on what version of the deck they run.  Reshiram and Zekrom will be quite  a tough matchup because of their “Outrage” attacks.  Plus Power will probably almost even the matchups.  Gothitelle matchups will be fairly easy, and Donphan decks will be fairly hard.

So this is not the best deck, but than again it is a “Stupid Deck Idea.”  But this deck will be really fun to play.  It is a unique deck, so it should keep you interested for a while.  So what do you got for us now Pedro?  I’m all done.

Well we already talked about the Pokemon news.  We can tell the boys and girls that regionals are this weekend and that they should remember to leave their Noble Victories cards at home, they are not legal for this tournament.  So what are you playing for regionals Pikkdogs?

Well, I don’t know.  Should probably find that out soon.  I keep thinking of ideas with NV card, than realize that I can’t play them.  I think this condition is driving me crazy, I’ve even been thinking of making a deck with Accelgor.

Well, that will all go away when you win Regionals………………..Hahahahahahahaha.  Just kidding, you’re probably going to lose really bad. 

Thank’s for the confidence Pedro.  Good night everybody!


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