Bonus Article: An Interview with a Pikkdogs, 150 Articles Later

by Pikkdogs ~ November 11th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.   This is Pikkdogs here with a special article.  Today I am putting out a bonus article to celebrate my 150th article. 

It seems like just a month ago I celebrated my 100th article, but now I have 150 articles already.  A big thanks to all you readers out there, I never expected to write 50 article, nonetheless 150.  I must say that I really enjoy writing article and interacting with you guys out there.  To celebrate my 150th article, I will be sharing with you a part of my upcoming interview in the Pokemon issue of Pokerface Magazine.  Enjoy the sneak peak of the interview.

Thanks for coming to the interview Pikkdogs, we have all been enjoying the articles you have been churning out lately.  What do you think separates you from the other article writers and Pokemon commentators out there?

Well, thanks for having me.  I think the difference between me and most of the big time personalities out there is that I don’t pretend to be anything that I am not.  If you look at the first article or video of any author or Pokemon personality, you will see them listing their accomplishments.  They do this to establish themselves as someone who is trustworthy, but it ends up as painting them as a little cocky.  But, when you look at my articles I never once established myself as a good player.  I think although it’s nice to get advice from the pros, it is also great to get advice from somebody who is just another guy, and that is what I have always provided.  In fact I spend most of my time making fun of myself, and that really lightens the mood.

Speaking of making fun of yourself, tell us about Pedro and how he came about. 

Pedro is just one of the changes that I have made in the last 50 articles or so.  Along with me realizing that I am a different writer than everybody else out there, I realized that I needed to change my writing style.  I don’t have the skill or knowledge that other writers like Jwittz and Jay H. do, so I had to add something that made me stand out, and that was comedy.  While I am not a comedian, I knew I could add something to articles that were not out there before.

Geoff Peterson

I took inspiration for my recent articles from the late night talk shows.  I love the late night talk show hosts like Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Fallon; they are just really good and what they do and are funny with or without a show.  So I decided I would model my articles on them.  And Pedro was ripped right from that.  Of course Johnny Carson had Ed McMahon,   Conan has Andy Richter, Jay Leno has that black guy who plays the guitar and has a creepy laugh, and Craig Ferguson has Geoff Peterson.  I would say Geoff is probably the biggest influence on Pedro.  If you haven’t seen Geoff you have to look him up on the Youtube, Craig and Geoff are just hilarious together.  Up until Geoff came out, sidekicks were just stooges that laughed at the right time.  Geoff is different, he is not afraid to go against the grain and make fun of the host.  I can see a lot of Geoff in Pedro.   I also like the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, and Pedro kind of acts like some of his dummies. Besides those influences, I had already used someone I called a “Geeky Sidekick” in my articles.  And Pedro was just an evolution from the geeky sidekick, it was just making him more deep.  So that’s how Pedro got started.

One more Pedro question, can you give us an actual biography for him? 

Well Pedro has always been guarded about revealing his past.  Is that because he is ashamed of it?  Or is it because he wants you to buy his auto-biography when it goes on sale?  I don’t know, but I can compile a list of what was already revealed about him.  Of course he is from a different dimension, and he lives on earth.  So he lives on earth like most of us do, he just lives in a slightly different earth.   Pedro has also revealed that he is half alien.  We can assume from his name listed in the profile that his father is an alien, but his mother is human.  He can not travel to this dimension, but he uses a machine to communicate with us.   The rest of his life is a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a tortilla.

Along with the comedy has come some controversy for bringing more adult language into what has traditionally been a kids card game.  Don’t you think that you shouldn’t cuss on a kids site. 

No, I need to cuss more.  Pokemon has always played to the lowest common denominator, the kids.   I think that tradition is really hurtful for growing the game.  The best players are at least college aged and we don’t all watch the Teletubbies.  We listen to rap and hardrock music and we watch shows that are not kid friendly, so why should we have to be PG when we communicate about the game.  I wish the game did not have to have Juniors and Seniors to survive, but the young kids are here to stay.  That does not mean that us adults have to like or go along with it.  We can be who we are no matter where we are.  Once at a tournament I received a bye and walked over to the bar next door and had a Miller Lite.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure Pokemon would not want to associate Pokemon with anything adult like that.  I don’t think a bunch of adults should change our ways for a couple of kids, so I expect to read Pokemon articles like I would anything that is for adults.  Make no mistake Pokemon is for adults, name me one great player that is ten years old.  Pokemon is a game for college aged people or older, so let’s not bring things down to the lowest common denominator anymore.

On an un-related note, do you subscribe to the Freudian or Jungian schools of Psychology. 

I’m  more of a Freudian.  One because it makes sense, and two because he says the word “penis” a lot.

At Nationals J-Wittz gets people following him like he’s Justin Bieber, do you get any sort of attention at tournaments?

Well I don’t get that much attention.  J-Wittz is a good player and has made some good videos in his time, so he deserves attention like that.  I don’t want or deserve that kind of attention.  For the most part at local tournaments I am just one of the guys, not many people bring up the website.  But at tournaments where there are a high percentage of newer players, I do get a lot of people saying how much they like the site, and Pedro.  I love talking to readers and giving help to newer players, so I do like to get recognized and talk about the site and the game.  At the same time I always feel weird when I get recognized.  When I first entered the game I didn’t know anyone and I was just the fat guy who sat in the corner and looked creepy.  Now as Pedro would say, I’m still fat and creepy but I just talk to a couple people.

Speaking of Justin Bieber, do you think that really is his baby, baby, baby  ohhhhhh?

No, he has an album out right now.  He just wants to promote himself.  His guys probably hired that girl.  Plus I don’t know if Bieber is old enough for coitis.

How long do you think you and Pedro will keep writing articles? 

Well Pedro will last as long as I want him to.  At first people called for Pedro’s death, and now people have started complimenting him.  That all doesn’t matter, he’s my sidekick and when I get tired of him he will go.  I kind of look forward to the day when I think about a new format and do something different.  I don’t know if he will last forever, but I think he should be out here for a little more.

As far as for how long I will do this, I don’t know.  I never asked to do what I currently am doing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t last forever.  I currently am looking for a different job, so if I move to a smaller town (like I want to), I probably won’t be playing anymore (if nobody else is playing in that area).  Also, right now the format is not making me happy.  If the next couple sets don’t make the format more exciting I might have to drop out, but all that is just speculation. And for a final thing, I couldn’t do this site without Ed, so if he ever gives up on the site, I would too.

Any last words?

A big thanks to Ed.  I have done some pretty risky things in the past couple months, and Ed has just sat back and let me do them.  He gave me all the creative control I needed.  I don’t think a lot of people out there would sit back and let me cuss and do stuff like that.  He gave me enough rope, it was my turn to either wrangle up some cattle or hang myself with it.  While I’m not ruling out that I might eventually say something racist or homophobic and sink the whole site, so far I have avoided hanging myself.  Whether I make 150 more articles or screw up and only write 2 more, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I sometimes make fun of the site of how we have no paid writers and no sponsors, but I don’t think I would ever want to live up to the expectations of a sponsor or something like that.  Something low key like this site is great with me, because I get to do whatever I want to do and nobody can tell me not to.  So here’s to fighting the man…….while writing articles about Charizard.

So Long and Thanks for 150 articles worth of fish everybody!



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