Stupid Deck Idea: How Bout a “Round” of Applause? Seismitoad + Wigglytuff Deck

by Pikkdogs ~ February 18th, 2012.

Jiggilly Pufff. Jiggilly………….Puff………Jiggillly Puff..Jiggilllleeeeeeeeee.

Oh sorry, A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a Stupid Deck Idea.  The Stupid Deck Idea is a type of article that we do when we have an idea for a deck that either isn’t that great, or that we haven’t tested enough.

The deck in question today is Seismitoad and Wigglytuff.  It may seem like  a weird deck to make, but it actually is a pretty simple idea.  So let’s take a closer look at this deck and see if it is any good.

The Basics

Before we go into how the deck works, let’s look at the decks three main attackers; Wigglytuff, Seismitoad, and Palpitoad.

Wigglytuff is a 90 HP Pokemon with a fighting weakness and a 2 retreat cost.  The first attack, “Round”, does 20 damage times the number of your Pokemon in play that have an attack that is named “Round.” The second attack, “Hypnoblast”, does 60 damage and lets you flip a coin, if heads you put the defending Pokemon to sleep.  Of course, we don’t really care about “Hypnoblast,” I don’t see anyone really using this attack.  “Round” could be a good attack in the right deck.  The HP is fairly terrible, and the weakness is not good.  So this is not a great card, but it does have what we are looking for in this deck, the “Round” attack.

Our next, and main attacker is Seismitoad. Seismitoad is a 140 HP Water Pokemon with a grass weakness and a 3 retreat cost.  He has two attacks.  The “Round” attack does 30 damage for each of your Pokemon with the Round attack, and it costs CC.  It also has the “Hyper Voice” attack that does 70 damage for WWC.  Seismitoad is the best attacker you have, you would like to have him active at all times.  The 140 HP is good, despite the fact that there are people hitting for 150 damage right now.  The weakness is good, and the retreat can be worked around.  Seismitoad can hit for a maximum damage of the magic number of 180.  This means it is possible for you to OHKO even the biggest EX in the format.  Sure, it will  not be easy to get this to happen, but it is certainly not too much to ask for to think that you could do it a couple times during the day at a tournament.

Your final “Round” guy is Paliptoad.  He is the stage 1 of Seismitoad, and he also has the “Round” attack.  He is an 80 HP Water Pokemon with a grass weakness and a 2 retreat cost.  As I mentioned, he does have the “Round” attack.  It is too bad that this “Round” attack costs CCC and only does 20 damage for each “Round” attacker.  So you do not want to be attacking with him, since he takes an extra energy for an attack, and does not do as much damage as Seismitoad.  But he is good as a bench sitter, and he can evolve into Seismitoad.  You want this guy as a bench sitter, but hopefully you don’t have to attack with him.

So, the idea of this deck is fairly obvious.  You will want to get as many “Round” attackers out as possible, and hopefully you get a Seismitoad active.  This will allow you to hit up to 180 damage for just 1 energy card!  This deck is a little heavier on Pokemon than normal, but it makes up for it by being lighter on energy.  This deck is kind of like your basic swarm type deck.  If you have been in the game for a while, you will remember a similar deck that featured Beedrill from Great Encounters.  It is a simple deck, you just need to keep on getting Pokemon out on the field.  It may not be the best deck ever, but it is something different than what everybody else is playing right now.  It does help to break the Mewtwo monotony.

Setup with this deck is fairly easy.  It might take a little while to get a Seismitoad out, so you might either want to use a starter or try to get a Wigglytuff out.  Jigglypuff is a decent start because he can slow your opponent by putting the active to sleep, however, it might be better to put a starter like Cleffa in the deck to get setup faster.  You are going to want to use a lot of draw/hand refresh Supporters to get all these evolutions out.  It is very hard to get 6 evolutions out at one time, so make sure to add a lot of consistency cards in this deck.  The deck will not be very techy, it will have to rely on consistency.  One tech that could work well in this deck is Mewtwo EX.  It would counter Mewtwo EX very well, but it may not be realistic to expect a 75 buck card to be in a fun deck.


Just a note to you guys, I didn’t actually build this deck yet, it is just a deck list for you to look at and understand what the deck is all about.  You can make and test the deck, if you do, let me know how you like it.  So here is the list, just one more disclaimer, I am not saying this is a good list, it is just a “Stupid Deck Idea.”


  • 4-Jigglypuff ND
  • 4-Wigglytuff ND
  • 4-Tympole
  • 3-Papitode
  • 4-Seismitoad
  • 1-Cleffa
  • 1-Mewtwo EX


  • 4-Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Pokemon Communication
  • 4-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 3-Sage’s Training
  • 1-Cheren
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher
  • 3-Junk Arm
  • 2-Level Ball


  • Double Colorless Energy-4
  • Water Energy-2
  • Rescue Energy-4-Go heavier on the Water and less on the Rescue if you are afraid of Lost Remover.

Note About Matchups

I think this is more of a fun deck, so instead of looking at every matchup, we will look at matchups on a general basis.   Analyzing matchups for this deck is kind of easy, because it is a simple strategy.  All you do no matter who you are playing against is set up a swarm of “Round” attackers.  It doesn’t matter if you are playing a Ross Deck or a Durant, just setup a bunch of “Round” attackers, and go from there.

Your matchup against the Black and White Unova Dragons should be fairly difficult.  You will need 5 “Round” attackers to get an OHKO with Seismitoad, and if you don’t get an OHKO you are in deep trouble.  This trouble is lessened against Reshiram BLW because of the weakness.  You could also lessen the trouble against the others by squeezing in some Plus Powers into the deck.  That would mean you would only need 4 “Round” attackers, that is fairly manageable.

