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Bold Predictions for Cities Format

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Hey OneHitKO, it’s me, coolestman22, trying to get another article out for the site because I have some free time and an idea. I figured I may as well write about my predictions for the format created by the new set, and we’ll see how many of them end up being legit.

I had to sit down and think for a bit about these before I actually wrote anything, but there might be a couple that slipped my mind. If I remember anything, I’ll edit it into the article.

Prediction 1: Darkrai/Hydreigon is BDIF

Of the decks we had in BW-DRX, Hydreigon is probably the one that benefits the most from new cards. Skyla is great for searching out Rare Candies or Ultra Balls that get you the Hydreigon right away, and Computer Search benefits Hydreigon more than anything else because you can Junk Hunt for it and create a chain of Computer Search.

It also has easy access to Sableye DEX (Which most decks don’t because they don’t run Darkness Energy), probably the best starter in the game right now, which can turn bad hands into T2 set-ups and bait N’s that get you a brand new, better hand. …

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Bold Statements with Pikkdogs: New Years Resolutions

Friday, December 30th, 2011

A big hello to all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs and my sidekick Pedro here, with another opinion article.  This time the opinions won’t go in the form of statements, but instead resolutions for the new year.  Pedro is finally back from his Christmas vacation, how are things going Pedro?

Pretty well.  What did you get for Christmas Pikkdogs?

My mom was nice enough to replace my TV for Christmas, it had previously broke.  She also bought me a Kitchen table and a bunch of soap and stuff.

Nothing more exciting than soap and a table.  I thought you were boring before, but I didn’t know how bad it was.

Well what did you get for Christmas then?

Mostly just clothes, not very exciting, but better than soap. 

Maybe, what clothes did you get?

Just normal stuff, like shirts, pants, and underwear.

What type of underwear do you use Pedro.

I like the tighty whities, but when I go to bed, I sleep with boxers. 

I like to sleep with boxers too……………………and then I put on underwear.

Another bad joke, let’s go to your article, even though it is probably even worse.

New Years Resolution for The

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