Stupid Deck Idea: Unfezant/Mew/Vileplume Lock

by Pikkdogs ~ November 30th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea for you.  I am also joined by my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro. Say “Hi” Pedro.

Hi Pedro

Really, we did that joke?  We must be hitting the bottom of the barrel, that’s like a 1st grader joke.


Anyway, Pedro why don’t you tell people about Ed’s challenge.

Okay.  Well you guys have probably been reading the articles about Ed trying to come up with a deck made by you guys, the community.  What happens is people send him some of their spare cards (usually more rogue cards) and we all come together to help him make a deck that he will play at the City Championships.  Well, Cities are very close for Minnesota people like Ed, so there is not much time to get your cards into Ed.  He does need your help to get a good deck that we can all have an input on and grow as a community.  So if you have some rogue cards like Switch, Professor Elm’s Training Method, or some random Pokemon; please pass them on to Ed so we can add them into our communal card pool.  If you want to read about how to get things going you can click here.  This really is a cool event and should be really fun, so please if you can, send a couple of your un-used cards in an  envelope and help us make a cool rogue deck!

Thanks Pedro, that sounded almost sincere.

It was, almost.  Why don’t you just go on and talk about this crappy deck we are all here to talk about?

Ok sounds good.  Cue the bolded titles please!


A little background about this deck before we talk about it in depth.  I have bought a lot of Black and White packs in my lifetime, and like other people, I  hoped for lots of Reshirams and Zekroms.  But, it seemed like in every other pack I had pulled an Unfezant for a rare.  I got so mad that I kept on pulling this crap card that I almost started ripping them up.

Now fast forward to just after the release of Noble Victories.  I felt that the release of Victini might bring us a new era of rogue decks, so I went through my binder trying to find cards that would work with Victini.  What I found was that a surprising number of cards worked well with Victini, and could actually be semi-playable.  One of those cards was Unfezant BW.

Unfezant is a 120 HP stage 2 Pokemon with a 1 retreat cost, a lightning weakness, and a fighting weakness.  It has two attacks.  The second attack, called “Cutting Wind” does 70 damage for CCC.

That sounds a lot like “breaking wind”, which means to fart. 

So, what’s your point?

The point is that we get to say “Fart” a lot. 

Yes we do……………….Fart.

Anyway, the first attack is why Unfezant is here.  “Fly” does 50 damage and does not allow it to be attacked next turn by your opponent, if you flips heads on one coin flip.

So first things first.  The stats are not that great for a stage 2.  The weakness is bad, but the resistance is good.  The HP and Retreat cost are normal.  The 2nd attack stinks-

just like farting.

I think we get it Pedro.  The second attack isn’t good, but maybe the first one could be.  50 damage and no way of attacking him next turn could be great.  So let’s put him into a deck.  Of course we are going to want Victini in this deck. It would also be nice to have Vileplume in this deck, so that your opponent can not Pokemon  Catcher over your Unfezant wall.

There is a deck that Unfezant and Victini can slip right into easily.  That deck is Mew Lock.  This deck features Mew who uses Muk’s attacks to lock an unsuspecting Pokemon into the active spot.  It also has Yanmega Prime, Sunflora, and Vilplume in it.  Vileplume is to make sure your opponent cannot use the Switch card, Yanmega is a secondary attacker, and Sunflora gets the other two Pokemon out a lot faster.  To fit in Unfezant and Victini, you just need to remove the Muks and Yanmegas.

Now that we have a basic deck idea, let’s explain it more.

How To Setup

Your first turn you are going to want to use a Pokemon Collector to get 2 Sunfloras and a Mew out, and then “See Off” an Unfezant.  On the second turn you will evolve into Sunflora, and then start getting Vileplume setup.  While doing this you should also get Victini out.  Just attach one more energy, and you will be able to “Fly” for 50. Now, hopefully you should be able to keep “Flying” and keeping yourself untouchable while Vileplume sets up and basically ends any chance of them getting another knock out.  That’s the hope anyway, let’s see if it can really work.

Testing Results

Well the reason why this is a Stupid Deck Idea is because I didn’t really get this deck to work.  It has a solid premise to it, but it just didn’t work.  That’s not to say that it can never work.  With a different build it might stand a chance, but I just couldn’t get it going well enough to recommend it.  Here is what happened

The problems with this deck were two pronged.  The first set of problems had to do with bench space.  There just wasn’t enough bench space because of the need to put multiple Pokemon down thanks to the Pokemon Catcher threat.  By the time you get 2 Mews down and 2 Sunkerns there is no room for both Victini and Oddish.  This problem was compounded in my initial testings because I had Yanmega in the deck.  When I took him out the bench problems got better, but it was still a concern.

