Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Pachirisu Cl, Electrode Prime, and Eviolite

by Pikkdogs ~ November 18th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with another Pikk Three article for you. This Pikk Three article will be a normal article, but it will be about cards that will be impactful at Cities.  Of course, today I am joined by my extra-dimensionary sidekick, Pedro. Pedro, what’s going on today? .

Hey Pikkdogs, well today I don’t have any news for you but I can bring you what happened this day in history.  On this day, November 18, 1886, former U.S. President Chester Alan Arthur died of Bright’s disease. 

Sounds like a cheery way to die.

It does, but I doubt it was that fun.  Say Pikkdogs, Arthur was one of our more obscure Presidents, who is your favorite obscure President?

I guess I would say William Howard Taft.  As a fat guy, I gotta support my fellow portly gentlemen.

Did you know he was so fat that he got stuck in his bath tub? 

I did.

You’re over 300 pounds, have you gotten stuck in your bathtub yet?

I can’t say that I have.  I would think it would be hard to get stuck in the bathtub, since you can always water yourself down and get your fat moist enough to slip out.

This is all getting very disguisting.  Can we just stop talking about your fat and get onto the article?


The Staple-Pachirisu Call of Legends

This cities themed Pikk Three will start with a card that has been great since Nationals, it is Pachirisu Cl.

Description– Pachirisu is a 60 HP basic lightning Pokemon from Call of Legends, it has a fighting weakness, a metal resistance, and a one retreat cost.  Its one attack, “Shocking Bolt”, is good for an early game donk, it does 50 damage for LL.  The reason why Pachirisu is good is because of the “Self Regeneration” Poke-Power.  When you play Pachirisu down, you are allowed to attach up to 2 energies to Pachirisu.

Analysis– When Pachirisu was first released we knew it was going to be good at something, we just didn’t know what.  We knew that anything that can bring 2 energies into play is good, but there really was no need for it.  Remember this was still the SP format.  People were talking about using him with Raichu Prime, which was a good use, but Raichu never became playable.  So it stayed into our binders until around Nationals when we paired it with Zekrom.  Zekrom was a good deck but it got tossed around  by Donphan Prime a lot.  Then Tornadus came out and Donphan wasn’t as big of a threat.  So this means that Zekrom and Pachirisu became one of the better decks and cards in the format.

Let’s look at the stats.  60 HP is very low, so it is a Pokemon Catcher prize waiting to happen.  The fighting weakness would be bad, but its HP is so low that it doesn’t really matter.  It is always nice to have a resistance, but nobody plays Metal Pokemon right now.  The 1 retreat cost is great, sure free would be nice, but we can’t always get free things.

Unless you have boobs.

I have man boobs, do I get anything free for that.

Yes, heart disease. 

Oh, that’s not good.  Anyway, let’s talk about the attack next.  Usually 50 damage for 2 and a 2 discard (or Lost Zone) is not good, but this is different.  Because Pachi can bring 2 energies onto the field on the first turn easily, his first attack is actually good.  You should be able to donk almost any basic Pokemon with a Plus Power including but not limited to: Cleffa, Gothita, Reuniclus, Tepig, Cyndaquil, Tornadus, Yanma, Zorua, and Mincinno.  The attack is really good early game, but almost useless later in the game.

And that will bring us to the reason we are all here, “Self Regeneration.”  Being able to add an extra 2 energies onto the field out of nowhere is great.  They can be moved over to another attack with Shaymin Ud, moved with a Poke-Power such as Raichu Prime, or be used on Pachirisu with an attack like that of Magnezone Prime’s “Lost Burn.”  There are not many basic Pokemon out there that can provide a great energy accelration like that, so Pachirisu is very useful.

I kind of mentioned it already, but Pachirisu is mostly used in decks like Zekrom and Magnezone.  He is a staple in most decks that feature these Pokemon as their main attacker.  Pachirisu is also vital in these decks, they couldn’t do it without him.  Pachirisu is why Zekrom is the best deck around.

Rating– 8/10- Energy acceleration and 2 great decks to use them in is great.  Sure it is a free Pokemon Catcher prize, but not everything is perfect-

Except Stacey Keibler.

Of course, nobody is perfect except Stacey Keibler.  Pachirisu is a great card and has a great use in the format.  No wonder that most people sell it for 30 bucks, it is that good.

I bet it was hard finding a picture of Stacey Keibler to use?

Well it took me like a half an hour, because I was actually being kid friendly for once and trying to get one where she is covered up.

Where’s the fun in that?

I think the fun is looking at all the ones that are not covered up first.


The Underdog-Electrode Prime

The next card will be a card that you will probably see very often in a deck with Cobalion and possibly other BBP (BIg Basic Pokemon), Electrode Prime.  Electrode Prime was always the worst rare in a set of great Primes.  Whenever someone opened a Triumphant pack they dreamed of pulling a Magnezone Prime, Yanmega Prime, or Mew Prime; and they almost ripped the card up when they instead saw an Electrode Prime.  Let’s look at the card in this format to see if anything has changed.

Description– Electrode is a 90 HP stage 1 electric Pokemon with a fighting weakness, a metal resistance, and a one retreat cost.  He has on attack called “Gigashock”.  For LC it does 30 damage and snipes twice for 10.  But the stats of Electrode are not as important as the Poke-Power, “Energymite.”

