Deck Analysis: Troll

by Pikkdogs ~ April 5th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis.  Today I will be talking about a deck that is called Troll.  Though the deck is really just an Anti-Format Toolbox deck that uses Tornadus, Terrakion, and Mewtwo EX.  Before we get into it more about the deck, we must say hello to my extra-dimensionary sidekick Pedro.  Hey Pedro, how are things going today?

Hola, estoy bien. 

Any reason why you are speaking in Spanish today?

Not really.  Me Gusta Espanol. 

Well, that’s fine,  but will you start this article off with a news story for us, in English.

Si.  Today is the anniversary of the arrest of Irish Play-write and author Oscar Wilde in 1895.  He was arrested for preforming Homosexual acts, and was sentenced to two years of hard labor.  Do you like the Oscar Wilde Pikkdogs?

Love the Oscar Wilde.  My favorite play is the Importance of Being Earnest.  Love that thing.  Also thought that “The Picture of Dorian Gray” was a genius idea for a story.

It would be nice if we could still arrest people for being gay, just for one day, so we could finally get rid of Barney Frank for a while. 

Also wouldn’t mind getting rid of “How I Met your Mother” for a couple years.  Seriously, how long can 4 people sit in a booth.  There on like 7 years of just sitting in a booth.

At least it doesn’t have Rob Schneider or Whitney Cummings in it.  Seriously, do they choose who gets a sitcom based on how annoying people are? 

I think so.  Well, enough about sitcoms, let’s go to the article.

Deck Descriptions

Troll is kind of a mix between Six Corners and Stage 1 Rush.  It does have the tool boxy feel of Six Corners, but it is much more controlled feeling like Stage 1 Rush.  It uses basic Pokemon like Six Corners does, and it uses some of the same exact Pokemon.  The main Pokemon are Terrakion NV, Tornadus EP, and Mewtwo EX.  Terrakion is here to return knockouts Boufallant style, and to counter all of the fighting weak Lighting Pokemon that are being played right now.  Just be careful to use him carefully.  If Terrakion gets pulled active with no energy, that could set you back a couple turns.  Tornadus is probably the main attacker here.  Although he is lightning weak, he can attack quickly and do a decent amount of damage.  He is really good against other Terrakion players.   Mewtwo EX is here to counter any other Mewtwo EX that your opponent will be playing.  It is important to use your Mewtwo wisely, since another deck will probably use Mewtwo better (with energy acceleration) he can be a free two prizes for your opponent.  Make sure that if you get into a Mewtwo war, you are not the one who starts it.  If you play Mewtwo down, you are going to want to lay it down and attack with it on the same turn.  Otherwise, it is just 2 free prizes for your opponent, and that will likely end any hopes you have of winning that game.

Most Troll decks also include Shaymin and Tyrogue.  Shaymin is used mid-game as an energy mover.  “Celebration Wind” lets you move energy around as you see fit, that means you can quickly recover after someone has just Catchered your Terrakion active.  You can also use it to move an energy back after a “Hurricane.”  It is a cool versatile card, just don’t star with it.  Tyrogue, on the other hand, you do want to start with.  He can attack for 30 without an energy.  This means that if your a bunch of Plus Powers and Junk Arms, you can get about 60 damage from Tyrogue on the first turn if things go your way.  This would take out all of the Tyanmos that your opponent runs, and if you get lucky, possibly even some Durants and Celebi Primes.  Though, it is not the most useful card once things get evolved on your opponent’s side.

How To Setup

The first thing you want to do with this deck is look for a donk.  If they start with Tyrogue, Tynamo, or Cleffa; than you gotta go and get your Tyrogue and see if you can get him active.  If you need more damage ouput, hopefully you can get a Juniper so you can have access to Plus Powers and Junk Arms.  Remember, you can Junk Arm a Plus Power that you just used.  Hopefully you will be able to get the donk and the easy win, but if not, than you are going to want to get out the appropriate counter.  If you are playing a Zekrom deck, than go get some Terrakions.  If they got anything else, than you should probably get some Tornadi going, and then you can whip out Mewtwo EX or Terrakion later.  The setup with this deck is not that complicated, or super important as it is to other decks.  Your main goal here is to first look for the donk, and your second look goes to countering whatever they have going.  Fairly simple, the only thing that will screw you up is a bad start.  If you start Terrakion and they ain’t using Electric Pokemon, you might want to look for your Super Scoop Up.