Mewtwo EX is not a favorable matchup for you.  They will probably be faster and be able to control how many “Round” attackers are on the field.  If you tech in a Mewtwo EX of your own, you will nearly make the matchup even, but it will still be a tough matchup either way.

Other decks like 6 Corners, CaKe, and Magnezone should be fairly even.  6 Corners is the only deck that has a type advantage on you, but they have it on everybody, so that’s nothing new.  CaKE should be a tough matchup, make sure to include some Switches so you will be able to get out of Cobalion locks.  The Magnezone player should have a slight advantage here with the awesome damage output of Zekrom and Magnezone.  But, who knows, if you get a lot of “Round” attackers out first you could turn the tables around.

Durant should be an interesting matc-hup.  They will be successful in taking away your DCEs, so hopefully your deck has enough Water energies to make up for it.  If you get setup fairly fast, you should be able to easily OHKO Durants, but if not, they will probably mill all of your important “Round” attackers.

Conclusion and Prediction for this Deck

So is this a great deck that you will see at States?  Probably not, it seems like more of a fun deck.  Though, who am I to say what a deck can be.  We will just have to see, but I do not think that this will be a great deck.  It will be a good fun deck, and a decent rogue deck, but nothing that should see time at the top tables.  It is cool to use an old school mechanic like Swarming, you can make believe you are 2009 Nats Champion Stephen S. with his Beedrill deck.  It is a cool game mechanic, and it is something the format has been missing for a while.  Maybe this deck won’t win it all, but if you wanna give your buddy a cool deck for states that will help him learn the game, this may not be a bad deck to try.  Sure it won’t be as good as Durant, but it is just as cheap, and will probably teach beginners how to play the game better than Durant.

Well, that’s all I got for ya today.  As always I leave you with the phrase-

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish.

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  • a few comments on this article:
    a.) this deck is eaten alive by durant (literally and metaphoricly)
    b.) if this deck is as cheap as durant, but worse, what use does it have other than teaching new players? why not just play durant instead?
    c.) what’s with the picture? has nothing to do with the article.

    • Anonymous

      c) Look, all I know is, I click on the picture, and Rihanna’s, umm, “features” get bigger. That’s all I care about. See, we’re different: You make posts with the word “metaphorically”, and I ogle Rihanna’s, umm, jigglypuff.

      • Anonymous

        Lol.   It would be nice if you could do that in real life.  Touch the features and they get bigger. 

        • Anonymous

          I have found out that if you do that in real life, they don’t get bigger, but you do get to spend a free night in the jail. 

          • Anonymous

            According to the timestamp, it took pikk just one hour to test this. Very efficient work for OHKO!

    • Anonymous

      b.  I wouldn’t give a beginner a Durant dek, it teaches them mill, but nothing else, this teaches them a little more. 

      c.  I named the deck “How Bout a “Round” of Applause”.  Which is a lyric in the song, “Take a Bow,” by Rihanna.  I think most people got the connection.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t, it’s a crappy song.  If you want to watch the video, I would recommend doing it with the Mute on. 

      • b. durant also teaches them how to cheaply win

      • c. didn’t get it because i hate pretty much anything NOT country (w/ a few exceptions)

        • Ed

          I didn’t get it either, but I wasn’t upset to see that pic (and with the text “Jiggilllleeeeeeeeee” closeby).

        • Anonymous

          country is some good stuff.  Ya like the old stuff like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash?

          • no. listen to modern stuff. “red solo cup, i lift you up. let’s have a party. let’s have a party”

  • that clears things up a little. i probably would have gotten the picture if pedro was here :(

    • Ed

      Yeah, I need to have a talk with Pedro.  I know he was very hurt by some things that were said.  I need to see if we can reconcile and get him back to his old extra-dimensional self.

  • Ed

    I actually think this would be a pretty good candidate for the OHKO Budget Engine.  If you’re worried about cost, try this.

    -4 Collector
    -4 Communication
    -3 Sage
    -1 Cheren
    -1 Cleffa
    -1 Mewtwo EX
    Total: -14

    +4 N
    +1 Junk Arm
    +1 (maybe +2) Super Rod
    +2 Level Ball
    +2 Dual Ball
    +1 Papitode
    Total: +11

    Now, the problem with Juniper in this deck is that you might end up discarding special energy early on.  That will hurt.  SO, you may need to replace Juniper with Cheren or maybe Judge.  I don’t think I like Sage in this deck.

    We have 3 slots open here, so that’s where you play a bit.
    I could see adding the Cleffa back in, but a savvy opponent will then just keep the Cleffa alive to keep your Round down.
    I could see adding 1-3 Rare Candy.

    Really, though, I think this deck is fairly dead without BTS.  If you can’t set up a “Round” Pokemon in a single turn, then you’re usually hitting for less than max.  If the opponent can one-shot any of your Pokemon, that means you need 2 turns to get back to max output.  It’s just not realistic until a Round basic is useable, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun.

    • or for budget engine you could always play durant!

      • Ed

        Some people seem to have an illogical hatred for Durant.  Who knows.  I hear you, though.

        • Anonymous

          not all that illogical if you spent a perfectly good sunday night waiting for a friend to get through 3-4 top cut matches where the only thing anybody said was “Devour.”  It gets to be a little mindless after a while.  But, if played sparingly I could see it being a legitimate deck, when there are so many mirrors it just takes a lot of the skill out of games. 

          • Ed

            Not wanting to play it is one thing.  I was more talking about the people that think it’s somehow against the spirit of the game or an invalid win condition.