Pikkdogs Double Tournament Report and Six Corners Deck List!

by Pikkdogs ~ December 20th, 2011.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a tournament report that covers 2 City Championships.

This past Saturday I went down about 40 miles south of my apartment to Toledo, Oh for a City Championship.

I decided that I had enough of sucking with Donphan and Dragons, so I decided to go and suck with another deck.  On the Friday before the tournament I asked my Facebook friends what I should run, and the first suggestion was 6 Corners.  If you don’t know, 6 Corners is a hodgepodge deck of a bunch of Legendary Pokemon.  The goal of the deck is to run a lot of different Pokemon so that you always have weakness over your opponent.  It is a deck that is fairly fast and versatile enough to have a great chance against any deck in the format.  After throwing it together Friday night, I decided that this wouldn’t be the worst deck choice, so I decided to run it.

Here is a list that is similar to my deck, it is not the exact list that I ran that day, but it is close and reflects more closely what a good 6 corner deck would be.  I agree that it is not a great deck and that I have not had a lot of time to prefect it, but it does kind of work, so it is not a terrible list.



  • 2- Virizion- The starter of the deck and an okay attacker.
  • 2-Reshiram- mostly used for “Outrage”ing against Metal and Grass attackers.
  • 2-Kyurem- same as Reshiram, but against Fire Pokemon.
  • 1-Zekrom- used for “Outrage.”
  • 1-Absol-Prime-  Good for the Chandelure matchup
  • 1-Cobalion- Good for the Beartic, Kyurem, and Vanilluxe matchup
  • 1-Tornadus- Just an all around good attacker.
  • 1-Unown Cure
  • 2-Terrakion- one of the better attackers, needed for the Electric matchup.
  • 1- Landorus- helps you re-use energy, and helps in the Electric matchup.
  • 1-Bellsprout


  • 4- Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Proffesor Juniper
  • 4-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 3- Sage’s Training
  • 1-Super Rod
  • 4-Junk Arm
  • 3- Pokemon Catcher
  • 2- Potion- Its’ actually a great card.
  • 2-Switch
  • 3- Eviolite
  • 2-Energy Exchanger- I’m considering using Lost Remover instead.


  • 4-Rainbow Energy
  • 4-Double Colorless Energy
  • 3-Fighting Energy
  • 1-Water Energy
  • 1-Darkness Energy

If you haven’t seen this deck in action, you probably think that the deck will not be very consistent.  I agree that it shouldn’t work, but it kind of does.  It kind of reminds me of Tim Tebow, he should suck at being a Quarterback, yet he is one of the best in the league (yes that’s right, one of the best).  Let’s see how the deck served me on this day.

Round 0- Play testing with my buddy Frank with Chandelure

I wanted to get at least 1 practice game in before the tournament started, so I asked my buddy Frank for a game.  He started with a Litwick and Oddish, and  I started with a Virizion.  He goes first and “Calls for Family” for a Doduo.  I used Pokemon Collector and got my Chandelure counter, Absol Prime, out.  I think I also put an energy on Tornadus.  I then used Pokemon Catcher to make Oddish active, and then passed.  On his turn he retreated Oddish and evolved into Dodrio and Lampet.  On my turn I used Tornadus and  a Pokemon Catcher to knock out Dodrio.  Frank then evolved in Chandelure and put damage counters on Absol, he also used Rare Candy to get a Vileplume out.  A couple of turns passed while we both used Tropical Beach a couple of times.  I then got Absol ready and knocked out Chandelure.  Frank was able to get another Chandelure, but he never got the energies out to attack.

So even though this game didn’t count, the win got me some nice momentum.  Frank didn’t do so well, but his success last weekend proved he had a decent Chandelure deck.  I hoped that I might be seeing more of this deck.

Round 1-Bohdan with Donphan and Dragons

This was quite the epic game between me and my buddy Bohdan.  Bohdan eneded up doing very well on the day, but I sure gave him a great game here.  He started with Reshiram and I started Virizion.  He started first and used “Outrage”, and then I used a Potion and used “Double Draw.”  Bohdan then tried to get a couple Donphans going, and used “Outrage” again, this time with about a million Plus Powers for the knock out.  I then promoted a Terrakion and used about 4 Potions to keep him active for a long time.  I was able to get a couple knock outs with Terrakion when Bohdan hit an energy drought.  I think I was up 2-3 prizes when Bohdan finally hit a supporter, and then started going again.  He was able to get a couple knock outs on my Terrakion and Landorus.  The game was just about tied when I ran out of cards to draw from my deck.

0-1  Great game with Bohdan.  I don’t like losing, but because it’s a friend I, don’t really care too much.  It was about this time when whoever was playing my buddy Evan B. made a misplay and started cussing Evan out.  Just because you make a misplay does not give you the right to yell at your opponent when he won’t let you take the move back.  Plus, it is never a good move to yell obscenities when children are around. I know I tend to write some naughty articles, but our website isn’t for kids, it is different when you swear in front of kids.  Does anyone else have a story like this?  If so please leave the story in the comment box.

