Just call me bubbles.

by Michael ~ December 18th, 2011.

I seriously hate bubbling out. Read my last two CC reports to find out why.

It’s at the Source. Details are a little hazy, but I’ll do my best. Playing Jewgar both days.

Source: Round 1: VS Ed(playing ZPST)
Before the round even starts, Ed tells me that he’s gonna drop after the round to trade. So we’re already off to a great start. I destroy him, because he starts bad and I start broke. So I win. And…he drops. Tie breakers are already fantastic. I tell myself that I’ll have to literally go X-0 to top unless I get some better tie breakers.

(Opponent finishes: 0-1 drop at the end of the day)

Source: Round 2: VS I honestly don’t remember your name, but you were(playing Reshiphlosion)
I get off broke, he doesn’t. HURL HURL HURL HURL HURL HURL GG.

(Opponent finishes: 3-2 at the end of the day)

Source: Round 3: VS Mark(playing Reshiphlosion/Beartic)

Mark is 1-1 at this time, meaning I get paired down. So if I lose, my tie breakers are about to take a huge hit…

That damn Beartic. So we both start off, I get a Vileplume T3, the turn before he can catcher/kill my lone Oddish. He luckily still kills my Cleffa, which allows for Twins abuse after I got the lock up. So we start going, and thanks to Bellossom, I can cycle Mews and Gengars despite his Beartic. It comes down to a crucial turn where I decide to See Off a Muk instead of Hurling, possibly netting me a Pokemon putting me at the ability to take the next few into the lost zone and win before he can catch up on prizes. The Sludge Drag actually helps me later, though in hindsight it was probably smarter to just remove from his hand. So he’s got Beartic, and he hits Gengar for 50. 4 turns pass, putting me at 10 damage(enough for a Reshi KO). It’s because of this 10 that he can Blue Flare to KO me, taking his 5th prize. He’s got Beartic swinging active, and he uses Afterburner on the Beartic and retreats it, so then he can go and attack with Icicle Crash and still keep his rainbows needed to fulfill the waters. I go and sludge drag a reshi, and he tops an energy to retreat it, and that’s the game.

(Opponent finishes: 2-3 at the end of the day)

Source: Round 4: VS Curtis (playing Cake)
I start broke and he doesn’t and I’m removing and sniping Voltorbs with Cursed Drop and his Kyurem does nothing thanks to Bell and so I win.

(Opponent finishes: 2-3 at end of the day. Or maybe 3-2. I think it was 2-3.)

Source: Round 5: VS Kyle (playing Magneboar)
Lol. Sludge Drag Emboar under trainer lock and proceed to just Cursed Drop/Hurl for pokemon into lost zone/prizes. He dies of poison with my Jewgar active and so they all go to the zone. I win easy. Easy peezy!

(Opponent finishes: 3-2 at end of day.)

So I finish……….5th! Hooray! I was pretty sure I could win if I topped cause everybody was running either Magnezone of sorts or Zekrom, which I can beat with my deck but…….surprise! I didn’t top lol. Nick wins. Congrats. Sabrina wins in Seniors with ZPST. Congrats.

Outpost is today. I go with Nick and Sabrina. There’s like 28 masters, so only T4. Which worries me, because I cant figure out how far I’ll bubble out of top. Playing Jewgar cause Sabrina had the Zones for Eelzone (she wins undefeated again, btw. Congrats!)

Outpost: Round 1: VS Andrew Reynolds (playing Eelz)
It’s a long game, but a lot of it is really unimportant. I sludge drag up a Zone and goes 1/3 on heads for confusion. He has to remove 3 to kill a Gengar, putting him at 1 energy on the board, with 1 eel, and 1 zone active(with the electric on it). He’s taken some prizes with zone and Thundurus and whatever. So I’ve got a Gastly on bench, a Gloom on bench, a separate Vileplume on bench and other crap. I’ve got seeker/candy in my hand. I seeker, play candy, evolve Gastly to Gengar. Play down Vileplume to resume the lock.
He’s got no energy in his hand either, and I send up Mew. I remove Pokemon to put it at 4 Pokemon. His Magnezone that I had sludge dragged is at like 130 damage from poison/confusion flips, so if I cursed drop it with Gengar, I will have 6 in there. So he has no energy, and like 9 cards in hand(all trainers). He has to top an energy…and he does. He attaches it, and he Dynamotor’s one onto the field, removes 2 to kill Mew, and has just a single one on Magnezone again. I send up Gengar and use Trick Reveal, and see that, luckily, he has taken another energy off his 5th prize. Pretty luck on the last two energy draws/pulls, obviously. I cursed drop Magnezone, dump 2 into the lostzone. 6 in the lost zone, and he takes his 6th prize. Damn.

(Opponent finishes 3-2 at the end of the day.)

Outpost: Round 2: VS Paige(playing Magnezone/Typhlosion/Reshiram/Duosion/Ursaring(heard someone say she should take it out of her deck)?)

Well…there’s lots of Pokemon in there…so I already have 3 in the lost zone when I cursed drop for 2 prizes and put 5 more in the LZ. Lol. I win.

(Opponent finishes: 1-3 drop at the end of the day)

Outpost: Round 3: VS forgotten name(playing Zekrom/Noctowl…?)
I dunno. I see of Jumpluff and beat head with it and some Bull. I win easy. The lock was to much for him, and he kept drawing bad. Sucks man!

(Opponent finishes: 2-2 drop.)

Outpost: Round 4: VS forgotten name(playing Gothitelle)
See Off Jumpluff. My basic needs 6 pokemon on my field and 1 on his to kill his stage 2 main attacker. Do the math. He even admitted it. It’s nearly unwinnable. He did the best he could though, and props to him for that.

(Opponent finishes: 2-2 drop)

Outpost: Round 5: VS that same guy I beat at Source last week round 2 who was running Reshiphlosion but is now(playing Magneboar)

As if my tiebreakers weren’t bad enough as it is, he asks me if I’m 3-1, and when I say I am, he tells me I got paired down. I laugh, but I’m actually just crying inside.

Same thing against Kyle. I dragged up Emboar. It had 140 on it, is poisoned, and I have my Gengar active with 4 in the zone. He somehow retreats or something and kills Gengar with a badboar he has charged. I seeker and use Mew to put 2 into the zone. 6 in the zone, he still has like 4 prizes to take. GG man.

(Opponent finishes: 2-3.)

I place…6th here! Hooray! Again, if I would have topped, I would have been facing off against a bunch of decks that run either A: loads of Pokemon, B: pokemon with high retreat, or C: all of the above. Luckily though, as Andy pointed out, I got great prize suppor-wait, no I didn’t. Good thing I got a kicker and got a championshi-no wait, no I didn’t.

Yay for bubbles!

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