1 Year Anniversary Contest

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Well, its been an entire year.  December 20th 2010 marked the one year anniversary of  The site has came a long way in a year.  It has grown from a site that organizes information for a small amount of people, to being a global website that is known for its Pokemon knowledge.  Ed and I are really excited to see the website grow into what it is today.  So a big happy birthday celebration goes out to all of our readers and all of our freinds who have came and written articles.  I don’t wanna leave anyone out, but I’ll try to give a good shoutout to those who have given us articles: Thanks to Bittyboy, Andrew, Andy, Ava, Pokemon Dan, Omar, and Jona. 

To celebrate our 1st birthday we are giving back to you guys, the readers that have chosen us one of your favorite sites.   We are instituting a contest, winners of this contest will win one of four prizes.  The contest is a bit of a treasure hunt, but we will get back to that later.

We originally had the contest idea last summer, we were just days away from starting the contest, but because …

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