Battle Roads Report/Adventure of Aurasphere87.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Hello fellow OHKOers, This is Mark back with my Battle Road report for the opening to our new 2011 – 2012 season! 

Myself, accompanied by a group of friends went to the South Bend and Angola Battle Roads in Indiana. Initially I was gonna back out of going due to monetary issues. However, thanks to my great friends I was able to get things together! On the way there we got hit by traffic from the Michigan State Game and Notre Dame game. We actually got to the tournament 10 minutes late expecting game losses but we luckily got there just in time to register! PHEW!!

I played Stage One Rush, also known as “Mega Dragonzord”, which features Yanmega, Donphan, and Zoroark. I also played 2 Mew Primes as  techs along with 4 Rainbow Energies for the Gothitelle match up.  I had been playing this deck pretty much since Nationals and decided to stick with it due to its great coverage and excellent match ups.

As the tournament started we were informed about the new Championship Point structure and given news that Regional championships would take place twice during the season. For the record I’m very found of the championship …

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