I Turned Left When I Should Have Gone Right: Two City Reports

by Pikkdogs ~ January 16th, 2012.

Sign that was up at the event.

A big hello to all you OHKoers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a two pack of tournament reports.  I didn’t have much to do this weekend, so I decided to try to make it to two tournaments.  If you have read some of my other tournament reports, you would have noticed that I have been on a big slump lately.  I had previously had a good Battle Road season, but I never had a decent showing at a City Championship.  So I hoped that I could change my luck this weekend with a different deck. 

I decided that I would go with Mew Prime/Vanilluxe/Unfezant.  It is a cool deck that is different and disruptive.  I did do an article on it, but I will explain it briefly.  You try to get Vanilluxe and Unfezant in the Lost Zone with Relicanth and Mew Prime.  Then, you use Mew to attack with “Double Freeze” for 40-80 damage and paralysis.  Then when you are ready for a knockout, you can use Unfezant’s “Fly” attack for 50 damage and no damage or effects on Mew for the next turn.  This is the list that I used for the tournament on Sunday.  I know it is far from perfect, but I didn’t get a lot of time to polish the list.  I probably should have cut a few supporters for some more trainers, but basically the list is okay.

The List


  • 4-Relicanth-
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume-
  • 2-Unfezant-
  • 2-Vanilluxe
  • 2-Victini (Victory Star)-
  • 1-Victini (V-Create)
  • 4-Mew Prime


  •  3-Professor Juniper-
  • 4-Pokemon Collector-
  • 2-Professor Elms-
  • 1-Sage’s Training-
  • 4-PONT
  • 1-Flower Shop Lady
  • 4-Twins
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 2-Dual Ball


  • 5-Water
  • 3-Rescue Energy
  • 3-Rainbow Energy-


Day 1 Lagrange

On Saturday, my buddy Frank came and picked me up, we went and picked up our buddies Bohdan and Collan, then we made the 2 ½ hour trip to Langrange, In.  We made it about 5 minutes before registration because of a wrong turn that Frank made (he said it’s my fault, but I still blame it on him), and the fact that Frank got stuck in the snow when he tried to park his car.  But, we were able to make it in time and get into the first round of the tournament. 

This tourney was cool because I got to see my Fort Wayne buddies, including James, who was judging today.   The venue here was great, but kind of weird.  The venue today was basically a bar.  It is kind of weird to have a Pokemon event where there are people smoking and drinking, but it was actually a very nice place.  It wasn’t weird for me, since I like to mix the Pokemon and the alcohol, but it might be weird for the junior players.  I also kind of liked Langrange, I haven’t been there before, but it was a pretty cool place.  Let’s go to the report.

Round 1- Chandelure

My opponent flipped over a Litwick and I was about ready to scoop.  Since Chandelure has just about as much attacking power when paralyzed (because of the Ability) than I do while attacking normally.  I know that I need to setup very quickly and get going.  But, I get an Oddish start, and have a hard time getting anything in the Lost Zone or a Vileplume.  After we play out a couple turns, I just scoop.

0 – 1. Not a good start, but it was just a bad matchup.  Hopefully I can get going next round.

Round 2- Zekrom

This game was a better matchup, I know that this is very winnable if I flip right.  I think I start with a Mew and am able to get Relicanth going on turn 1.  I am able to put Vanilluxe in the Lost Zone and get a Vileplume in the first 2-3 turns.  The problem is that I am not able to find Unfezant in time, and Relicanth gets knocked out.  I have no choice but to start attacking with Vanilluxe and hope I get lucky.  I do okay with “Double Freeze” and get a break when my opponent uses “Celebration Wind” to take energy off of the active Zekrom.  I knew that this was a big break because I could then use “See Off” to put Unfezant in the Lost Zone, and then go ahead with the regular plan without fear of an attack next turn.   The problem was that one of my Unfezants was in the discard pile, and I thought that the other was in the deck, but it was in fact in my prizes.  So without Unfezant, I had to just knock out the Zekrom, and he was able to just bring up the next one and keep knocking me out.  So that was it for this game.

0 – 2. A bad start leads to only half a setup, and because of prizes I was not able to work out of the hole that I put myself in. 

