Stupid Deck Idea: Volcarona’s Crash & Burn

by balasar ~ April 7th, 2012.

Note: This deck contains cards that are not yet released. 

Deck Strategy   

I was looking at the Dark Rush scans to predict what will be coming in our Dark Explorers set, when I saw the new Volcarona in Dark Rush. Here is the direct translation from Pokebeach:

Volcarona –Fire–HP110
Stage 1 – Evolves from Larvesta

Ability:Burning Scales
As long as this Pokemon is in play, the number of damage counters placed on your opponent’s Burned Pokemon in between turns is now 4.
[R][C][C] Heat Wind: 70 damage. You may choose 1 Energy attached to this Pokemon and discard it. If you do, the opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Burned.
Retreat: 3
    I instantly thought of a crazy rouge idea to drive the EXs insane. What you do is you set up Volcarona on the bench then you also set up Houndoom Prime on your bench. The goal of the deck is to do massive amounts of damage using burn and attacking with Blaziken. Blaziken’s purpose in the deck is to be an extremely strong attacker and possibly deal burn. This is the translation for Blaziken:
Blaziken – Fire – HP140
Stage 2 – Evolves from Combusken
[R][C] Blaze Kick: 40 damage. Flip a coin, if heads this attack does an additional 30 damage. If tails the opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Burned.
[R][R][C] Flamethrower: 130 damage. Choose 1 Energy attached to this Pokemon and discard it.
Retreat: 2
Deck List
  This is what a skeleton list for the deck I now dub “Crash&Burn” would look like:

Pokemon: 18
2x Houndour 54/90 UD
2x Houndoom Prime
2x Larvesta DarkRush
2x Volcarona DarkRush
3x Torchic DarkRush
2x Combusken DarkRush
3x Blaziken DarkRush
2x Entei EX DEX (confirmed to be in Dark Explorers)
4x Collector
4x Junk Arm
3x Communication
3x Rare Candy
2x Juniper
1x Seeker
10x Fire
Total: 52
Free Space: 8
I find that all of the cards in here have either been explained or are self-explanatory.
Typhlosion Prime: a 2-1-2 line won’t be enough, but this deck could use a good source of energy acceleration.
Houndoom UD+ Rainbow Energy: we all know that Dark.dec and Zeels will be on the rise, therefore, it would make sense to say that Troll and Quadrakion will be big too. This helps seal the Troll match-up by doing that extra damage if Fighting types are on your opponent’s field.
Pokemon Catcher: This one is a pretty obvious tech as it lets you control which Pokemon is getting Burn damage.
Switch: You may need to retreat some for this deck.
            As much as I hate to say so, this section is purely theory because we don’t know what cards will be out and what won’t.
Zeels: 45-55:
            This matchup comes down to who gets set up first. If the Elektriks are set up before your Volcarona and Blaziken, to put it simply, you’re dead.
CMT: 35-65:
            This deck is just too fast for Crash&Burn. The Celebi are set up too fast. If you get lucky and face a CMT with Terrakion, that’s when the Houndoom UD comes in handy. If you’re scared of this matchup, put Houndoom Prime and UD in Crash&Burn.
Durant: 40-60:
            Once again, you have a deck that tends to be quicker than Crash&Burn. You also have the problem of the Durants milling you. Crash&Burn is not equipped to lose resources. Not the most favorable of matchups.
Dark.dec/Darkrai.dec/Dark Toolbox/ etc.: 35-65:
            Look! It’s the deck of many names! To put it gently, you have very little to no chance of winning this. Dark.dec is fast and has free retreat. Free retreat is the worst nightmare for this deck because when you Burn someone, it just gets retreated.
            So that pretty much wraps up the deck. It has some synergy, but not a whole lot. The main key is to get set up as fast as possible and cause the opponent to crash, and then Burn.
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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for another article, Balasar.  I really appreciate the help. 

    What do you think of Entei EX in this deck instead of Houndoom Prime and Blaziken?  It would make the deck a lot more consistent by giving you 8 free slots in the deck.  Blaziken might be a better attacker, but Entei could be faster and harder to disrupt. 

  • actually, i think just taking out the houndoom would be better. if you just change the priorities to “set up entei and volcarona simultaneously, then blaziken for when entei is ko’ed” it should work a little better. blaziken needs to be in this deck to give it the chance to stand up to ex’s. at least it can ohko reshiram and zekrom (blw). that’s something entei can’t do.

  • Ed

    Hey Balasar!  Thanks for the deck idea.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this sort of deck gets tried in Nats/BRs.  It looks fun.

  • Anonymous

    Balasar, love the deck. I thought it was Pikkdogs when I read the title (no offense) (no offense to Pikkdogs) but then wondered why there was no Pedro. Good job!

    The one problem I have is that the Durant matchup is so much in your favor it’s not even funny. If you even set up a Volcarona you win, just bash with it’s attack.

    And Ed, is there any chance I could write for the site?

    • Ed

      Yeah, of course!  I think you have my email address, right?  Just email me, and I’ll get it set up.  If you don’t have my email, reply to this, and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.  I’m curious to see what you’ve got in mind.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I don’t have your email address, but I have the challenge email. Will that work?

    • yeah. i thought about the catcher in the deck, but it’s more of an option. it WOULD help, but for cost reasons you might not throw it in.

      i didn’t really see the attack on volcarona when i was thinking about the durant matchup, just the burn aspect.

      thanks for the huge compliment! i tried to think of something somewhat corny, and i guess it worked.

  • I was thinking of a Crobat Prime/Houndoom Prime/Volcarona type deck. 80 damage inbetween turns. And just to be EXTRA mean, throw a rocky helmet on your active.

    • rocky helmet would just be plain mean.

  • Magby+ Volcarona :)

    • and i was getting a lot of flak for extra damage in my cmt @ league on friday. i don’t think i want anymore.

  • What? 

    • cmt (celebi/m2ex/terrakion) vs. durant

      active m2ex w/ 5 energies. catcher up benched rotom
      switch for celebi.
      forest breath onto m2ex
      retreat for free with sab
      attach dce onto m2ex
      double +power
      double jarm for double +power
      jarm again for a +power
      xball for ohko. >:)

      • Anonymous

         wouldn’t that be excessive?

        • it was meant to be. a few jokes were thrown around about not being part of the spirit of the game.

  • Magby+Volcarona+Vileplume could work.

    • yeah

    •  maybe throw in Hypno to put their active to sleep as well. That way they have no way out of that burn between turns. Also Venomoth is a possibility, since Magby has free retreat