Deck Analysis: Mew Prime, Unfezant, and Vanilluxe.

by Pikkdogs ~ January 6th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis for you.  My extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro is also with me today.  What’s going on today Pedro?

This weeks bit of news comes from the field we are most qualified in, politics.  Well this past week in Iowa they held the Iowa Caucuses, to help determine the Republican candidate for the Presidential elections that will be held later this year.  And we have to talk about it just so I can say the word “Caucus”.

Who won the Caucus?

That was Mitt Romney.  You know Pikkdogs, I once won a Caucus?

Is “won a caucus” code for amorus homosexual activity?


I have a feeling we should just go onto the article. 

One of the coolest decks to come out of the later Cities season was a new version of Mew Lock.

The basic build of Mewlock goes back to the Mew/Gengar deck that uses Mew Prime to attack with Vileplume on the bench.  A little later, Gengar was taken out of this deck and Muk and Yanmega were added.  Now both of these cards are gone, and it is just Mew Prime, Relincanth, VIleplume, Unfezant, and Vanilluxe.

Goal of the Deck

The goal of the deck is to spend a couple turns setting up, and then create a game long paralysis so that your opponent will never be able to attack you again.  Once you get setup, you are going to want to attack with Mew Prime and use “Double Freeze” to paralyze your opponent.  Then when it is time for a knock out, you can use “Fly” from Unfezant to get a knockout.  Since the effect of Fly does not allow Mew to be damage next turn, your opponent still will not be able to attack you.  You then can continue this trend until you take all 6 prizes.  This is not a perfect deck, it is flippy, but it is pretty fun and it does work. 

The Mew deck is a pretty good deck to be making now, as we are leaving Cities season and concentrating on a format that will have Next Destinies in it for States.  This is because this Mewlock deck will have a good Mewtwo EX matchup.  Think about it, it can hit for weakness and paralyze.  You will only need to “Double Freeze” once before you use “Fly” for the knockout.  The problem being is that Mewtwo EX will have about 20 spots left open in the deck to counter all other decks in the format.  Since it is not hard to tech in a couple Unown Cures and Seekers, teched Mewtwo EX decks will beat Mewlock decks.  But, that is only if the deck is teched for Mew, if not, Mew should have the advantage over its molecularly advanced brother.

This deck does not have a lot of bad matchups, but that does not mean the problems are over for this deck, far from it.  There are two points in the game where this deck is weak, the rest of the time this deck is untouchable.  When the deck is weak first is during setup.  If you can Catcher Kill 2-3 Oddishes, you should be able to stop the trainer lock from happening.  Also, if the deck cannot get a Mew or a Relincanth active early, there will be major problems for this game.  The second time this deck is most vulnerable is during the “Fly” attacks.  During the “Double Freeze” attacks, you have no problem in taking 1 heads and 3 tails (using Victini’s “Victory Star” Ability).  But, when you use “Fly”, you have to hit at least 1 heads out of just 2 flips.  Now, you should be able to hit “Fly” right most times with Victini out, but things don’t always go as planned.  I remember one time when i was playing a Machamp SF deck and I had Ditto LA on the field, I used “Hurricane Punch” and flipped tails on all 4 coins when I just needed 1 heads for a knockout.  So bad flips do happen, and they can happen to you when you use “Fly.”  As long as you have backup Mews with an energy on the bench, one “Fly” miss won’t hurt you, but if you do it twice you might not win the game. 

Let’s look at the all important setup of this deck.

How To Setup

Even though Mew is known for being a great starter, your starter in this deck is not Mew, but is Relincanth.  Your goal is to get Relincanth in the starting spot by turn 1, and use Pokemon Communication to get either Unfezant or Vanilluxe in your hand.  You can then use “Prehistoric Wisdom” to put them in the Lost Zone, and then draw 3 cards.  On you next turn you do the same thing with the other Pokemon, and then begin loading energies onto Mew Prime and establishing a Vileplume.  Once you have 2 energies on Relincanth (or he gets knocked out) and 2 energies on Mew Prime with a Plume in play, you can begin the strategy of promoting Mew Prime and using “Double Freeze.”   Just make sure you remembered to put down Victini before you attack.  The setup is a little slow and the deck is flippy, but it actually is a fairly simple deck.  It works fairly auto-piloty once you set it up, but most decks work like that these days.