This Poke-Power has four steps.  First you reveal the top 7 cards of your deck.  Next, you attach any energy cards you find there to any Pokemon you have in play in any way you like.  Then,  you discard the non-energy cards that you revealed.  Finally, you put Electrode in the discard pile and your opponent takes a prize.    Quite an interesting Pokemon, its stats are bad; has a crappy attack, you have to discard a lot of cards from your own deck, and you have to give up a prize.  But, yet a lot of people are seriously thinking of playing this card in a tournament.    Let’s look a little deeper to see if these people are crazy or not.

Analysis– Well, as mentioned the stats are very crappy.  If it ever sees the field on your opponents turn it will almost always be a prize for your opponent with Pokemon Catcher.  The attack is perhaps the worst that has ever appeared on a super rare.  But yet, all of this doesn’t matter because Electrode will probably be knocked out a couple seconds after he is evolved.

Electrode isn’t used to attack or to wall, it is used for energy acceleration.  If you have a really focused deck Electrode can be a great way of loading a lot of energies on one attacker very quickly.  There are of course a lot of positives and negatives of this Pokemon.

On the plus side there is not really anyone who can do what he can.  Electrode can load a lot of any type of energies on any Pokemon.  He also works well with a lot of good Pokemon who have a lot of potential, but have a high energy cost.  Pokemon like Cobalion and Terrakion could be really good, but Electrode is needed to get them going by turn 2.  Even though Electrode forces you to give a lot of things up, the energy acceleration he provides is amazing and unmatched.

However there are a lot of things on the negative side.  The first thing is that you need a very focused deck for Electrode is to work.  He is not a splashable Pokemon.  You can’t just throw him into a deck with a stage 2 and a stage 1 and expect him to work.  You will be running a lot of cards and the cards you discard with “Energymite” will be crippling to your deck.  Electrode can only consistently work with a basic Pokemon or a stage 1.  Another negative thing about Electrode is that you will have a hard time winning a prize race with him in your deck.  Don’t expect to run Electrode and then be able to go blow for blow with another deck.  Because he gets knocked out and you give your opponent a prize, you will need to run a deck that doesn’t give your opponent a chance to go toe to toe with you.  Audino donk works because it hits the opponent before he or she can really setup.  Cobalion will probably work because “Iron Breaker” will not allow your opponent to attack next turn.  So Electrode doesn’t work with every deck, but when it does have a place in the deck I think that it can work.

Rating8/10– I expect big things for Electrode in the coming months, it should go from obscurity to the top tables.  Expect Audino, Cobalion, and Kyurem to be a lot better for it.

The Young Gun- Eviolite. 

The final card today will be a trainer from Noble Victories that should single the reign of the BBP, Eviolite.

Description– – Eviolite is a new card from Noble Victories that is ready to break the format.  It is a Pokemon Tool card that can be attached to any basic Pokemon.  When it is attached it reduces any damage done from an opponent’s attack by 20.  So it basically makes every basic Pokemon like Donphan Prime.


Ever since Black and White came out we have been moving to the era of Big Basic Pokemon.  You don’t need to evolve any more to do a lot of damage from a high HP Pokemon.  It is no longer just Reshiram and Zekrom; Kyurem, Coballion NV, and Terrakion NV are all playable.  Eviolite only makes them better.

The best use for Eviolite is probably on the energy trio (Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem).  This is because they have the “Outrage” attack.  “Outrage” makes these Pokemon very powerful for only one Double Colorless Energy.  “Outrage” is best used when these Pokemon take a big hit and are still alive and kicking, ready to return that big hit.  Eviolite will almost make sure that no Pokemon (without using weakness) can OHKO one of the energy trio.

Even if you are not playing one of the energy trio, Eviolite will still be very valuable to the BBP.  Terrakion NV has 130 HP and is weak to grass, it will be very very hard for your opponent to match up against a Terrakion that gets a lot of energy on him fast.  Cobalion EP has 120 HP and can utilize Special Metal energies.  Getting an OHKO on Cobalion with Special Metals and Eviolites will be very hard indeed.

I think the sky is the limit for Eviolite.  It will help make sure that the age of BBP will never go away as long as it is around.  I think the release of Eviolite with the BBP can be compared to the release of Double Colorless Energy with Garchomp C Lv. X.  It could be that dominate.

Rating–  9/10– We are in the age of BBP and I don’t know if anything will be able to consistently beat the BBP.

Well, that’s all I got say, I guess we can wrap this article up.  Say Pedro, I notice you again missed an article early in the week, what happened this time?

I kind of got into some legal trouble, I can’t really talk about it right now. 

Legal trouble like domestic violence? or legal trouble like insurance fraud?

I got arrested for assault with a battery.

Don’t you mean assault and battery?

No, I hit somebody with a Duracell.

Oh I see, that’s not really nice of you.  Assault with a battery is a new low, although “Hooker Urn” might have been lower.

I liked the Hooker Urn joke.

Of course, what’s not to like about a hooker joke.  Anyway, we gotta go before Ed notices that we said “hooker” a bunch of times.  Have a good night.




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