Teaser: “Next Destinies: How it Will Impact the Game”

by Ed ~ January 31st, 2012.

Hey guys.  I just got done reading Jak Armstead’s latest article over at ProPokemon.  I think it covers a lot of good points about how the new cards will impact the tournament scene.  He presents new possibilities as well as the impact on current popular decks, and each time he presents a decklist.  I just did a quick count, and it looks like there’s at least 10 decklists in there.

First, he discusses Mewtwo EX which can’t be ignored.  Everyone is discussing it, but he’s got some very good points.  Here’s an excerpt in which he’s discussing a new deck that could be built around Mewtwo EX.

Mewtwo decks are going to form an important part of the metagame for State Championships, and learning how to play against them, and how to play with them, is going to be a major test for players. The two Prize mechanic will lead to the kind of intense strategic encounters not seen since the days of Gardevoir/Gallade decks back in 2008. Then, as now, the taking of Prizes will need to be carefully planned. Taking the initial KO with a Mewtwo-EX will generally be something to avoid, as all it will take is for the opponent to drop their own Mewtwo, a Double Colourless Energy, and a PlusPower and then you will find yourself down on Prizes. Learning to master the ‘Mewtwo Wars’ is essential for anyone with aspirations to win in the upcoming format.

Click here to see the full article at ProPokemon.

Later, after that discussion, his 6133 word article gets into how the new cards effect current established archetype decks.  Here’s one example where he’s discussing the current reigning City’s Champion, Magnezone/Eelektrik.

Magnezone was the most successful deck during the City Championships in America, but it doesn’t gain all that much from the latest set. Nonetheless, Magnezone is still the best draw card in the game and will always be a consistent choice. With the New EX Pokémon, Magnezone will be looking to Lost Zone four Energy to get the OHKO, but as this works out at two Energy per Prize, this is actually an improvement on what the deck faced going up against the Unova Dragons and 130 HP Stage 2 decks.

Click here to see the full article at ProPokemon.

And I probably shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to share one more excerpt I’m stealing from the article.  This time, he’s discussing how older singles will be effected by the new card additions.  Do any of you guys remember when Smeargle was guy you called when you needed out of a bad situation and Cleffa didn’t even make it into trade binders?

Smeargle was a fantastic tech card or even a starter Pokemon, allowing you to play two Supporters a turn, aiding both in set up, and for those situations in mid-game where a deck just stalls out. Then Unown Q got rotated out and Smeargle all but disappeared because players were reluctant to waste an Energy attachment or play a Switch every time they wanted to use Portrait. Well, thanks to Skyarrow Bridge, Smeargle once again becomes in effect a free retreat Pokémon and can re-assume its position as one of the best opening Pokémon in the game.

Click here to see the full article at ProPokemon.

So that’s it for today’s pimping.  If you’re intrigued by what you saw here, you can head over to ProPokemon and see a bit more of the article for free.

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