The List

I will give you a list that is similar to the one that I have been testing with.  It is not a great list and does need a lot of improvement.  So don’t complain that this list isn’t great, I already know that.  I just included it so people have an idea of what a Troll deck is.  Hopefully someone can take this list and polish it all up for Regionals.  Note, this list does not have  Tyrogue, but you should probably have him in this list.


  • 4-Tornadus
  • 3-Terrakion NV
  • 1-Landorus-his resistance comes in handy
  • 2-Mewtwo EX
  • 1-Shaymin Ul


  • 3-Dual Ball
  • 2-Pokemon Collector
  • 4-Professor Juniper
  • 3-PONT
  • 3-Sage’s Training
  • 2-N
  • 4-Junk Arm
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher
  • 1-Super Rod
  • 2-Super Scoop Up
  • 4-EXP. Share
  • 1-Eviolite
  • 3-Plus Power


  • Double Colorless Energy-4
  • Fighting Energy-9

The Matchups

We know that a deck is as only as good as the matchups it has, so let’s take a closer look at them.  Since Troll is kind of a tool box deck, it is made to have good matchups against the most played decks.  But, that means if it meets a good deck that is not Meta, it could falter.  So just because it has good match-ups doesn’t mean that it is a sound deck.  But, we will look at them anyway. 

  1. CMTEven-Like anything with CMT, it all depeneds on the first couple turns.  If CMT has a Celebi Prime start, it could easily get donked by Troll.  On the other hand, if Troll gets a Shaymin or Tyrogue start, it could easily go down to CMT.  If CMT gets a great start, it may not matter what Troll does.  CMT is that good of a deck that it can control a match-up from the start.  The one thing that Troll has going for it is that it can be the second man into the Mewtwo war, and that is always a big advantage.  If the CMT player has to start Mewtwo EX and gets a couple of energies on it, the Troll player can get a leg up on them by dropping their own Mewtwo with a DCE and get the two prize advantage early.  It all depends on how things go early.
  2. ZekromFavorable- Hopefully, you should be able to play this like a 4 Terrakion deck would.  Just rely on Terrakion and Landorus with EXP. Share.  Don’t crowd the playing field too much, just keep a steady stream of Terrakions coming.  If you can do that, you will win.  If the Zekrom player can use Pokemon Catcher to slow you down and then attack in the right circumstance, it could be a fairly even game. 
  3. DurantUnfavorable- You do have a lot of attackers that can OHKO a Durant, but don’t sleep on the Durant deck here.  He will use Lost Remover and Crushing Hammer to his advantage as you will have a hard time getting three energies on your Pokemon.  The game will come down to Crushing Hammer flips, my money is on heads. 
  4. 4 TerrrakionFavorable-This is a match-up of similar decks, but you have more variety, and that should give you the win.  Hopefully, attacking with Tornadus and a couple Terrrakions here and there will give you an eventual advantage.  It may not be easy, and you may lose a lot of energy, but hopefully you should beat out the Terrakion player in the end.
  5. ReshiphlosionEven?- I admit that I didn’t get to test this match-up, but I want to try it because I find it interesting.  You do not do enough damage to make Reshiram BW concerned, and you can’t hit him for weakness.  You chance of winning will be using Pokemon Catchers and getting something that doesn’t have the “Outrage” attack active.  Hopefully you can eventually knockout the Typhlosion Primes and whatever else they have in their deck.  When you do have to attack a Reshiram, make sure that you have the Exp.Shares going so that you can return every K.O. 


So, that is what I have to say about the deck and about its match-ups.  It is a pretty good deck that takes advantage of basic Pokemon and the trainers we have avaliable to us.  I love Super Scoop Up in this format, it is just an evil card.  Exp. Share turns out to be a great card in this deck, and is always ready to help Terrakion return a KO.  This deck does not do a whole heck of a lot of damage, but it does counter the format pretty well.  Any of you guys who liked playing Six Corners will probably feel right at home with this deck. 

Okay, Pedro I am all done.  I think its time for you to put an end to this mediocre article.

Alright, I will do my best to salavage this thing.  Just try to have better jokes prepared than you did with Oscar Wilde.


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I do kind of like the idea for this app.  They could call it……Chlamydia with Friends

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Good one, but maybe Facebook and STDs shouldn’t mix. 

Yeah, just keep them to yourself and don’t tell anyone, that seems to work. 

That’s my plan.  Good night everybody!

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