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Cards Pikkdogs Likes: Aggron DRX, Regigigas EX, Druddigon, Tool Scrapper

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with an article about some of the cards I like.  I was going to do a stupid deck idea, but I decided to do an article about cards that I like because I’m feeling a little egotistical today.  But before we get to cards that I like, I think my extra-dimensional sidekick Pedro has a news article for us.

Hey Pikkdogs, yep.  Today we have news of a literal witch-hunt conducted by the folks at eBay.  In the past, Ebay has allowed witches and other supernatural related beings to sell things like spells and potions on Ebay.  According to Fox, there are currently 41,000 spells avaliable on eBay for purchase.  But, starting in September it will be illegal to buy or sell spells, potions, psychic readings, curses, hexes, prayers, and healing sesssions.  One such person who sells spells on eBay has said that this is unfair discrimination against her and those like her.  They say that since Holy Water is still okay to sell eBay is conducting a “Witch Hunt”.  You don’t believe this witch non-sense do you Pikkdogs?

I don’t know.  I like to think …

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Deck Analysis: Hyrdreigon and Worlds Wrap-Up.

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck analysis for you.   A lot of people will be banking on the new Hyrdreigon deck to do well in the

Igor is bringing the Golden Pikachu Cup back home to Bella……I mean Portugal.

next format.  Hydreigon is a new deck, but it actually comes into the format with some momentum.  Klingklang BW does a similar thing that Hydreigon DRX does and it won the Format. Darkai, who is in this deck, has a ton of momentum coming from a Worlds win.  So this deck has a lot of hype and a lot of expectations to live up to.  Before we talk about the deck more, let me go through some news.

This past weekend was the Worlds championship.  While I don’t usually provide news or anything like that, most of us do know that Worlds was held last weekend.  In the masters end, two Speed Darkrai decks made it to the finals.   The finals was a match-up of American Harrison Levin and four time, four time, four time, four time Portuguese National Champion Igor Costa.  If you think Igor looks familar, he seems to be the vampire from Twilight.  The Top Cut consisted of the top 16 players from the Swiss rounds.  A lot of the top 16 players were very familiar.  Sami Sekkoum, the perennial UK champ made it to the quarter finals.  Yuta Kamatsuda from Japan and The Top Cut’s Michael Pramawat also made it to the Quarters.  In the semi-finals was a friend of and one of the U.S.’s greatest players, Jay Hornung.  Jay is the greatest thing to come out of the state of Iowa since corn and John Wayne.

The finals was a thrilling three game final between two Darkrai decks.  Igor did end up winning, but the game was very close.  The weekend was not very good for American players.  The U.S. sent one player to the finals in each three divisions, and they all lost.  We even had three of the top 4 Master’s players, but we still couldn’t stop Edward, I mean Igor.  The bad news for the U.S. continued when it was announced that for the first time ever, Worlds will not be held in the U.S.  Worlds 2013 will be held in Vancouver, Canada.  But, Vancouver is basically a border town, so unless you don’t have a passport this news shouldn’t bother you.

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Pikkdogs Plays “Stock Up or Stock Down”

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a weird article for you today.  Well, all my articles are weird, I have a talking extra-dimensional sidekick for crying out loud, but this one is weird in a different way.  This article will be all about cards that are in the sets Black and White through the set Dark Explorers.  We all know how these cards did during the previous format, but how will the rotation effect the cards currently in the format and how they do in the future?  To know that we will play a little bit of “Stock Up and Stock Down.”  If I think a card will be played more than it has I will give it a “Stock Up” grade, and if I think it will lose playability it will get a “Stock Down” grade.  Sounds simple enough, so let’s get to it…………after we say hello to Pedro.

Hey Pedro, do you have a news article for us today?

Hello Pikkdogs,  I sure do.  Today’s news comes from  They are reporting that a private U.S. company is raising money to complete a project called the “Deepflight Super Falcon”.  If

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Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Spread 2012 (Registeel EX and Kyurem).

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs with a Stupid Deck Idea.

Hey Pikkdogs, Do you know what is the difference between your Stupid Deck Ideas and a regular Deck Analysis?



Good one.  Anyway, we are here to look at a more radical deck in the new format, one that has to do with spread.  You have already met my Extra-Dimensional sidekick Pedro, so Pedro why don’t ya give us a news article and send us to the article with some comedic momentum.

Well I can try. Today in the news is Captain Morgan.  Morgan was a 17th century pirate who the famous rum brand is named for. is reporting that archaeologists recently found cannons and wood that they think were from Captain Morgan’s lost fleet.  Henry Morgan was of course a pirate who terrorized the area around what is now the country of Panama, historians say that his ships ran aground near the shores of Panama, and that the find of his lost fleet could be very historically significant to the area.  Do you like the pirates Pikkdogs? 

Well, on one hand I like them because I can say the word …

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Pikkdogs’ Top 10 Most Impactful Cards From Dragon’s Exalted

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with my quarterly article about impactful cards for the next set.  I will give you a countdown of the 10 cards that I think will be the most impactful from Dragon’s Exalted.  I know that my list won’t be perfect, but this could be a decent look at some of the cards that you might see at Battle Roads.

Dragon’s Exalted is a decent set.  It does not have the consistency cards that we all want to replace some of the rotated cards, but it does have some cool Pokemon that will be in tier 1 and 2 decks, as well as rogue decks.  Let us look at those cards.

10. Garchomp

The countdown will lead off with a card that some people think will make up the bulk of a tier 1 or 2 deck, Garchomp.  This Garchomp has two attacks, one that does 60 for 1, and two that does 100 for two and a mill of two.  It also has some decent stats, 140 HP and a 1 retreat cost.  A lot of people are thinking of building a deck with this guy.  The …

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