An Introduction to State Championships 2011

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

States are readily approaching and its time to get ready.  You could just pick a deck you like, test it a lot, and then leave for the tournament.  But, if you wanna read up on whats been happening in the game in the past couple months and what will happen, just continue reading this article.    

In this article we will be looking at how cities ended, what changes have occurred since then, how good the most popular decks will do in states, and then I will throw in some tips for S/P/T Championships at the end.

Cities: A recap

City Championships 2010-2011 did not have surprising results.  One trend for cities was the dominance of LuxChomp.  LuxChomp has now been going strong for a year, and has been the best deck in the format for all that time.  Luxchomp won around half of the cities in the U.S.  It dominates most of the other best decks out there.  It is a great fast and disruptive deck that came strong after cities into States.  The Cities version of LuxChomp included Lucario Gl for the Gyarados match-up, and we should be seeing a similar list coming into States. Anyone who plans to win a States and is not playing LuxChomp need the ability to beat it.

Another trend for cities was the return of Gyarados.  Of course Gyarados first came on the scene at Worlds two years ago, thanks to the help of the French.  “Tail Revenge” has invaded the Pokemon TCG scene like no other French attack has ever before (I’ll be here all week, try the veal, and tip your server).  But it was absent from Battle Roads this season, but has came back thanks to the help of Junk Arm.  Now with Junk Arm, Rescue Energy, and Volkner’s Philosophy Gyarados is ready to run over most decks.  It preforms well against a lot of the best decks, but can never seem to consistently beat Luxchomp.  Gyarados is ready to be a deck to be reckoned with for States, but I feel it won’t win too many because of LuxChomp. The Cities version of this deck should be very similar to what we will see at States.

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