Weighing the Good and the Bad.

The Good

  1. Cool deck that uses Mew and Victini.
  2. Fairly fun deck.
  3. Good against a lot of deck.
  4. Will be great against Mewtwo EX.

The Bad

  1. Fairly slow.
  2. Not the most consistent deck.
  3. Vileplume is fairly slow and easy to Catcher kill early on.
  4. Very flippy, I am a pro at throwing quadruple tails.


There is not a lot of variety in this deck, so it can’t stretch to beat a lot of different decks like 6 Corners can.  So a matchups portion of an article works well for this deck.  One thing about this deck is that it might have a lot of slightly favorable matchups, but it is fairly inconsistent, so it might not always win when it should.

  • Six Corners– The standard 6C deck does not contain a lot of Unown Cures or Seekers, so you should be able to paralyze without the defending Pokemon getting healed.  A classic 6C build also does not have a psychic attacker, so they can’t hit Mew for weakness, and” Leaf Wallop” will get interrupted with all the paralysis.  If you add in their reliance on items, you should have a fairly good matchup against 6 Corners.
  • Donphan and Dragons– Donphan can easily knock out Mew, so that is not good.  However, the deck has a really tight list, and does not have a lot of room for counters like Unown Cure.  Unless you have a lot of Vanilluxe and Chandelure in your area, your opponent will probably not tech against you.  So although Donphan may take a couple prize lead early on, if you can survive for the first 5 or so turns, you should be able to paralyze Donphan a lot and be able to control the game from there as long as you flip okay.
  • Chandelure– I’m not sure exactly how this would work, they both like to use Special Conditions to influence the matchup.  I don’t know what would happen, I think Chandelure might have the slight advantage because it can drop damage counters without attacking.  Who gets setup first will be very important.  I’m guessing here, but I would say it would be unfavroable.
  • Reshiram– As long as your opponent does not tech in a lot of Unown’s and Seekers in their deck, you should be okay.  This should be a fairly favorable matchup.
  • Zekrom– The Zekrom matchup is pretty similar to the Reshiram deck, except that it is faster.  If Zekrom can start on turn 1 it might be able to beat your deck before it starts, that would be bad.  But, if you can survive you should be able to win.  It is a fairly favorable even matchup.
  • Magnezone/Eelektrik– You should be able to win this matchup, but if you slip and you miss some flips, Magnezone will easily be able to take over this game.  So it all depends on the flips and how consistent your deck is.

 The List

This is just a quick list I threw together.  It is not that good, and is not a tournament list.  It is just something I threw together for this article and testing purposes. If you want to use this list you need to spruce it up and tweak it a lot.


  • 4-Relicanth-you might get away with running 3, but I wouldn’t reccomend it unless you test heavily first.
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume-I always want to toy with adding in 1 Bellossom here, it can be done fairly easily if you wish.
  • 2-Unfezant-Perhaps if you run this in a small tournament you can run 1 of each Unfezant and Vanilluxe, but for a big tournament go two of each card for consistincy.
  • 2-Vanilluxe
  • 3-Victini-Perhaps you can get away with 2, test it first.
  • 4-Mew Prime


  •  3-Professor Juniper- was going to switch these go Cheren for early game purposes, maybe test this change.
  • 4-Pokemon Collector- You need to hit this turn 1 or 2.
  • 2-Professor Elms- You need to get a lot of evolutions quickly.
  • 2-Sage’s Training- could be subbed out for your favorite draw supporter.
  • 4-PONT
  • 1-Flower Shop Lady
  • 4-Twins
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 2-Dual Ball


  • 5-Water
  • 3-Rescue Energy
  • 2-Rainbow Energy- just incase you need to “See Off”, this this and you might want to run 4.

Well there it is, I’m all done with the article.  What do you got for us Pedro?

Well of course I can tell you subscribe to ProPokemon through this link, you can get a lot of cool premium articles for cheap.  But enough of that, I have a “this day in history for you.”  In this day in history, Jan 5th, Henry Ford approved the $5 a day workday for his workers.

$5 a day, hmmmm, I wish Ed would subscribe to that. Do you like the Ford cards Pedro?

Sure, but I actually own a Chevrolet Citation.

Is that a car or a traffic ticket?

I’m not sure.  Have a good night everybody. 


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