Round 3-Reshiphlosion

So I need a good game here to get some kind of good out of this day, and this is another winnable matchup.  He gets a decent start with a Typhlosion in the first 2-3 turns.  I also get a good start with 2 Pokemon in the Lost Zone and a Vileplume.  The game went according to plan with decent “Double Freeze” flips, but the problem came with “Fly”.  Twice I flipped double tails on Fly (with Victini on the bench), which really screwed up my lock.  I usually give up a prize or two early and maybe miss one “Fly” flip, but the lock can survive all of that.  However, in this game I retreated for 4 energy early in the game and prized 2 energies, so I did not have the energy to  make up for the two “Fly” misses.

0 – 3. I did not need energy problems and bad flipping.  So I get mad as I got to 0-3, and then 1-3 as I get the next bye.

Round 5- Durant

This game was against my buddy Frank.  I knew that Durant was almost an auto-loss, unless I can get an early Vileplume.  I did not get an early Vileplume and made a bunch of misplays.  I should have used “See Off” to get Vanilluxe in the Lost Zone, but instead I used Relicanth.  This just made Frank’s milling a lot easier.  In this game I also didn’t have “V-Create” Victini in my deck yet, so that was not an option.  After I spent like 5-6 turns getting Vileplume out, my deck was almost gone.  Easy win for Frank

1-4.  Really bad day with some misplays in the last matchup, but maybe I can get a little redemption in the last game.

A cool piece of art that was up on the wall at the venue.

Round 6- Reshiphlosion?

This game was against one of James’ Fort Wayne friends.  I think they refer to him as “Professor Sergeant Poke-Dad.”  I think he was playing Reshiphlosion, but I can’t remember.  The bad luck that I had in Round 3 carried over to this round.

We both had decent setups, and I started “Double Freezing” a couple turns after he got going.  I had everything working until I started flipping poorly.  Twice in this game I hit quadruple tails on “Double Freeze.”  I also think I missed at least 1 “Fly” flip.  My opponent was shocked at how bad I flipped.  Missing those 2-3 flips meant that I could not make the big comeback after I got down a prize or two.

1-5.  So another flipping disaster strikes and I can’t get my deck to work again.  This day left me very mad.  I know this deck works, but I was not able to get it to work once.  Some bad matchups didn’t help, but I just couldn’t flip when I needed it to.

Day 2- Massilon, Ohio. 

I usually would not go to this tournament since it was 3 ½ hours away, but since Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I had some extra time to burn.  On this day I was joined again by Frank, and we were also joined by our buddy Matt K.  I drove today, and decided to take the back roads there.  It was a very cool drive getting to see the country side; it reminded me a lot of home (I am from the wilderness that is Michigan’s Upper Peninsula).  We were able to make good time, and got there about 40 minutes early.  When we walked into the card shop all we saw was a bunch of people and a registration table.  Eventually we were able to find a hidden stair case, and found a room full of Pokemon players.  Apparently, Massilon is not that far from Pittsburgh, so we got both the Cleveland and Pittsburgh players.  The playing area was designed for about 50 players max, and we had nearly 100.  So things were very cramped.  The lucky players got to play their game without chairs, while the un-lucky ones had to wait till a game had been finished to play.  So things were very packed, but the tournament was well run for being so big. 

Round 1- Chandelure

I again got to play my auto-loss in the first round.  I played a couple rounds until the judges got the match slips out, and I just scooped so other people could play who were still waiting.

0 – 1.  Not very good to play an auto-loss, but it is to be expected.

Round 2- Durant

Another autoloss yay!  Since I did have V-Create Victini in the deck today, I did have a chance.  The problem was that I could not get Vileplume setup within the first couple turns.  So even if I got Victini going, he could just use Lost Remover to take away my energies.  By the time I got Vileplume going, he had already milled a lot of my deck.  Another loss, am I ever going to get my deck to work?

0 – 2. Another bad matchup, come on man!

Round 3 Reshphlosion

This game I had to play on my knees since this table did not have any chairs.  This was a winnable matchup, so I need to get my deck going here.  He does not setup that quickly, so he does not get a prize lead early.  I start with Mew and then retreat to Relicanth.  I am able to get the two Pokemon in the Lost Zone fairly early, and get Vileplume out.  So we are all ready to go, I just need to flip right.

