Pokemon Analysis: Blastoise

by Eric ~ November 3rd, 2013.

BlastoiseHello guys! Today I have a nice little article for you guys! This article will cover both competitive sides of Pokemon. However, I need to go over something pretty important to the future of this website.

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Blastoise, the energy machine. Surprisingly, most Blastoise cards have to do with a fat retreat cost, and energy. If you guys are new, then this deck is used in the very popular Blastoise/Keldeo/Black Kyrem. Let’s take a good ‘ol look at this amazing deck.

3 Keldeo EX
3 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
3 Blastoise
3 Black Kyrem EX BRC

4 Professor Juniper
3 N
4 Skyla
11 Supporters

4 Superior Energy Retrieval
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Ultra Ball
3 Heavy Ball
1 Dowsing Machine/Computer Search/Scramble Switch
15 Items

3 Tropical Beach/Pokemon Center

10 Water
6 Electric

This deck is very good and cheap, so I believe the average noob should start with this deck.

When maneuvering this deck, you need to make sure to load up Keldeo with Blastoise and sweep with Black Kyrem. Only use Blastoise in an emergency.



Blastoise is a big boss. I believe it should be trained as an attacking wall. Max out the Special Attack and Special Defense stat and put the rest on the Special Defense.

The moves should be Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dig, and Rain Dance. Let’s get on with the why part.

Hydro Pump

This is the most obvious choice for Blastoise. It is extremely powerful, especially with Rain Dance.

Rain Dance

This guy gets the team set up. Always start with a Rain Dance or Hydro Pump.

Dig and Ice Beam

These guys are the type counters. Whenever a Zapados comes, Ice Beam can stop it. When any electric type comes, Dig stops it. It’s nothing but common sense.

This isn’t the only way! Here are some suggestions:
Hydro Cannon
Split attack and special attack EVs

Alright, that was the article! My question to you guys is, what do you think about my new idea to add VGC tips, too? Remember to tell your friends and league about this website! Peace!

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