Pikkdogs Stupid Deck Idea: Spread 2012 (Registeel EX and Kyurem).

by Pikkdogs ~ August 4th, 2012.

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs with a Stupid Deck Idea.

Hey Pikkdogs, Do you know what is the difference between your Stupid Deck Ideas and a regular Deck Analysis?



Good one.  Anyway, we are here to look at a more radical deck in the new format, one that has to do with spread.  You have already met my Extra-Dimensional sidekick Pedro, so Pedro why don’t ya give us a news article and send us to the article with some comedic momentum.

Well I can try. Today in the news is Captain Morgan.  Morgan was a 17th century pirate who the famous rum brand is named for.  Foxnews.com is reporting that archaeologists recently found cannons and wood that they think were from Captain Morgan’s lost fleet.  Henry Morgan was of course a pirate who terrorized the area around what is now the country of Panama, historians say that his ships ran aground near the shores of Panama, and that the find of his lost fleet could be very historically significant to the area.  Do you like the pirates Pikkdogs? 

Well, on one hand I like them because I can say the word “booty” a lot and not get in trouble.  But, on the other hand it is kind of strange to think that children idolize pirates in movies and story books when they are people that destroy things and kill people.

Kind of like the Kardashians.  Some people idolize them and want to be like them, but they are really just a vicious group of girls that love to terrorize American culture. 

Yes, it is kind of a weird paradox.  Maybe it is because people dream of bucking the trend and going against the rules.

And they love large butts. 

Could be it is all about the booty.   Let’s start the article.

The Evolution of this Deck

I had the idea for this spreading deck when I was looking through the cards that were to come out in the Dragons Exalted set.  I have had my eyes on Registeel EX for a while.  I thought it would make a good tanking card, but after the format changed I realized that tanking is taking a back seat for a while.  But, I did notice that the “Triple Laser” attack does work well with decks that like to spread damage around.  I thought that he could work well with Kyurem, they both like to spread damage around and can hit the defending Pokemon if needed.

When I first put this deck together it failed miserably against Mewtwo EX.  I know that not every deck needs to be good about everything, but Mewtwo will be common enough that you need a deck that can at least hold its own against him.  It also wasn’t great against most EXs, once they got Eviolited the game was about over.  It would take me 18 turns to spread enough damage to knock one out, there was no doubt that the deck didn’t work.

But, I did a little more digging and found some cards that could help save the deck.  The first card was Siglyph DRX.  This Pokemon has an Ability that makes it un-hittable by EXs, and it can hit Mewtwo EX for weakness.  This is probably the most versatile Mewtwo EX counter we have.  In testing it has not worked perfectly, sometimes your opponent can Pokemon Catcher around this wall, but it does help your Mewtwo match-up a lot.  The second card that I found was Tool Scrapper.  This is an Item card that lets you discard two of your opponent’s tool cards that they have in play.  This is a great card in this deck because it stops the Eviolite card that screws this deck up so much.  If you are able to spread 30 damage twice with Eviolites in play, you will only do 20 damage, which is really not anything.  But, if you spread 30 twice without Eviolites, you will have 60 damage on those EX Pokemon.  This leaves them with 120 HP left, which leaves them in KO range of Kyurem EX.  Cards like Siglyph and Tool Scrapper may not make this a Tier 1 deck, but they at least save it from being unplayable.


I already talked about the deck a little bit, but now I will describe it in some more detail.  The goal of this deck is to spread damage around early game and get KOs on multiple Pokemon at once.  You will eventually kill off enough low HP basics that you will only need to directly attack the active a couple times in order to get a win.

The attackers in this deck are Registeel EX, Kyurem, Kyurem EX, Siglyph, and Kyogre EX.  Registeel is your first attacker.  You just need to attach a DCE and another energy and you can attack for 30 and snipe twice for 30.  Kyurem is kind of like Registeel, but it is not quite as fast.  Hopefully you will be able to attach an Exp. Share to Kyurem and get him going when Registeel EX gets knocked out.  Kyurem can then spread for 30 all around, by this time you should have taken around 3 prizes.  Kyogre EX does similar things, except it can snipe twice for 50.  Kyurem EX can come in at the end and finish things off with his 120 damage attack.  Kyurem EX can also disrupt with his attack that discards an energy.  And of course Siglyph is here to act as a wall against EXs and to hit Mewtwo EX for weakness.


