Working With Ditto: A Review of 1-1 and 1-0-1 Techs

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Hey OneHitKO people, it’s me, coolestman22 again, here with another article to try to help keep the site going. I said in my last article that I would try to write about the techs Ditto brings to the table, and I decided to do just that.

Anyway, Esa wrote a neat article about how good Ditto is on his blog (Which I recommend reading if you haven’t), but

he didn’t go over the usefulness of the techs you could set up via Ditto. He mentioned a few, and he did a bit of reviewing them, but he didn’t go that much in detail.

So without further ado, I guess I should start the article. Please do note that these are not ranked, they’re just there in the order they came to my head in.

Dusknoir BoC

Dusknoir is probably going to be the most popular Ditto tech. The Ability is just so powerful that if you manage to get a Dusknoir out, it will probably lead to a few prizes by itself. You could also use it to take out your opponent’s all-important Stage Two Energy accelerator, or use the damage from the EX they retreated to kill their active …

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TAndrewTesting: Gothitelle/Reuniclus

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Christina Ricci as Gothitelle

For Pokémon players, Labor Day week means the beginning of a new competitive season and preparing for Battle Roads. (And not wearing white pants, if you have any.) We now know that the Battle Roads season will start on September 17th, in just under two weeks (!), so it’s a great time to start thinking about what you’ll bring to BRs that first weekend.

As a bit of personal introduction, I’ve been playing Pokémon TCG for just a year, and 2010’s Fall Battle Roads was my very first tournament. In fact, my very first tournament opponent was Radu Ciocan, who posted an OHKO article on MewPlume just last month. (Yes, I lost that first game.) Since then, I’ve been splitting my Pokémon time between playing, judging, and volunteering at league and tournaments. With that short a resumé, I’m not sure how OHKO’ers will feel about my authority on Pokémon strategy or about my very first article on this site. The new format rotation has completely changed the competitive landscape and made us all take fresh looks at many new deck concepts, so even if you’ve played for years longer than I have, I hope this article contains some new perspective you can use in your upcoming Battle Roads play.

The Emerging Powers set gave us a brand new deck archetype—Gothitelle/Reuniclus—and this article will explore that deck. The real focus of the deck is Gothitelle, a Stage 2 cross between Christina Ricci and Mary Poppins. Gothitelle has an Ability, “Magic Room”, which prevents your opponent from playing Trainer-Items, but not you. Although this may sound like an unfair upgrade to Vileplume’s item-lock, Gothitelle’s Ability comes with a catch: she has to be active for the Ability to take effect. Now, with 130HP and a convenient weakness to Psychic (not a popular type in the current format), Gothitelle can certainly hold her own in the active spot. But her attack, Madkinesis, costs three colorless energy, and does just 30 damage, plus 20 damage for each Psychic energy attached to Gothitelle. Ideally, all three of the required energy will be Psychic, so that Gothitelle will initially do 90 for 3—okay, but not great, and attaching all those energies one-by-one will take time.

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Pikkdogs Pikks Three: Crush Hammer, Musharna, and Reuniclus

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Hey all members of Omar-Nation.  Welcome to a special edition of Pikkdogs Pikks three.  Usually I provide you a review of three cards; one that is commonly used, one that I feel is under-rated, and one that is from a new or yet un-released yet.  But this edition of Pikk Three is special.  This edition mixes up the former two categories.  This a review of three cards from the Black and White cards that are good, but not many people are talking about them.  So now that you know whats coming at you, lets start the party!

Card Number 1, Crush Hammer

Description- The first card on our list is Crush Hammer, which is basically a re-printed Energy Removal 2.  It is a trainer card that allows you to flip a coin, and if heads you can discard an energy attached to one of your opponent’s Pokemon.

Analysis– The ability to discard an energy is not really something that we have in the current format.  That means that it is something that you can’t really get with other cards.  The ability to discard an energy is fairly useful.  If your opponent is trying to tank against you, you …

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