Lost World Deck HGSS-On- Mew Prime, Mime Jr. and Gengar Prime.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

As you can see I got really creative with the name of this deck. 

Hello all you OHKOers out there.  This is Pikkdogs here with a deck idea for the HGSS-on format. I spent most of last weekend working on some HGSS-on decks.  I tried a lot of good decks, one deck that was unexpectedly good was my lost world deck.

Before we talk about the deck, we have to mention that Battle Roads start this weekend!  This is the time where you can go and prove that the Md-BW format is pretty terrible.  Although most people are not excited about the format, it could be just the time for you to go and steal a Victory Medal.  So go and have fun with your Pokemon friends, and hopefully you can pull down a medal.

How the Deck Works

Anyway, lets go back to the deck.  Like all Lost World decks, this decks only purpose is to get 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  Unlike the popular Lostgar deck, this deck has no way to grab 6 prizes if needed, but thats not really something you need to do.

The main way you will get Pokemon in …

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The Many Faces of Gengar Prime

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Are you guys getting tired of hearing about Gengar Prime?  Well I am getting tired or writing about it.  But I haven’t shared any kind of lists or anything like that, so I thought I would write this one last article.     

I hate to repeat myself, but I probably should explain Lostgar a little.  It is a deck that uses Gengar Prime and Lost World to win the game by getting 6 of your opponent’s Pokemon in the Lost Zone.  This is mostly done by using Gengar Prime’s “Hurl Into Darkness” attack, which lets you put as many Pokemon that your opponent has in his/her hand to his/her Lost Zone up to the amount of energy on Gengar Prime.

Gengar Prime is a card that can be played in many ways.  One way is to play it as a speed deck, another is to play an Anti-Trainerlock Straight Gengar version, a third way to play it is with Cursegar, and a fourth way is to play it with Trainerlock.  Each version of this deck has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Speedlostgar is the fastest version and has the best chance at being a dominant deck.  It …

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The Top 10 Impactful Cards of HS: Triumphant.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  This is Pikkdogs here bringing you the top 10 cards of the new Triumphant set.  I have ranked them from 10 to 1, but these ranking aren’t that official.  It is really hard to rank cards that aren’t released yet, so the rankings are just a fun thing and aren’t very official.  So, now we got that away, lets get into the list.

#10- Nidoking

Coming in at #10 is Nidoking.  This card has a lot of upside, but may be a little slow for this format.

It has 140 HP, a lightning resistance, and the “Pheromone Stamina” Poke-Body that gives it an extra 20 HP for every Nidoqueen you have in play.   When you combine Nidoking with Nidoqueen RR, you not only get +20 HP but you heal 1 damage counter each turn because of NidoQueen’s “Maternal Comfort” Poke-Body.  If you add an expert belt and have 3 NidoQueens in play, Nidoking would have 220 HP.  It’s attack also isnt bad, for FFCC “Venomous Horn” does 80 damage and poisons the defending Pokemon. The high HP and lightning resistance will make it hard for any LuxChomp deck to knock out a Nidoking.

But as mentioned, it can be a little slow.  It’s attack costs 4 energies (or 3 if one is Double Colorless) which is possible to load up on Nidoking, but it might cause you to sacrifice some prizes.  And  in this quick 30 +3 format, it could be hard to make a comeback within the time limit.  Also, with out Claydol Ge, it will be hard to get out a Nidoking and have a bench full of NidoQueens. It also has a x2 water weakness, which could be problematic with Gyarados SF is as popular as some experts say it will be.  And finally, Dialga G Lv.X can shut off all Pokebodies, making Nidoking a lot less intimidating.

This deck could be good if the deck gets some new draw power, but until then it can be hard to get the deck fully set up.

#9- Victreebel

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