UK Nationals 2012 Report and List – PokeClass Episode 77

by PokemanDan ~ July 9th, 2012.

Hey everybody! Saturday the 30th June brought us to UK Nationals, the same weekend as US Nationals and I was excited for the biggest tournament of the year in the UK. Within this episode, I start off by showing you the list I used for the tournament and follow up with how the day went for me.

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  • That was a good watch Dan. I like the idea of your deck using Max Potion and SSU, though I’ve always felt SSU to be too flippy to be dependable. Sadly enough, Lady Luck wasn’t on your side, even without regards to flipping. I can’t believe you double-prized Darkrai TWICE! That’s SO stressful in my opinion. Even though you whiffed on Top Cut, I still really like your deck.

    Junk Arm, we will all miss you. *tears*

    • PokemanDan

      Thanks for your comment :D The deck did have the flippy side of SSU, but I felt that if I flipped tails all day, it didn’t matter too much , but when it worked, it was game changing! Some SSU flips are crucial and that’s just how it goes sometimes, but Dual Ball was a pain :P