I end up taking several prizes, and follow “Double Freeze” flips with “Fly” flips.  We were at about  tied on prizes when time was called.  I should have been up by more, but I did miss one flip of “Double Freeze” and one “Fly” flip.  On turn 3 he promotes his Reshiram with no energy and passes, he could have promoted his fully powered Typhlosion, but he did not.  This game should been easy, I just need a “Double Freeze” and then finish the game with Victini.  The problem was, my “Double Freeze” got me quadruple tails.  If he had promoted the Typhlosion, he could have attacked for the win, but he did not have the energy for the Reshiram.  So I was able to get one heads on my next turn, and then he scooped.

1 – 2.  Finally the deck worked, even with some really bad flips.  It was at about this time that Frank told me that he had used Rotom to put a Durant from his deck to his prize cards.  This has to be one of the funniest things that I had heard in a while, that’s not what Durant is for Frank.

Round 4- Zekrom

This game was against a Poke-dad from Columbus that I played at Regionals.  He was a nice guy, despite being from Columbus.  I had a pretty good setup, but he kind of had a slower one.  He passed for a couple turns with Zekrom, while I setup everything I needed to.  He hadn’t really seen this deck before, so he looked at all the cards and said something like, “man, I’m going to be locked all game.”  But, I told him that I flip terribly and will probably give him a big window to attack.

And I was sure right, as I flip 2 Double Tails on “Double Freeze” and miss at least 1 “Fly.”  I should have won this game, but I again flipped terribly.  I just couldn’t really flip at all, and left him open to attack. He attacked with Tornadus and Zekrom a couple times and was able to take advantage of my mistakes,

1 – 3.  Why can’t I flip right?  I have seen other people flip well, but I just can’t do it.

Round 5- Durant

Another bad matchup, but this time my opponent made a mistake.  He could not get the Pokemon Collector early, and hits Double Tails on Dual Ball.  So, he instead tries to get a prize with “Vice Grip” on Mew Prime.  This was a big mistake because it let me use Twins, and get Rainbow Energy to get Victini out.  I was able to use  Victini to get my 6 prizes on 6 turns and sweep the game easily.

2 – 3.  Durant players should rarely take prizes.

Round 6- Zekrom

This was perhaps the best game of the day.  It was a long game that tested my flipping abilities, but as you know by now, I don’t really flip well.  It was against a girl that I had played before in Ohio, she was pretty nice.

I got setup right away, and she got setup on turn 2 or 3.  She got a prize lead before I started attacking, but things got setup the right way for me.  At first I was hitting “Double Freeze” fairly well.  “Fly” was not going so well, but I did hit about 1 or 2 flips over 50 percent, so that’s good for me.  The trouble was that the game went a very long time, I kept on waiting for time to be called, but it never came.  I think in this game I missed 2 “Double Freeze” flips, and about 2 “Fly” flips.

There was one time where I thought I would lose the game based on a judge’s decision.  Someone had bugged me while I was playing, and asked me to grab something from behind me for them.  Once I got back to the game, I accidentally picked up my deck instead of my hand.  After about 5 minutes, a judge finally came back with the ruling that I would only get a warning instead of a prize penalty or  a game loss, since I didn’t play any cards from the deck.

When that was sorted out, I was in a pickle. I needed an energy from my prizes to power up a benched Mew, just in case the lock got broken and I lost the active Mew.  She had an active Tornadus with 4 damage counters on it.  I used “Double Freeze” and flipped 2 heads.  I couldn’t accept this because it would leave Mew open to an attack next turn, so I needed to use “Victory Star” to re-flip and get only one heads.  I used “Victory Star”, but I again flipped double heads.  It gave me the knock out, but she could just return it next turn.  The good part was that I did draw 1 energy from the prizes, so I could keep on attacking.  The game ended once I missed yet another “Fly” flip.  If I would have hit that last “Fly”, I probably would have won on time.

2 – 4.  That last game lost kind of hurt, since I should have won it.  The flips got me again.  I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’m pretty sure that I flipped very well under the average for the weekend.  I know this deck does work, but man I can’t flip worth anything.

A big thanks to all the judges and T.O.’s this weekend.  And also a big thanks to my traveling companions: Matt, Frank, Collan, and Bohdan.  I had a really fun weekend, even though I lost a lot.  I think I am to the conclusion that I am cursed.  So if anyone knows a way to lift a curse, please put those in the comment box, so I will be good to go for States.

 So long and thanks for all the fish!

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