This site is rapidly dying

by balasar ~ August 27th, 2013.

Unfortunately, it seems that no one has interest in this site anymore. Hopefully we will gain some traffic due to the shout-out on The Deck Out, but I doubt it will be that much. I think the down spiral for OHKO started with Pikkdogs leaving. Please, if you can write, contact Ed and see if you can become a writer and hopefully breathe new life into this site. Also, if you still regularly check OHKO, please comment so I know about how big our following is. I will try to write as much as I can, but I will not write if no one reads it. I would really love for this site to reach its former glory. However, this requires for YOU to do some active participation.

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  • Seth1789110

    Dying is not the proper tense of the word death I would use when describing this site, unfortunately.

  • Ed

    Where is the shout out?

  • Tyler Lindsey

    I sent an email regarding a possible position writing.

  • Anonymous

    I constantly check

  • eessheee

    gonna start checking this site now! :) more power to you guys!!!

  • Jeff C

    I’ve been checking the site but you have not really had any articles since April…

  • Jelze

    i check the site regularly. i wouldnt want to see it die

  • efyoo2

    That’s not how content development works. YOU, as a contributor, are the one in control of the life of the site. Contribute consistent, relevant content and your readers will come. Compelling content through social media and posting to other sites will spread the word too.

    • Jeff C

      Yeah, what he says.^

  • Shecky

    I check this site regularly! What type of time commitment is writing? Also the big draw now adays seems to be video from ptcgo, do you guys have that ability?

    • Balasar

      I’m not really familiar with any streaming/recording software. I have tried messing with OBS and XSplit, but I really can’t get either to work. Maybe another author could?

    • Ed

      What would be really great for the site is to have like 3-5 (more is fine too) people that would write a regular article. Every week would be awesome, because a schedule is best for both author and reader. I could see it taking 1 hour on the low end (especially if it was a shorter weekly column) to several hours if you wanted to go in depth explaining multiple decks/strategies.

      I think it’d be interesting to have a weekly “state of the game” or “this week in Pokemon” sort of thing. That could be short but have a nice appeal for readers.

  • phroggysmyles

    Discovered this site just a few days ago, and learned so much, thank you!!

    • Ed

      Thanks for commenting! Things have picked up recently after a dry spell, so it’s great to have new readers! Welcome.

  • Paul per

    I would love to write for this website :)