Deck Analysis: Who Let The Dogs Out?

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Hey everyone in Om……ahhhhhh…… lets start this over.  A big hello to all of you O.H.K.O.ers, welcome to my first article on the new  As you might know, Ed has changed the name of the site from “” to “”, to better represent what the website has become.  Ed will probably make  the official announcement soon.  This website was originally made to communicate between a couple people, and had a name to reflect that.  Now, this website is a trusted source to Pokemon players all over the world, and should not be limited to just one team.  Anyway, lets go and talk about the new deck that I just made.

How I Thought of It

I thought of this deck about 2 weeks ago while I was jogging.  I was thinking of how I can stand out in a format filled with Sabledonk, and I decided that I needed to start with Spiritomb.  The only way to guarantee a Spiritomb start is to run only 4 Spiritombs, and no other basic Pokemon.  Since Spiritomb does not evolve and cannot do any damage, I needed to think of another way to attack.  I first thought about using fossil cards.  But, …

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