Deck Analysis: Mewtwo, Pikkdogs Tries the New CMT (Celebi Prime, Mewtwo EX, and Tornadus)

by Pikkdogs ~ February 26th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis for you.  I finally got along to test a Mewtwo deck, I tried the new CMT version of the Mewtwo EX deck.  The old CMT deck was around in Battle Roads and it was like Stage 1 Rush, but it had Mew Prime in it.  This deck is nothing like it, but it does have Tornadus in it, just like the original CMT.  This deck also has Celebi Prime and Mewtwo EX. Before we get to the article, let us welcome my sidekick Pedro. What do you have for us today Pedro?

Well I have some news in the field of Biology.  Fox News is reporting the researchers who are studying a group of Blacktip Reef Sharks are reporting that the sharks make friends with other sharks. Researchers state that the Sharks form groups with similar sharks based on age and other factors. Kind of like a clique in high school.  They use the group for protection and to increase their chances at survival.  Are you surprised to hear that Sharks make friends Pikkdogs?

Well of course they make friends, how else would Nemo have been able to get home if all the marine life didn’t get together to help him?

I guess.

I’m just saying that they could have saved a lot of time and money, by just watching Finding Nemo. Let’s just move onto the article.



I know that I have talked about this deck for a while, so I won’t talk about it too much, just give a little run down of the basics.  Celebi Prime is there for his “Forest Breath” Poke-Power.  When he is active, you can attach a Grass energy to any of your Pokemon.  You can use the card Sky Arrow Bridge to give Celebi free retreat.  Mewtwo EX is your main attacker.  His “X-Ball” attack does 20 damage times the number of energy on him and the defending Pokemon.  Your goal is just to use Celebi Prime to get a lot of energy on Mewtwo EX.  He should be able to attack for a lot and fairly quickly.  Tornadus is there to cover the weakness of Mewtwo EX.  Without Tornadus, Mewtwo EX would get overwhelmed by a card like Mew Prime, but Tornadus does have a good matchup against Mew.  Tornadus can also attack early is you really need him too.

Setup is very important for this deck, and what determines setup is your initial starting hand.  You could get a God Hand and be able to end the game very quickly.  A God hand would probably be Celebi Prime, Skyarrow Bridge, Mewtwo EX, a DCE, a grass, a Pokemon Catcher, and a Supporter.  If you get something like this you could probably use Pokemon Catchers to knock out basic Pokemon before they evolve and just control the board from there.  A bad start would be a start with Tornadus and a bunch of energy.  The deck usually does not run a lot of Pokemon search cards, so if you get really unlucky, your opponent might be able to take advantage.  You are going to need to get a Mewtwo EX out fairly quickly to be as fast and disruptive as you need to be.  Your starting hand is very important with this deck, so make sure to build your deck so you can get the best start possible.

A CMT deck player must always be vigilant of what is happening on the field.  Since what your opponent has active effects your damage output, you can’t afford to make a Brain Fart and miscalculate the damage.  It is easy to think that you are about to hit for 140, but instead hit for 120.  Just 20 damage could be the difference between a knockout on Reshiram, and 140 damage coming your way next turn. Another thing you have to watch is playing against the Non-EX versions of the Unova Dragons.  “Outrage” can put Mewtwo EX into range to be knocked out next turn, so you don’t want to mess around with that.  You always have to be vigilant of what energy is on the dragons and if they have an Eviolite on them, if they ever stray into the 140 damage range, than you gotta knock them out.  If not, it can be hard to take them out without fear of giving up two prizes yourself.  You have to think about sacrificing Tornadus in order to take down those guys.

