Deck Analysis: TMZ: Thundurus, Mewtwo EX, and the Zekroms. Also called Zekrom and Eels Deck.

by Pikkdogs ~ March 4th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis for you.  I am also joined by my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.  How are you doing today Pedro?

Oh doing, well. 

Do you have a bit of news for us to talk about?

Sure.  We have a couple of bit of news from the entertainment world.  First, we have just learned that Lady Gaga will appear in the new Men in Black movie. Do you like the Men in Black movies Pikkdogs?

They were pretty good, kinda funny.  I would say that Lady Gaga is a pretty good hire for an Alien movie.

An Alien and Lady Gaga are two different things.  One is a disgusting looking creature that has tentacles all over………….and the other is an Alien. 

Good one, Pedro.  Now what’s the other news.

  Well, the other news is that ABC has announced who will be on the  new season of Dancing with the Stars.  The cast includes such people as actor Jaleel White, Packers receiver Donald Driver, the View host Sherri Sheppard, musical icon Gladys Knight, and Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins.  Any of those personalities interest you Pikkdogs?

Well I hate DWTS, I never watched and never will, but I do love me some Katherine Jenkins.  She was at once the best kept secret of hotness ever, I saw her on the BBC America, and I was smitten from the start.  She can actually sing to, like operatic singing, not just those whore songs you hear on the radio, she’s a real singer.  Who is your pick to win Pedro?

Well, assuming the “Urkel” ever becomes an official ballroom dance, I gotta go with Jaleel White. 

Smart Pick.  Let us do the samba on over to the article.

The Plan

I gotta thank Pokemon Personality Airhawk for the nudge to try this deck.  He had a cool 6P article the other week, you can read it here.  The idea is to meld the Cities deck Zekrom and Eelektrik, with Mewtwo EX and Zekrom EX.  What results is a lot of heavy hitting Pokemon that can come out swinging fairly quickly.   Zekrom EX is here as your big attacker that can knock out almost anybody except an EX with one hit.  He is really good against Magnezone Prime.  Mewtwo EX is here to be a quick versatile attacker that can do a lot of things.  The main reason he is here is to counter the use of other Mewtwo EXs, since they are weak to each other.  Zekrom BW is here as a good hard attacker that doesn’t give up 2 prizes when he goes. You can also run  Tornadus  here as another versatile attacker.  He is not needed, but if you ever have a deck with DCE, you might as well run Tornadus, he is that good.  The Eels are here of course to recycle energy.  You have a couple options as starters.  One is Thundurus, he can get energy out easily.  Or you can use Cleffa to get a good hand on turn 2 if you were dealt something bad.

Your setup is very important for this deck.  Even though this deck has Mewtwo EX, just like CMT, the setups are very different. CMT wants to get going turn 1 and own the board from here on out.  Things on the Zekrom side are a little more chill.  Zekrom needs to setup the Eels, so that is priority #1.  Then they can worry about what they want to attack with.  It would be nice if you started the game with your starter and setup within the first couple turns, but that doesn’t always happen.  Most of the time you are going to start with a random large HP basic, and then just go from there.  If you start with Zekrom, just go with Zekrom for a while.  You can dare them to hit you, and then “Outrage” back, or you can wait to build up a “Bolt Strike”.  If you have to start with one of the EXs, just try to make the most of it while you get Eelektrik going.

Once you get Eelektrik going you can start dumping some energies in the discard pile, and then attach them to your preferred attacker.  From then it seems like the rest of the game will be simple, but then it gets even more complicated.   This deck is nothing like a lot of the decks we have seen earlier this year, that are basically auto-pilot after you setup, this deck takes a lot of strategy after the setup.  Things are just getting going once you get those Eels out.  You have to constantly be making calculations about which attacker to use.  It is hard to explain about how you make these decisions, but once you get into the deck you will see what I mean.  It involves making decisions with Junk Arm and decisions with which attackers you should use.

The List

This is a list similar to the one I used for initial testing purposes.  It is not the same as my deck, but similar.  I would not suggest using this list for States, it needs a lot more polishing.  This deck needs to be very tight to work.  A deck like Six Corners can be good while having a loose list, but this deck needs to be very tight.  What I mean by this is that you need to be very focused on what Pokemon lines, and what trainers you use.  Although you can have some techs like Mewtwo EX, you cannot have a lot of techs in this deck.  It needs to be very focused on getting your job done, or else you will lose a lot of close games.  So I will stop pandering and give you a list.


  • 3-Thundurus- a good starter and decent attacker if you need him to be
  • 2-Zekrom- one of your main attackers.
  • 2-Zekrom EX- probably the main attacker
  • 1-Mewtwo EX- you can run 2, but I don’t see a reason
  • 3-Tyanmo- you can run 4, probably the 40 HP one is better.
  • 3-Eelektrik


  • 3-Pokemon Collector
  • 2-Dual Ball
  • 2-Pokemon Communication
  • 4-Engineer’s Adjustments- to get energy in the discard pile
  • 4-Professor Oak’s New Theory
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 3-Eviolite
  • 4-Junk Arm
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher
  • 1-Super Rod


  • 4-Double Colorless Energy
  • 10-Lightning Energy

So that is something similar to what I have been playing.  To get it to be a good list you have to get it more focused to your play-style and to how you want to win matches.  This is going to take a lot of testing against decks you think you are going to play during States.  But I think a deck like this could be good, you just gotta make it good.


Here are some techs that you could and maybe should play.

