Saint Louis Park City Championships – Solo’s Report and Top Cut Videos

by Solo ~ January 9th, 2012.

Hey there OHKO I’m slightly new to the site and this will be my first post !

Check out these videos of the Saint Louis Park City Championship’s Top Cut.

Below the videos is the report of my day. Enjoy :)

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Well where to start? I was suppose to judge at this citys but it turns out, thanks to Mark and Steven, that I got to play.

Let’s begin with my deck

I chose to play Magnezone/Eels, Because of it’s built in draw engine and it’s match ups across the board it seemed like the right choice.

One really big mistake, on my part, I FORGOT to put in a super rod. This was a huge mistake.

Round 1: V.S. ED with Raichu/Eels

I saw I was playing ED. So I started by going over in my head what he had played in the past which would be ZPST.  I know ED as a very good player so I was going to have to be on top of my game. When the game got going I noticed some odd cards in his deck that really didn’t seem to belong there. Now I know that he was only playing with cards that he received from other people for free. I guess it had something to do with a challenge or something :) It was a good match still. The prize race was 3-3 then I pulled a head and took the last three prizes. Can’t remember if it ended 6-4 or 6-3 .


Round 2: V.S. Nick with Eel/Zone

I started good with 2 basics and a collector. Nick had a bad start… or so it seemed. Turn 3 he goes double Magnezone double eels. Ns me into 2 basics and 4 energy. I draw pass for 2 turns. Do nothing substantial for 2 or 3 more turns. I finally get a Magnezone out but he is 4 prizes ahead at this point and there is nothing I can do.


Round 3: V.S. ??? with ZPST

I Start Good, set up fast, and he whiffs on 2 dual balls. It ended up 6-1 prizes but I lost burned for 1500 for the final prize.  Pics or it didn’t happen you say? ok.


Round 4: V.S. Thomas with Stage 1s/Magnezone

An interesting deck but obviously with a stage 2 and two stage 1s, it is going to be a clunky deck. He started setting up a  Magnezone while earth quaking with Donphan. Once I knocked out his Magneton and stopped his set up it wasn’t much of a game.


Round 5: V.S. Sam with Typhlotion/Magnezone

My goal was to stop his Magnezone form getting out. Which when I did the game was a lot more in my favor. He whiffed on a few things. I knew I had to win this game to make top cut. When it was 4-2 prizes I knew I had won.



Top 4: Me v.s. Radu ; Sudi v.s. Nick

You can watch in the links above :)



not judging for the day


Diet Coke


no Super rod

Getting Durrrrrranted



Till next time.



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  • Anonymous

    Alex that’s so immature and inappropriate. Honestly. It’s not in the spirit of the game to intentionally delay the game so you can do your “1500 damage POIDH” moment. Seriously. Grow up.

  • Seth, there was no mention of the game being delayed in order to set up such a large output of damage. The goal of the deck is to keep as much energy on the board as possible. If the match does end up becoming one-sided, the Magnezone/Eels player is likely to end the match with every energy in his deck on the board. The spirit of the game is just as much about fun as it is about sportsmanship. There was no mention of the opponent feeling berated or otherwise disrespected. And if you have the option of taking the last prize by doing 1500 damage, well…sounds like fun to me.

    • Ed

      Having fun is not in the SOTG.

      I have to assume that Seth1789110 is being sarcastic, too.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell with him, though.

  • Having Fun is not in pokemon’s best interest.  

  • Anonymous

    Congrats on top cut, Alex. Durant matchup is tough for Eels.

  • Anonymous

    welcome to the family Alex.  Did I get to meet you in person before?  Hope you can give us some more articles in the future.  Thanks man.  And congrats on the good day. 

    • Ed

      Alex was at this past Nationals.  I think he rode with Radu/Jon, so you may have seen him hanging around with those guys or other MN guys.