Saint Louis Park City Championships – Solo’s Report and Top Cut Videos

by Solo ~ January 9th, 2012.

Hey there OHKO I’m slightly new to the site and this will be my first post !

Check out these videos of the Saint Louis Park City Championship’s Top Cut.

Below the videos is the report of my day. Enjoy :)






Well where to start? I was suppose to judge at this citys but it turns out, thanks to Mark and Steven, that I got to play.

Let’s begin with my deck

I chose to play Magnezone/Eels, Because of it’s built in draw engine and it’s match ups across the board it seemed like the right choice.

One really big mistake, on my part, I FORGOT to put in a super rod. This was a huge mistake.

Round 1: V.S. ED with Raichu/Eels

I saw I was playing ED. So I started by going over in my head what he had played in the past which would be ZPST.  I know ED as a very good player so I was going to have to be on top of my game. When the game got going I noticed some odd cards in his deck that really didn’t seem to belong there. Now I know that he was only playing with cards that he received from other people for free. I guess it had something to do with a challenge or something :) It was a good match still. The prize race was 3-3 then I pulled a head and took the last three prizes. Can’t remember if it ended 6-4 or 6-3 .


Round 2: V.S. Nick with Eel/Zone

I started good with 2 basics and a collector. Nick had a bad start… or so it seemed. Turn 3 he goes double Magnezone double eels. Ns me into 2 basics and 4 energy. I draw pass for 2 turns. Do nothing substantial for 2 or 3 more turns. I finally get a Magnezone out but he is 4 prizes ahead at this point and there is nothing I can do.


Round 3: V.S. ??? with ZPST

I Start Good, set up fast, and he whiffs on 2 dual balls. It ended up 6-1 prizes but I lost burned for 1500 for the final prize.  Pics or it didn’t happen you say? ok.


Round 4: V.S. Thomas with Stage 1s/Magnezone

An interesting deck but obviously with a stage 2 and two stage 1s, it is going to be a clunky deck. He started setting up a  Magnezone while earth quaking with Donphan. Once I knocked out his Magneton and stopped his set up it wasn’t much of a game.


Round 5: V.S. Sam with Typhlotion/Magnezone

My goal was to stop his Magnezone form getting out. Which when I did the game was a lot more in my favor. He whiffed on a few things. I knew I had to win this game to make top cut. When it was 4-2 prizes I knew I had won.



Top 4: Me v.s. Radu ; Sudi v.s. Nick

You can watch in the links above :)



not judging for the day


Diet Coke


no Super rod

Getting Durrrrrranted



Till next time.



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