Challenge: Coolest Delivery

by Ed ~ December 8th, 2011.

This will be just a quick post letting you guys know that I got a new donation in the mail today. Today Coolestman22’s envelope arrived. Here’s the contents.

3x Dual Ball
2x Professor Juniper
2x Professor Oak’s New Theory
2x Junk Arm
1x Max Potion
1x Thundurus

This is very exciting to me, because it gives the deck a “real deck” sort of feel. Junk Arm can really aid in getting those early energy discarded while obviously providing trainer options via reuse.

PONT and Juniper are probably the best draw supporters I could have asked for. Juniper may be a bit tricky in specific situations (like when I have a Eelektrik or Raichu in hand), but it nets the most cards while also potentially discarding energy. PONT is probably the best refresh supporter available, and now I have 4.

Max Potion is a nice bonus when it works. Right now, the deck has 2 Moomoo Milk. Max Potion is better, but having 2 Milk and 1 Potion ain’t bad.

I always loved Professor Oak, and now he got a sex change.

Finally, Thundurus is a very nice unexpected surprise! The deck really needs a secondary attacker, and I’ve been hoping for something like Thundurus or Zekrom to come along. Thundurus fits very well here. First of all, he’s a good starter. He can wall for a bit, and he can pull energy from the deck. Just by himself, he can attack on turn 2, and, combined with Eelektrik, he can give Raichu a turn 2 attack. Turn 1 you can bench Pikachu and Tynamo, attach to Thundurus, and Charge. Next turn, you can evolve to Eelektrik and Raichu, retreat Thundurus (putting an energy in the discard), pull it back with the Eel, move it all to Raichu, and attack for 120.

Thundurus’ attack isn’t as powerful as Raichu’s, but any time you can get a KO for 80, attacking with Thundurus is probably a better choice. You can power him in 1 turn with 2 Eels and an energy from the hand, and he’s easy to keep attacking. This really helps the deck out.

I know that solitaire testing isn’t a great way to compare the deck against other decks, but that’s not so important for this experiment anyway. Solitaire can be a good indication of how changes to the deck effect its own performance.

I added every one of Coolestman22’s donations to the deck and played 3 quick solitaire games. This quick update required me to remove 8 cards (as I had already been testing the Dual Balls proxied). The 8 I removed were 1x Hoothoot, 1x Noctowl, 2x Switch, and 4x (proxied) Bianca. I also still have 4 proxied Pokeball in the deck, as I’m pretty confident that I can get someone to donate those. That and energy search are probably the most printed card ever.

So, as I said, I played 3 solitaire games. Amazingly, I set up on the second turn each time. Previously, that happened every once in a while, but it was lucky and fragile. This time Thundurus gave new options while PONT, Juniper, and Junk Arm added much needed consistency.

I’m actually quite pleased with how the deck has turned out so far. I would definitely build the deck differently given an unlimited card pool, but this really isn’t too bad. Pokemon Catcher is the only glaring deficiency (compared to most current decks). Other than that, it could still use a couple recycling cards like Super Rod, Flower Shop Lady, or maybe Revive. Thundurus could use another BBP friend like Zekrom or a second Thundurus (or maybe even Tornadus), but now I’m just getting wishful.

Thanks to Coolestman22, Raichu and pals have a new, more electrified, outlook. When I get a bit more time, I’ll update the card pool on the Challenge page.

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  • Anonymous

    cool, great donation coolest man.  Though I’m still kinda dissapointed in the # of donations so far, we actually do have a deck that can do decently.  As Ed said, the only major difference is the lack of Pokemon Catcher, which is unrelaistic to expect. 

    Plus Power would be nice in this list, and maybe 1 more Pikachu.

    Could you post a decklist on the OHKO challenge page Ed? 

    • Ed

      So, the Tornadus kinda alleviates some of the necessity for an extra Pikachu/Raichu.  Tornadus takes some of the pressure off of Raichu to be the only attacker.  Before, Raichu needed to take 6 prizes, and as a Stage 1, that could be tricky.

      The larger problem is Eelektrik.  The deck needs to have 2 in play.  It can run with only 1 late game (assuming you have built up some energy on the bench).  However, if there’s a Tynamo (or maybe Eel) prized and another gets KO’d, you’re pretty much done.

      Plus Power would be nice, but there are other, more important, things.

      I’ll try to post a proper list later.  Here’s one from memory.

      3 Tynamo
      3 Eelektrik
      3 Pikachu
      3 Raichi
      1 Tornadus
      1 Manaphy

      4 PONT
      2 Juniper
      4 Engineer’s Adjustments
      1 Copycat

      2 Junk Arm
      2 Communication
      4 Pokeball (proxied)
      4 Dual Ball
      2 Moomoo Milk
      1 Max Potion

      20 Lightning Energy