The Many Faces of Gengar Prime

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Are you guys getting tired of hearing about Gengar Prime?  Well I am getting tired or writing about it.  But I haven’t shared any kind of lists or anything like that, so I thought I would write this one last article.     

I hate to repeat myself, but I probably should explain Lostgar a little.  It is a deck that uses Gengar Prime and Lost World to win the game by getting 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  This is mostly done by using Gengar Prime’s “Hurl Into Darkness” attack, which lets you put as many Pokemon that your opponent has in his/her hand to his/her Lost Zone up to the amount of energy on Gengar Prime.

Gengar Prime is a card that can be played in many ways.  One way is to play it as a speed deck, another is to play an Anti-Trainerlock Straight Gengar version, a third way to play it is with Cursegar, and a fourth way is to play it with Trainerlock.  Each version of this deck has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Speedlostgar is the fastest version and has the best chance at being a dominant deck.  It …

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