While I admit that I haven’t played this deck a lot, I do think that this is a very good way to build this deck.  It is very fast and very disruptive.  If your opponent is playing an evolution deck and does not get a great start, you will have a great chance of controlling the game early and knocking things out before they evolve.  Yes it can be hard to get all of the pieces you need like Celebi and Skyarrow Bridge out early, but that’s why you just need a good polished list.  I also really do like Tornadus is in this list.  I think you need someone like Tornadus just so your opponent can’t start whipping you with something like Mew Prime.  Tornadus can also attack fast and bring out some pain early, though Mewtwo EX is preferable, Tornadus is still good.  I have heard about people playing Terrakion in their Mewtwo/Celebi deck, and while I do see a reason to put him in there, I see Tornadus as a preferable alternative.  I just don’t want to have to start with a Pokemon that has that kind of retreat cost.  You need a great start with this deck to be good, and I don’t want to put that in danger.  It is something to test out against the best decks in your area, but for a good vanilla build I would say just stick with Tornadus.


Here is what I put together for a decklist.  I will admit that I didn’t get to test this deck out that much, but I did test it out a little.  It is not a polished and teched out decklist, just a vanilla list. I hope you guys will test the list and make it better.  So here it is.


  • 4-Celebi Prime
  • 3-Mewtwo EX
  • 3-Tornadus EP
  • 1-Shaymin UD


  • 3-Skyarrow Bridge
  • 3-Switch
  • 4-Dual Ball
  • 1-Poke Gear 3.0
  • 4-Junk Arm
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher
  • 4-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 2-Sage’s Training
  • 2-N
  • 3-Eviolite
  • 2-Plus Power


  • 4-Double Colorless Energy
  • 9-Grass Energy-9 seems to be the number of grass energies that people use, it seems to be good.



Like I said, I haven’t played this deck a heck of a lot of times, but I do know a little bit about the matchups.  So I can talk about the matchups a little.

  • ReshiphlosionFavorable-If you get a good start you should be able to knock out a lot of Cyndaquils and Quilavas, and if they don’t have a lot of Typhlosion Primes out it can be a tough game for them.  As long as you don’t get a very slow start you should be having a good matchup here.
  • 6 CornersFavorable-The bad thing about 6 Corners is that there is no big Pokemon that can hit Mewtwo for weakness.  Cobalion is a problem for Mewtwo EX, but you can probably knock it out once or twice, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.  Cobalion is a problem for Mewtwo, but you need to have about 3 or 4 of them in a deck to stop Mewtwo, you can’t just throw it in a deck and hope to win.
  • Magnazone Prime/EelektriksFavorable-Mewtwo EX should be able to control the Eels early on, and if the Eels don’t survive till late in the game, it will be hard for Magnezone to keep up with you.  If the Magnezone player is able to consistently attack you, than you can have problems, but you should be able to control the game by controlling the Eels or the basic and stage 1 forms of Magnezone.
  • The TruthFavorable-  I have not tested this matchup, but I do imagine that they will have a hard time setting up with Mewtwo EX around being that fast and disruptive.  Both the Reuniclus and Vileplume lines have Psychic weaknesses, so if you are able to draw into some Pokemon Catchers you should be able to control the board easily.
  • ZekromEven?– I have not tested this matchup, and I am curious to find out what happens in it.  Zekrom can hit hard early on, and if you can take down 2 Mewtwo EX’s you have just about won the game.  If the other deck runs the Eels, you should be able to take care of them fairly easily.  Both decks will be fast and hard hitting.  So this would be a cool match-up.  I wish I could say more than that.

Well that’s all I got today.  What do you have for us to close things up Pedro?

Well today is the anniversary of the baptism of English Renaissance Playwright Chrsitopher Marlowe.  He is known as perhaps the 2nd best author of his time next to old Billy Shakespeare.  Do you like the Christopher Marlowe Pikkdogs?

Well, not really, but I do like his version of Dr. Faustus.  A man who sold his soul to the devil for lots of knowledge and worldly pleasures.  What worldly pleasure would you like Pedro?

A chance to renew my rivalry with Tom Bosley.  Back to Marlowe, Marlowe was also accused of being a spy. But before they could try and convict him,  he was killed in a bar fight after he refused to pay his tab.  I always thought that this was the way that you would go Pikkdogs.

No, not about a bar tab.  Possibly about my tab at Arbys. Beers not worth dying for, Roast Beef just might be.

 True,  especially with the Arby’s sauce and the cheese type stuff.  Anyway, have a good night everybody. 


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