OHKO Budget Challenge: Round Two (Fight!)

by Eric ~ October 15th, 2014.

Hello, readers of One Hit KO! Today I’m going to decide to go on the budget challenge, as what Ed did. As I’m pretty sure I can’t accept donations, I want to somehow try it out. This time, you comment on what you want ME to run. Those cards can be any ten cards of your choice. Here are a couple rules to make it more interesting:

No EX Pokemon with over 130 HP.

This is probably the most important rule. Since I’d rather go with an actual challenge rather than storming with a
ridiculously overpowered deck, I’ll just go without the EX decks.

I’m looking at you, Genesect and MANY others…

I will supply my own basic energies.

Simple. As I don’t want to be running a two energy deck, I’ll just do that.

Each card only counts as one.

ex: If you said you wanted me to play Colress Machine, it only counts as one. If you want me to run 2 or more of a card, that would count for your ten cards. ex: If you wanted me to play 4 Colress Machine, that is 6 cards left.

Now here’s a list of reminders!

-If you want me to run an evolution, remember to supply me with Rare Candy and/or the pre evolutions!
-You only have ten cards to choose from!
-If you want an interesting time, don’t give me ridiculously weak cards like Psyduck BCR (unless you want me to play Golduck)

-Remember that I’m taking it from YOUR cards that you “give” me. That means if your idea would be killed by Garbodor, I’d recommend to give me an extra Startling Megaphone, or you could be nice and “give” me a staple. So if I wasn’t given any Pokemon Catcher, I still couldn’t play it although it’s played in many decks.

Alright, that’s all. Have fun, everybody! Since I’m a chicken and I don’t want to play supporter-less, here is my list of ten cards:

Professor Juniper (4)
N (3)
Jirachi-EX (1)
Startling Megaphone (1)
Skyla (1)

NEXT TIME: A shocking collaboration!

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