Stupid Deck Idea inspired by PTCGO!

by Joel ~ December 6th, 2011.

Hello OHKOers, Joel here with a stupid deck article.

But Joel, aren’t all of your decks stupid? 

What the…… Who let Pedro in here? Anyway, I would like to discuss a deck that I have been playing on the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online program. The deck revolves around Accelgor and Cinccino, and has a very fast setup. Now before I share the list, I would like to remind you that I’m not Pooka, therefore I don’t have all the good cards at my disposal like he does.

And that also makes you less interesting as well. 

Wow, I really need to talk to Pikkdogs about this, anyway, here is my deck.

4 Shelmet
4 Accelgor
3 Minccino
3 Cinccino
1 Cleffa
2 Karrablast
3 Junk Arm
3 PlusPower
3 Pokegear 3.0
2 Pokemon Catcher
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Super Rod
1 Switch
2 Cheren
2 N
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Professor Juniper
3 Professor Oak’s New Theory
2 Twins
3 Double Colorless
2 Rescue
7 Grass

The main attackers are Accelgor and Cinccino. Accelgor can hit 60 for 1 grass energy with Slashing Strike, has a free retreat cost but can’t use Slashing Strike the next turn. The plus side is with a free retreat cost, you can simply switch out your Accelgors and keep hitting 60 every turn. Setting up can be quick and easy too. Simply having Shelmet active and Karrablast on the bench will guarantee a turn 2 Accelgor with Mysterious Evolution. Catchers and Junk Arms will help you get quick, cheap knockouts for fast prizes, and when 60 damage isn’t enough, you can send Cinccino for high damage output.

As I said, the list isn’t perfect but it is rather fun to play. It’s also worth trying out at league as well, or if you’re just looking for something new to play. I started playing the deck online because my card pool was rather low. I started looking for cheap attackers. The first one that came to mind was Cinccino, because of the possibility to hit for 100 damage with a DCE. I took notice of the Accelgor and how it can hit 60 damage for 1 grass. Free retreat cost helps out too. After I managed to get some collectors, a couple catchers and other various trainers and supporters, I had a deck ready. I’ve done well playing the novice games and did alright in the expert games as well. Many players in the expert games told me they liked the idea behind it and if I had the cards it could be a lot better. With all the compliments I’ve received, I thought this was a deck worth sharing. Until next time, this is Joel, signing off.


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