Challenge: Wrap-Up with Budget Engine

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Well, I’ve discussed much of this already, but I thought I should give a bit of a wrap-up to finalize this season’s Challenge.  Yeah, I said “this season’s” implying that there may be others on the horizon.  That’s a bit of an open-ended question at the moment, but we can discuss that later.  Let’s first get to the positives and negatives of this challenge.


When I first dreamed up this crazy plan, I had several goals.  My overarching number one goal was to build community around this project.  Have we succeeded in that?  Well, I think it’s been mostly a unmet goal.  Looking at webserver statistics, it seems that the site is getting slightly more views now. I can’t be sure if that has anything to do with the challenge, just the fact that there have been more articles lately, or just the fact that City Championships were in full swing. Since I can’t undoubtedly attribute it to the challenge, I won’t.

What I originally hoped for (and expected) was that many people would come together and each donate maybe 4-8 cards.  I would have a bunch of random “junk” to sift through and build from.  Making a deck out of this card pool would be my challenge while donating would be yours.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen really at all.  I had only 3 real donators, and, of them, I already had a friendship with 2.  That means that only 1 person decided to go out on a limb and risk sending me cards in order to be part of something greater.

My losses outweighed my wins.  I had a goal to go better than 50/50 win/loss in any given tournament.  I missed one tournament and had to drop one round early from another (both events I see as negatives in their own right).  I did go exactly 50/50 in 2 of 3 tourneys, but I never achieved greater than that.  This makes me feel as if I misused the generous donations and failed on my end of the bargain (even though it was always a goal and never a promise).
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The Draw and Hand Refresh Supporters In the Current Format

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

A big hello to all you OHKoers out there, this is Pikkdogs and his sidekick Pedro here with an article about the drawing and hand refresh supporters we have available to us in the current format.  A big thanks to reader “Quarter Turn” for the idea for the article.

You mean someone actually asked you for advice on cards?


Don’t they know you’re a crappy player?

I guess nobody has told him yet.  Hey Pedro, I was wondering something.  Why do you always speak in Italics?

Well that’s how all people from my dimension speak.

Huh.  What dimension is that?

Well I can’t tell you that, the people have to go about and buy my auto-biography.

You wrote an auto-biography?

Oh hell yeah.  It’s called “Stick it in my inter-dimensionary port hole”.

I suppose it’s available on

Well yes, but not in this dimension?  You have to go to my own dimension’s Amazon. 

Your dimension has an Amazon?

Of course, how else do you think South American countries get their water.

Oh so you live in Earth just a different dimension.  Hmmmmm interesting……. Anyway let’s just go to the article.  Today we are talking about the …

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