Round 2- Mew, Vanilluxe, and Unfezant

This game was against a guy from Ohio whom I always seem to play against.  This time he has a Mew deck going, and starts with Relicanth.  I start with something, but I don’t know what, maybe Tornadus.  He gets a fairly good start with a couple Oddishes on the bench, and an Unfezant and a Vanilluxe in the Lost Zone by turn 3.  I get a fairly good start as well, getting knockouts on some of those Oddishes.  I did take about 4 prizes, but he eventually sets up.  He gets Vileplume going and paralyzes whatever defending Pokemon I have.  By the time they are ready for a knock out, he used “Fly” for the prize.  He was flipping really good in this game, and ended up only missing one flip on Fly.  I was able to take 1 more prize, but he flipped so well that I didn’t get another chance.  

0-2.  Another game that came down to just 1 prize.  I hadn’t yet put Unown in my deck, and this game showed that I need it.

Round 3- Zekrom

This game was against a really cool Pokemom from Cleveland.  After the game we ended up talking and had a nice chat.  I think I started with a Zekrom, and I Pokemon Collectored for 2 Terrakions and a Landorus.  She started with a Shaymin and had to pass a couple turns.  I was trying to get energies on Terrakion and Landorus, so I didn’t really attack much with Zekrom.  After several turns passing, I finally got the knockout on Shaymin.  She started using a lot of Tornadi because of all my fighting Pokemon, but she couldn’t really do much damage.  Landorus ended up doing a lot of damage, and was the MVP of the game as I got the first win.

1-2.  Finally a win.

Round 4- Magnezone/Zekrom/Eelektrik

This game was against a fellow Michigander.  He got a really good start with lots of Eelektriks and Magnezones.  He seemed to use a great supporter each turn, and draw exactly what he needed with “Magnetic Draw.”  I again used a Collector for a Landorus and 2 Terrakion, and tried to play a little defense.  I had  a Reshiram active and “Outraged” a couple of times on an Eelektrik.  I finally got a Terrakion going, and knocked out the other Eelektrik.  Though, he got a lead of a couple prizes by this time.  After he used Zekrom to knock out Terrakion, I was able to return the KO with a Landorus.  He still had about a one prize lead by this time, but he only had a couple card left in his deck.  So I just played some more Defense using Eviolite, and was able to keep the game going longer.

2-2.  Another win, this time I didn’t really out play him, he just kind of out played himself.  Kind of like what I did in round 1.  I think not using all your supporters is important in this format.  You gotta be vigilant, or you will deck yourself out fast.  Believe it or not, at this time I actually still had a chance at top cut.  I looked at the top table and saw both of the people I lost to playing there, so I knew my resistance was good.  I just had to do my part.

Round 5- Dave R. with Reshiphlosion

This game was against Dave R., the brother of my rival.  Lately, I seem to have an edge on his brother, yet Dave always blows right past me.  In this game, he was able to get whatever he wanted very early.  I made two big misplays in this game, I once Potioned myself out of an”Outrage” knockout, and another time I “Outraged” so he had 120 damaged on a Reshiram.  I tried to control the game with Eviolite and Kyurem, but he was able to use Kingdra to set himself up for “Blue Flare” knock outs.  He got a prize lead early and never really looked back.

2-3.  So my hope at Top Cut was over, but losing to a Nationals champ, even a Senior one, isn’t ever that bad.

Round 6- Mew, Vanilluxe, and Unfezant

I cringed when I found out that I had to again play a stupid Mew paralyze deck.  This opponent didn’t seem to be a very experienced player, he kept on spacing out and not paying attention.  He didn’t make great decisions, but without Unown Cure, I didn’t have a great shot at this deck.  I started with Reshiram, and didn’t get such a great start.  I was able to “Outrage” on a couple Oddishes a couple times, but I never got enough energy on a good Pokemon to really get a knock out.  He kept on retreating whatever I Catchered up for Relincanth.  Eventually he did get Vaniluxe and Unfezant in the Lost Zone.  He ended up flipping really well and kept the lock on the entire game.

2-4.  So a bad day, and a deck that could use some more polish.  I am having a really poor City’s season, but at least Cities is almost over and the next few sets will drastically change the format.

A big thanks to the judges in Toledo, and thanks to all my buddies who were there.

Day 2: Tecumseh, Mi

As you can tell from the above subtitle, my weekend did not come to an end on Saturday.  There was also a Cities on Sunday in Tecumseh.  At first I didn’t want to go to this one, but I awoke a little earlier on Sunday and decided that I might as well go.  Unfortunately, this late start did not leave me much time to get going.  I put the pedal to the metal and got to the tournament just as the roster was going up.  Rich and the great judges in Michigan let me sneak in just in time for the first round.  Again big thanks to Rich and the guys, you guys are the best judges in the world!

