Stupid Deck Idea: Amoongus and Leafeon

by Pikkdogs ~ February 8th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  I must admit that I haven’t tested many new cards right now, but one rogue idea has inspired me.  That is the idea of pairing Amoongus and Leafeon.  I know its not a good deck, but it is a fun deck.  So we are going to be talking about that soon.

First, I just want to make an announcement.  I feel that my articles are becoming a little stale and that I should change things up, so I think that I am going to give Pedro a break.  Maybe Pedro will come back after a while. Maybe I will find a different format and change things up, but right now I shall go it alone. Chances are that Pedro will just take a week or so off, but we will see.

Amoongus and Leafeon

The Basics

There was  rogue deck going on in the Battle Roads season that featured Roserade and Leafeon.  The decks aim was to do damage for one energy with Leafeon while Roserade sits on the bench.  If you attach an energy to Roserade you can give  a special condition to the defending Pokemon.  Amoongus is pretty much like Roserade except for a couple things.  1.  It can only gives special conditions upon evolution.  2.  You don’t need to attach energies to Amoongus.  And 3.  Amoongus always casts 2 special conditions.

Let’s take a closer look at these cards.  Amoongus has the “Sporprise” ability, it confuses and poisons the defending Pokemon upon evolution.  Leafeon has the “Miasma Wind”  attack, which does 50 damage for each special condition on the defending Pokemon.  If you are able to do a Sporprise on each turn, you can then do 100 damage for 1 energy and inflict 2 special conditions.  Since Poison and Confusion do not heal themselves between turns, they will still be there next turn if you do not get the OHKO.   There are some Pokemon that can help these two Pokemon be a good deck.

One of these Pokemon is Sunflora.  His Poke-Power, “Sunshine Grace” will let you take a Grass Pokemon from your deck and put it into your hand.  This is really handy with all the grass Pokemon that we got in the format.  The second Pokemon that will help Amoongus and Leafeon is Vileplume.  Vileplume will take away items from both players, this is nice because it will stop your opponent from healing special conditions by using a card like Switch.  The third Pokemon that I will talk about is Espeon Prime.  Espeon has the “Evolution Memories” Poke-Body.  This Poke-Body will let Espeon use any attack of an Eeveelution that you have in play.  So if your opponent has Mewtwo EX active with 2 special conditions, you have Espeon Prime active with Leafeon on the bench,  you can use “Miasma Wind” for 200 damage and the OHKO.

These Pokemon all come together to form a cool deck: Leafeon and Amoongus pack a punch, Sunflora helps you set up, Vileplume provides a lock, and Espoen is a good tech.  It may not be a great deck, but it could be a fun rogue.  Let’s look at it a little closer to see how good the deck can be.



Just another note before I share the list.  I did not test this list, this is just a thing I came up with quickly.  You can use it to test, but by sharing it I am not saying that it is any good.


  • 4- Foonfus
  • 3-Amoongus
  • 4-Eevee
  • 3-Leafeon
  • 1-Espeon Prime
  • 3-Oddish
  • 1-Gloom
  • 2-Vileplume
  • 2-Sunkern
  • 2-Sunflora
  • 1-Magby


  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 2-Level Ball
  • 3-Rare Candy
  • 4-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 4-Seeker
  • 3-Twins
  • 3-Juniper
  • 1-Flowershop Lady
  • 2-Pokemon Communication or Elms.


  • 4-Rescue Energy
  • 4-Double Colorless Energy


Since this is more of a fun deck, let’s take a look at why it is not a great deck.  One thing is bench space avaliable.   You are going to want to have about 2-3 spaces avaliable for Amoongus, because you are going to need to evolve him 4-6 times a game at least.  You are going to want at least 1 space for a backup attacker, Leafeon of course.  You also need at least 1 space for Sunflora, and probably around 2 for Vileplume.  That means, that at best you will be short at least 1 bench space.  So benching is a problem here, Seeker is your best friend here, but its not going to be a cure-all.  Another shortcoming is the damage output.  100 damage and special conditions actually is pretty good in this format, but it will be hard to keep that up for 6 times in one game.  The final shortcoming that I will talk about is the HP.  Leafeon only has 90 HP, Espeon Prime can bump that up to 100, but that is nothing in a format where people are doing 150 damage.  You are going to have to rely on Confusion to stop a lot of their attacks, or you are going to need to be great in recovery.

Future Help

Could this deck get a big help from somebody with ties to Luxray Gl Lv.X?  In a word, yes.  There was just a new Ninetales that was unveiled in Japan.  That Ninetales had an attack very similar to Leafeon’s, and it has Luxray Gl Lv. X’s “Bright Look” ability.  So will the release of this card make the deck better?  Well it will have many effects on this deck.  It will replace Leafeon and Espeon, this could mean that you can get rid of Sunflora, since you don’t run as many grass Pokemon.  This will help with the bench space problem.  Plus, it gives the deck a Pokemon Catcher effect while under a trainer lock.  This is really nice and will make the deck better.  Will it make it playable?  Probably not, but it could help.

Is the Deck Playable?

So does this thing have any kind of chance of working?  I don’t know cause I haven’t tried it, but I would say it is much more closer to a fun deck than a real deck.  The odds are that I would never take this to a tournament, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a cool rogue deck.  It might be better than I think it is, that is up for the people who actually go and play this to decide.

A Little About Matchups

This deck probably isn’t good enough to list all the matchups out, but let’s look at matchups as a whole.  The Black and White Dragons would be a fairly bad matchup, you would need them to get a couple bad Confusion flips for it to work.  The EXs of course would be a tough matchup, but there are a lot of good reasons why special conditions would help screw with the EXs.  Of course it would be a tough matchup, but it is not a terrible matchup.  You should have a pretty good matchup against Chandelure.  You should be faster than them, and you might be able to control the game with a couple early prizes.


So, its not a great deck, just a fun rogue deck.  Make it if you have some time it should be pretty fun!

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