  • Terrakion -Some people like him in this deck to easily return KOs.  He is also good against the mirror match and Magnezone Prime.  But, the drawback is that you need to sacrifice consistency by running Prism Energies.  It is only worth it if you know that there will be lots of Magnezone and Zekrom decks in your metagame.
  • Tornadus-You don’t need him in this deck, but anytime you run DCE you can run this guy.  He is a cool attacker that can always work.  I just don’t know if you need him here.  Although, he does work well against fighting types.
  • Shaymin– I don’t like using this card so it isn’t in my list, but he does have a place here.  You can use him to move energies from the bench to the active.  It is a good card and is usually ran in this list.
  • Plus Power– This card should be in the list, I just ran out of room.  If you can fit in 2 PPs, do it.
  • Switch– This also should be in the list, but again, there is just not a lot of room to spare.
  • Skyarrow Bridge-It helps you retreat so you can use “Dynamotor” on the Pokemon that you want to attack with this turn. If you can find room, than run it.
  • Zapdos– Zapdos is a lightning type but it is resistant to Fighting types.  If you expect to see a lot of fighting types at States, I would probably run one of these guys.
  • Zebstrika ND- Zebstrika is a Durant counter.  The idea here is to get an item lock on the Durant player until they run out of Durants.  Since the Durant player needs trainers to get the Durants from the discard pile, they will eventually need to use trainers.  The problem is that he takes up 2-4 card slots in a very tight list.  But, it is still a good thing to run if you expect a lot of Durants.

I think if we discuss match-ups we will learn more about the deck.


Although I don’t want to say who would win in each matchup because it is just so close, I will give you what I think will be important in each matchup.

Reshiphlosion– You probably aren’t fast enough to totally disrupt their setup like CMT can, but you should be able to limit them to 1 or maybe 2 Typhlosion Primes.  You will want to catcher up the Typhlosion lines early.  If they can’t get two Typholosion Prime lines up, they lose.  If they do, they might be able to wreck your Eelektriks.  If both of you lose your energy recovers, then you might have a slight advantage because of Zekrom not needing to discard energy, but it is overall going to be a very close game.  You might have a slight advantage, but it won’t be easy unless you get a really good start. Pay attention to when you have an EX in play, if they knock that out, than they will be a lot closer to winning the game.

Mewtwo/Celebi– The CMT player will be a lot faster here.  If they can take out the Eels right away, than they have a solid chance to control the entire game.  If you are able to get 2 Eelektriks out, then you might have a slight advantage.  You will then be a more versatile deck than the CMT player.  Play with Zekrom and Zekrom Ex until the middle of the game, and then whip out the Mewtwo EX to catch them by surprise for an easy 2 prizes.  But be careful of how many energies you attach on the bench to an EX, because Mewtwo EX can bring them active with Pokemon Catcher and get an easy 2 prizes on you.  So this is a very tough match-up with a lot of variables to calculate.  The matchup is around even, but it could go either way very easily.

Durant– This is the one match-up that I have not tested.  Durant is very fast and will be able to out speed you, and will try to take away energies.  If you can get things going with Zekrom quickly, you might be able to win.  If you can get two Zekroms out and switch between them, you should be able to minimize the damage done by removing energies.  I would stick with attacking with Zekrom BLW.  You don’t need to discard energies, and you don’t mind losing a couple of these guys to the damage done by “Bolt Strike”, since they won’t try to win by taking prizes.  It should be a fairly even match-up depending on the start that each of you get.

Six Corners– This is an interesting matchup.  It can make use of your fighting weakness, but it is too inconsistent to do that every game.  If they have a hard time finding Landorus and Terrakion, you might be able to get a good lead before they get going.  If you play Zapdos, this is where he would come in handy.  Try to rely on attackers like Zekrom BLW and Thundurus, while only using the EXs when you need to.  Giving up the 2 prizes so easily could hurt you.

Magnezone– You will need to rely on Zekrom EX in this match-up.  He is the one that can OHKO Magnezone Prime.  However, Magnezone can get a 2 prize knock on Zekrom EX for 4 energies, so it will not be an easy fight.  If you can get attacking faster than they can, you can possibly limit the number of Magnezones that they get out, if you can then you can win easily.  If not, it will be a long tough match-up.  Both decks will try to knock out the Eels, but you probably rely on them more than they do.  It will be a fun even match-up.


As you can see from my match-ups section, this deck gets itself into a lot of cool matches.  They are very long and very hard to win.  This is why I said that you need a really focused list, without it you will be at the mercy of luck.  I think this is a really nice deck that will be fun to play.  No game will be very dull, it makes for some exciting matches.  If I can perfect my list, I might even run something like this at States, it really is a cool deck.  So if you have a deck like this, feel free to share your list in the comment section so we can talk about it.

Okay Pedro, we are done here.  What do you have for us to close out the article?

Well today, we have some health news.  According to Fox News, scientists who are studying a mummy that they think is 5,300 years old state that he had the earliest known case of Lyme’s disease.

Don’t believe it.

Why Not?

Well, because I believe that Lyme’s disease was a man made disease that was created  by a former Nazi scientist on an island out-side of New York.

Well aren’t we the little conspiracy theorist.  Anyway, back to the mummy.  They also state that he was lactose intolerant and predisposed to heart disease. 

Well he should probably take some blood pressure meds then, he should watch that.

Sure, except that he’s already been dead for a while.

Still, heart problems are nothing to fool with.

True. This mummy is named Otzi, do you think this is a good name for an iceman?

I could see it, though Oog is always a good choice.

I like Oog too.  Good night everybody. 



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