It was nice being back in Michigan for a tournament, Ohio tournaments are usually in very small card shops with nowhere to move.  Michigan tournaments are in spacious public spaces, so it was nice to be back in my home state.  The judges were much more organized and timely in Michigan, again the judges here are world class.  Every Ohio tournament I have been to, started at least 45 minutes late, and had massive delays.  There were no such delays on Sunday.

I ended up playing with the same list on Sunday that I did on Saturday.  I tried to make changes like an Unown Cure and a Lost Remover, but my late start did not allow me to make the changes.  So I knew that I wasn’t going to do well today, I just hoped to get a couple fun games in before I leave early to watch some football.  Since you already read a large tourney report, I will make these descriptions fairly short.

Round 1- Andrew with Vanilluxe.

I would have loved to have my Unown Cure in this game, but I would have to go without it.  I started with Cobalion, and he started with Vanillite.  I start to get Cobalion ready for a knock out on a Vanilluxe, and he gets going trying to setup Vileplumes and Vanilluxes.  Unlike yesterday’s games, I don’t have to worry about “Fly” in this matchup, so I know I can a knock out after every prize he takes.

Andrew ends up flipping very well, nowhere near a quadruple tails.  I am able to stall with the water resistance Virizion, and other Pokemon with Eviolite on them.  I could return a knockout with Cobalion, but my other Pokemon had a harder time returning KO’s.  I am able to take about 4 prizes and keep the game really close, but because he never misses a flip, he ends up winning.  Even though Andrew won the game, there is no doubt that the highlight of the game was me getting a knock out with Bellsprout.  He never saw it coming.

Round 2- Zekrom

This is the same nice lady from Cleveland that I played yesterday.  I beat her yesterday, but today she had better luck.  I was able to get 2 fighting Pokemon out early, but the other one and a Potion were prized.  She gets an early 1st turn “Bolt Strike” and takes an early lead.  I am able to knock out a couple Zekroms, but she holds the prize lead with a bunch of Eviolited Tornadi.  I end up putting pressure on her when I use “Glaciate” a couple times, taking a  bunch of prizes, but her Zekroms came back and took the last couple prizes.

0-2 .  I knew I was doing bad today, so the 0-2 start doesn’t surprise me.  After the game, I again am able to have a nice conversation with my opponent.  This time we talked about how I hate Anime, and how we both hate anime and comic inspired movies.  I’m still mad at Arnold Schwarzenegger for massacring Mr. Freeze, he might have destroyed California’s budget, but that’s nothing compared to what he did with Mr. Freeze.

Round 3-Zekrom

This game I got paired up against my last round opponent’s husband.  He was a nice guy who was playing the same basic deck that his wife played, maybe just a card or two different.  Just like the last game, my opponent does get a turn 1 “Bolt Strike” for a knock out on a fighting Pokemon.  But, I am able to recover and get a Landorus going fairly quickly.  I end up returning a couple knockouts and tying the prize race.  He responds by bringing more Eviolited Tornadi on the field, and this slows the game down.  I have a slight prize lead and use Landorus and Terrakion to slowly chip away at the Tornadi.  I can’t remember how this game ended, but I did win.

1-2.  So I end up being 2-1 against this Zekrom build this weekend.  It was a good build too, the lady top cutted in Orlando the last weekend, and the gentleman made top cut on Saturday.  So I was happy to have a winning record against a good Zekrom list.

Round 4- Zekrom

This game was against a friend who attends the University of Michigan, and is a skilled competitive ice skater.  He is a nice guy that I enjoy playing.  This is my 3rd straight Zekrom game, at least I don’t have to play those annoying Mew decks.

My opponent gets their 3 straight first turn “Bolt Strike” KO, and takes another early lead.  I again respond with a bunch of fighting Pokemon and return the favor a couple times.  They again slow the game down with Tornadus.  I’ll skip towards the end.  He has a prize lead and an active Tornadus, I promote an undamaged Zekrom with a DCE.  I have a misplay here where I should have attached a Rainbow to Zekrom and make it so I could 2HKO a Tornadus, but I instead attach the Rainbow elsewhere.  So instead of tying the game late, I lose it on time.

Round 5- Steelix Ross

I had seen this guy play my round 3 opponent during my last game, so I knew what I was up against.   I knew that he couldn’t really go up against my Reshirams, so I should have an easy win.  I have a good start with 2 Reshirams and a Cobalion, 2 Eviolite, a DCE, and a Professor Oaks.  Darn near a perfect start.  I am able to attach a Rainbow Energy to Reshiram, and use “Outrage” to knock out 2 Solosi.  I get another prize on a Cleffa, and then take another one with Cobalion once he promotes a Kyurem.  By the time he has a Steelix going he is down by 5 prizes, and I end up taking care of the Steelix for the win.

I end up dropping with the 2-3 record to go and watch some Football, what about that Lions comeback hey?  I had a really fun weekend and liked playing with this 6 Corner variant deck.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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