Pedro’s Tip: Get Free Premium Articles.

by Pedro ~ December 21st, 2011.

Greetings Earthings, this is Pedro here with a cool tip for you.  I will soon give you the link to get 2 free weeks of premium articles. I just gotta put my italics converter into my extra-dimensionary porthol, and poof, that’s better.  A lot easier to read.

Now, Pikkdogs would normally give you this information, but he has gone on Christmas Vacation, so I will handle this article.

We all know Pikkdogs works hard to give you articles about decks, but let’s face it, they all stink.  So if you want some good articles, you can head over to  And now these two sites are coming together to give you two weeks of free premium articles.

All you need to do to get the 2 weeks of free articles is to follow this link.  Make sure you follow this link to get there, or else Ed will get mad and have to kill a cat.  And we don’t want that.  The free week of articles come with the launch of their new subscription service.  Now you don’t need to purchase each article separately, you can pay just one VERY LOW fee each month, and you automatically get some quality articles.  You can cancel anytime, so there is no long term commitment needed.

ProPokemon is a cool site to find great premium articles at a cheap price.  You can still get great articles that actually give you good decklists without having to pay a lot of money.  You can find a lot of cool decklists there that will give you good lists for tournaments, and will give you lists to test against so you will be ready for tournaments.  The benefit of having a good list and testing experience are very large.  Someone who tests against these goods lists will surely do better than those who don’t, so make sure you are prepared, and let handle some of that work for you.

So why not head over here, and get 2 free weeks of premium articles, but make sure to hurry, because this is only a limited time offer.

Well I think we better hurry up and close the article, I think my italic converter is starting to fail again.  Just as well, I want to wrap up the article quickly anyway. 

Hey Pedro, what are you doing here, I just came here to do the commercial.

Oops, time to go.

Pedro, get back here.  Did you do the commercial without me?  I needed the commercial money to buy Christmas presents, come back here Pedro!!!!!!!


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