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Team High Tables and Why I Love the Game

Friday, October 5th, 2012

There are many leagues and teams out there and many have cool yells and chants. Many have cool shirts and mascots. Some even do very well at premiere events. My league; Summit City Pokémon doesn’t have those things and some of us do pretty well at premiere events. What we do have though is an unofficial, sub-league team and I am its undisputed president: “Team High Tables.”

If you go to any premiere event; you will find my reserved table.  Just look for the highest numbered table and that’s where you will most likely find me. Stop by some time on your way to the lower numbers and say hello! If I am not there, wait a round, I’ll get there soon enough. Our unofficial sub-league team membership varies but I appear to be the solid foundation. You can give me the exact same deck that is destroying any event, and I will find a way to make it not work, misplay and have EVERY needed card prized. I am a horrible deck builder, a mediocre player yet I LOVE THE GAME.

Why on earth would I still play this game if I am that bad? Well, I can’t say …

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