Tiny Report From Tiny Tourney

by Ed ~ November 23rd, 2013.
Curse You Tiny Tourney!

Curse You Tiny Tourney!

For almost a month, I’ve been working on a Flareon deck.  I chose it due to economics and the fact that I like decks that play fast and loose.  I had it almost built in the Cofagrigous Six Feet Under configuration.  It was something of a “Turbo Flareon” build if you will.

There was a tourney coming up, and I didn’t think that version gave me enough chance against all decks.  I looked around and found Pooka’s decklist online, so I built that version.  I kept playing solitaire and tweaking it, but I never felt comfortable with it.  Basically, his build is a metagame counter, and I wasn’t very confident that the meta here would be anything like that of the real world.

The final straw was that, on Friday night, I played a game against my daughter, Ava, and she beat me.  The tourney was Saturday, and I didn’t have another deck.  I was REALLY kicking myself for not building the deck I had lots of experience with (Darkrai), due to not owning any Darkrai.

As it turned out, I did trade for a Darkrai EX the week before at league.  On the downside, that same day, I traded away all my Dark Patch, because I knew I wasn’t playing Darkrai.  On Friday night, I was really bugging Omar about this via text.  Could I get away with just 2 or 3 many Darkrai?  How many Dark Patch would I need,  minimum?  If I could trade/buy/borrow some Darkrai and Dark Patch, I might switch decks.

On Sat morning, I looked up a decklist for it, and the first one that popped up was Jason Klaczynski’s Worlds list.  I printed it off, stopped at the cash machine on the way, and hit up Who’s Game House.

When I arrived, the Tournament Organizer had a box of commons and uncommons.  I looked through it and came up with 2 Dark Patch and some other useful stuff.  Then I started asking around for Darkrai EX.  I thought maybe the only ones that existed in the town were in Brad’s deck.  That was almost true.  I was able to trade for one from Austin (the same guy that traded me one the previous week, actually).  Zach, yet another player, offered to lend me his full-art copy for the day.  The final piece fell into place when Ken offered up 2 Dark Patch and a couple Virbanks.

I had what I needed, and I had about 15 minutes to build the deck and write the decklist.  It was VERY hectic, and Zach ended up writing my decklist as I tossed newly-sleeved cards at him.  As the entry deadline was called, we realized I was 10 cards short, and I started tossing in Crushing Hammer, Energy Switch (LUCKILY), and something else.  I made it.

A few minutes later, I realized I had only 10 energy and forgot to include Energy Search.  I also missed Catchers and didn’t have room for any Bicycle.  Oh well, I still think the deck was better than the Flareon/Leafeon/Terrakion/etc. I had a day earlier.

IMG_3144We had 30-minute rounds that were best of 3.

Round 1: Austin (Master)

I had amazing flip skills in game 1.  Crushing Hammer crushed Austins hope of attacking.  Austin finally got an attack off at the end of game 1.  Game 2 saw him get a Mewtwo EX set up, but it wasn’t enough to get a prize, as I had set up multiple Darkrai.


Round 2: Brad (Senior)

I expected Brad to be my toughest competition, as he was also playing Darkrai.  In game 1, my deck ran well, and it was a well fought and well played battle that I ended up winning pretty handily due to some key KOs.  Brad knew time was getting short, and he wanted to speed up.  I obliged, but I also knew there was no way we’d finish a second game.  I was setting up, and Brad got an easy KO for one prize.  Time was called, and Brad was given a game win, because he was ahead on prizes.  WHAT?  We played a sudden-death game 3, and I hit 0 supporters while Brad set up and got a single KO.  I’m pretty sure I just lost a match even though I took more prizes than the opponent.


IMG_3147Round 3: Ava (MY Junior)

After the previous loss, I can’t say I cared much anymore.  On top of that, Ava was sitting at 2-0 with one round left.  I have to say that I wanted to see her win.  I also had something on the line, because I still had a chance to win Masters due to matchups.  Well, this game went pretty badly, and I had almost no energy.  Ava made some mistakes that I capitalized on, but she was ahead in game 1 when time was called.  That gave her the win.



So, that was it.  Ava went 3-0 and won Juniors.  Petra (another daughter of mine) and I both went 1-2.  I can’t say that I was happy with the day.  I felt pretty frustrated and annoyed.  I heard that another player lost a game where he was forced to reflip because the coin landed “out of bounds” which was beyond where the deck was placed.  Now, I am currently contemplating becoming a professor.  I feel like one is needed here, but then we might only have 11 players in the next tourney (this one was like 7 Masters, 1 Senior, and 4 Juniors).


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  • TAndrewT

    Great to see the Mandys are back in the game! (And, umm, surprised to hear you made up a full quarter of the tourney’s attendance!)

    Here at the Source in St. Paul we were 14 Juniors, 21 Seniors, and 29 Masters. Yes, that’s right–each of our age divisions was larger that your whole tourney. No report from me because I judged. Paul went to a birthday party instead, meaning it was the first Pokemon event I have ever attended without him. If I play tomorrow at Outpost2000–the League Leader has already warned me he might pull me out to judge again–I’ll write it up.

    Miss you guys!

    • Ed

      Good point about the quarter thing. :)

      Can professors do judging reports?

      • TAndrewT

        Mmmm, I wouldn’t want to accidentally reveal any info that players wanted private.

  • Eric

    Hi everyone! Just would like to inform that I am currently working on an article, trying to put something on this dead website. Also, Ed, professors are needed to keep the game running! Join the professors, Ed.

    • Ed

      Thanks, Eric! Yeah, I really planned to do this. Then ski season rolled around. This is the first year that the family has had season passes. We haven’t been to many events since that started. :| League here is on Sat morning. That’s when we’re usually skiing.

      • Eric

        Welp, the ski season is over, or pretty close to over. Can you help me out? *powdy face* Also, I’ve noticed I haven’t been in the meta for centuries, anyone give me suggestions yet?

        • Ed

          I definitely have been out of the meta for a very long time.

          • Eric

            Update: I’m almost done with it! Finally! It’s going to be a double whammy, meaning there’s going to be two different subjects in the article. Man… I have rejected so many article ideas.

  • Eric

    I finally finished the article, jeez. Although it’s two days before the Regionals here in Philly. :l