Pikkdogs Spring Battle Road Report- Tecumseh, Mi

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Hey all you OHKOers out there, this is Pikkdogs here with a tournament report.  This Sunday I was fortunate enough to head to a SpSableye - SFring Battle Road in Tecumseh.  I like going to Tecumseh because it is a smaller town that takes me away from the urban sprawl of Detroit.  The tournaments there used to be held at a boy scout cabin, they are now held at a Masonic Temple.  It is a pretty cool place, nice and big, it even overlooks a lake.  The turnout this day was not very good, there was only around 20 masters.  Because of the stale format a lot of players decided not to come today.  This led to only 5 rounds, and a top cut of 4.  Anyway, lets get to the good stuff.

I wasn’t really into this format so I didn’t prepare for the tournament very much.  Instead, I spent most of my time with the HGSS-on format.  Before the new rules came into effect I played Uxie Donk.  I loved playing Uxie Donk because it is a deck that requires a lot of skill and experience, and has a good matchup against SP decks.  But because of the rule changes regarding Plus Power,  Uxie Donk is no longer playable.  Instead of using Uxie Donk I decided to play Sabledonk.  It is not the same deck, but it is similar.  It has a higher donking ability, but is worse later in the game.  I wanted to play another deck like Gyarados, but there wasn’t any deck that I tried that could consistently beat Sabledonk.   I knew that with some luck, Sabledonk could get me a Victory Medal.
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