This is only a version of an early decklist that I have.  It is far from perfect and not something that I would take to a tournament yet, but if this deck works maybe you can make it work.  Hopefully you guys will like the deck and try to test it and protect it.


  • 2-Registeel EX
  • 3- Kyurem
  • 1-Kyurem EX
  • 2- Siglyph
  • 1- Kyogre EX


  • 4- Professor Juniper
  • 3-N
  • 3-Bianca
  • 1-Cheren
  • 2-Random Receiver
  • 4-Pokemon Catcher
  • 1-Super Rod
  • 3-Tool Scrapper
  • 2-Eviolite
  • 3-Exp. Share
  • 3-Switch
  • 3-Ultra Ball
  • 2-Heavy Ball
  • 3-Potion-Nice card to turn a 2HKO into a 3HKO, but can be substituted out for other cards is needed.


  • Water-6
  • Prism-4
  • DCE-4

This is a fairly balanced and bland version of the deck.  If you want to put another Pokemon into the deck, or something like Enhanced Hammer, you can take out the Potions and one supporter.  There are about 5 spots you can work with and do what you want to without sacrificing any of the stuff that the deck has going on now, so that is a good thing with a deck that is in its early stages.


It is very hard to give match-ups against a format that doesn’t really exist yet, but I can tell you a little about the match-ups I tested and what I can assume about the deck.

Reshiboar– This should be a decent match-up for you.  Hopefully your spreading will do enough damage on Emboars and Pignites that you limit the number of Emboars that are out.  Then you can Pokemon Catcher up Emboar to try to snipe around him.  You will want to be careful against Reshiram, if you spread damage on him you will make It easy for him to “Outrage” for an easy two prizes against Registeel EX.  Kyurem EX will be your friend if you need to knock out Reshiram.  If you can hide Registeel EX and use Siglyph to counter Mewtwo EX  you might be able to squeak out a win.

Zekrom and Eelektrik– This is another match-up that is fairly even.  You need to use Siglyph here to go against Mewtwo EX, if you can’t take the Eviolites away and stop Mewtwo you will lose.  Tool Scrapper and Siglyph need to be the MVPs of this game, if they aren’t you just might lose.  The Eelektriks should be easy targets for your spreading.  If you can stick to a plan against this deck you should be okay.

Hydreigon– Another game where you need to spread early to knock out evolutions.  If you can limit them to one Hyrdreigon you should be able to win.   Make sure to spread early to get around their Siglyphs, and have  a Kyurem EX around to knock them out.  If you can use Potion to turn Darkrai’s 2HKOs into 3HKOs you might be able to win.  It should be a close match, but if you get your list down to how you like it, you might be able to win this more often than not.

Fighting– This match-up is hard to predict.  Fighting decks have fairly high HP, so spreading could take a while.  But, they also don’t do a lot of damage without you getting KOs.  You should be able to use Potion to make it very hard for your opponent to get anything more than a 3HKO on any of your EXs.  This match-up should go to the end, but hopefully the fact that you can take multiple prizes late game should give you a prize lead.

Troll– This match-up is kind of like the last one.  It is a very hard one to predict.  The game will be fairly slow as long as you use your Potions well.  You can just hope that you can get rid of the Eviolites so that you can pick up some KOs on your spreading attacks late game.

Conclusion- Is it any good? 

I don’t really know.  It is still a decent deck, but if it is tournament worthy I do not know.  This will be up to you if you can make the deck better than it is now.  It will also depend on how the format works out too.  I hope that this works out so we can bring the spread back. But, you know that they always say that the “spread is dead”, who knows if it will be resurrected.

Now that we got that done, Pedro, why don’t you end the article with some Olympic news?

Okay, the Olympics are about halfway done.  The Americans had a very productive first week garnering the women’s individual and team gymnastic golds, a bunch of swimming medals, and in the hallowed grounds of Wimbeldon Serena Women’s grabbed the Women’s singles gold.  What was your favorite part of the first week of the Olympics Pikkdogs?

All of the “Money Shots” in Water Polo. 

Yes, quite a funny term.  Got another dirty and hopefully humorous moment?

I like to watch the “Snatches” in Weightlifting.

Do you have one more? 

Nope, but my favorite  volleyball player is Destiny Hooker, that seems to be quite a funny name.

That is quite a strange name, you would have think that her parents would have thought before naming her that. 

You would think.  Good night anybody.

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