The second set of problems centered around energy.  When the deck runs perfectly you will attach one energy to Mew on the first turn, “See Off”, then on the next turn attach another energy.  But, things rarely go according to plan.  Usually the Mew would either get knocked out, the opponent would catcher up something with a retreat cost, or I would run into an energy drought.  Then, even if I could get two energies and a Unfezant in the Lost Zone, I would always flip 2 tails.  So things were not going my way.  The flips were probably just bad luck but the energy problems point to the lack of a draw engine in the deck.  If you don’t get lucky it could be hard to get attacking on turn 2, and if Mew Prime decks don’t “See Off” turn 1 they usually lose.  Possibly a build that was more focused on turn 1 would be more consistent.  Anyway, those are the problems with the deck, let’s show you my list so you can maybe improve on it.



  • 3-Sunkern
  • 2-Sunflora HGSS
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume
  • 2-Victini #14
  • 2-Unfezant
  • 4-Mew Prime


  • 1-Super Rod
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 1-Revive
  • 1-Dual Ball
  • 1-Professor Elm’s Training Method
  • 2-N
  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 3-Proffesor Oak’s New Theory
  • 3-Sage’s Training


  • 10-Psychic
  • 4-Double Colorless Energy


So this deck was not very good for me.  It could possibly be changed around to be better, but for right now I would say its not very good.  It is a good fun deck with a Pokemon that many of us have used in Pokemon Black and White, so people might want to use a deck like this for fun.  So it may be a cool deck, but probably not competitive with the current list.

So, I’m all done with this deck article. What do you have for us Pedro.

Well, I have said news for you today.  One of your favorite comedians, Patrice O’Neal, has passed away.

Man that stinks, Patrice was a really funny guy.  How old was he Pedro?


That’s not a good sign, fat funny people don’t seem to last for too long.  Patrice at 41 Chris Farley at 33, this doesn’t bode too well for me.

No, you’ll be okay,  I think it only applies to funny people. 

Well that’s good, have a good night guys and R.I.P. Patrice!


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  • Quarter-Turn

    What’s with all the trainers in a Vileplume deck? Super Rod? Revive? A single Dual Ball? You shouldn’t be able to play those.

    This is also the kind of deck I’d like to see at least 3 Twins in. Oddish is a prime target for T1 or T2 KOs, as is Mew. Also, the “See Off” Mew is often sacrificed, so you should be able to make very good use of Twins here.

    Not to mention, since Mew is your only attacker, you are running off of colorless energy requirements, and you cannot use trainer-based recovery, there should be 4 Rescue Energy here, as well.

    Then, there are the little things like 4 Juniper, which is pretty heavy, especially with 3 Sages, but it’s not necessarily a bad choice. I would maybe go 3-4 on the Juniper/PONT and swap Sage’s for Cheren. I might even forgo the Juniper altogether and test Copycat. Because of the trainer lock, your oppont may end up with a big clunky hand full of trainers.
    Because of your heavy Sunflora line, you might not actually need the 4th Communication or the Elm’s Training Method. Vileplume and Sunflora are your only evolutions, anyhow. Also, even though Sunkern only has 40 HP, it’s not necessary to have a third. If your opponent is going to knock something out before the trainer lock goes up, they’ll almost definitely go for Oddish or Mew, and after trainer lock, Sunkern is usually safe, bar Yanmega (in which case, you don’t want to leave it out as a free prize.

    Speaking of Yanmega, you really need something to deal with that Pokémon. It’s a very popular card and can destroy your deck if you’re not careful. It can snipe Vileplume, Victini or Sunflora, and doesn’t care that Mew is protecting itself with “Fly.” At the same time, you can only knock Yanmega out in three hits, maybe two, if you use “Cutting Wind,” which is never a safe thing to do.

    Overall, I like Mew and Unfezant, but this needs to be more toolboxy. Throw in some other LZ targets, possibly a Yanmega of your own as a secondary attacker (note that this variant would change your T/S/S engine). Maybe add a Vespiquen line to protect your bench, too.

    P.S. Beware of Kyurem, as well.

    • Anonymous

      thanks for the comments, good advice for anyone trying to improve the deck. 

  • Anonymous

    Not quiiiite the right approach for this deck. I lost to Vileplume/Victini/Mew with Vanilluxe and Unfezant in the box last Sunday. Biggest pain ever. Used Vanilluxe to get the lock on for most of the attack, and Unfezant to get KOs. He missed a couple Unfezant flips but it didn’t matter because I could only get one KO before being locked again and by then more Mews were ready. Took him awhile to get setup but he got the comeback win easy.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an interesting idea, I just don’t see it working.

    • mistercyr

      This sunday I ran this deck:

      4 mew
      2 unfeazant
      2 vanilluxe
      3/1/2 vileplume & 1 bellosom
      1 pichu
      1 cleffa
      2 cobalium
      2 fliptini

      4 collector
      4 twins
      3 sage
      3 N
      1 Pont
      1 copycat
      1 flower shop L
      3 candy
      3 comm
      1 switch

      5 water
      3 psy
      4 rainbow
      3 rescue

      I scored 3/2 in a city, with this list of my friend. The difficulty is to set up fast and well. My opponents takes 2/3 prizes before me and a missed flip is a nightmare. But the combo double freeze/fly is awesome!! It’s a funny and crazy deck! Try it!!