Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Garchomp C Lv.X, Pokemon Reversal, and Seviper CoL

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Hello to all members of Omar-Nation.  As you can see from the title of this article, Pikk Three is back. I have not done this article in a while, since the season was in full swing, there was a lot to talk about.   The Undaunted set brought in some new decks, and the Triumphant set changed a lot of the decks out there.  But now, Battle Roads and City Championships are over, there are no new decks out there (none that anyone will talk about anyway), and the next set seems to be fairly boring.

So because of these reasons, I think its time to go back to the Pikk Three article.  If you don’t know what this article is, I’ll just have to tell you.  Its an article where I review three cards, one that is popular, one that I think is under-used, and one that is coming out in a new or yet un-released set.  Its basically a card of the day article on steroids, so without further wait, here is the article.

The Staple-Garchomp C Lv.X

Description-Its hard to believe that I have never reviewed this card before, because it is probably the best card …

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