Team Omar Makes T4 In CA

Monday, December 21st, 2009

My cities was INSANE out here. So many good players, including one of my losses came from a guy in the top 10 in worlds atm. I was running GG.  Out here, everyone techs against Dialga. Everyone. Not one person likes it. haha. But there is what happened roughly.

Round 1: GG vs. Lady Gaga (luxray G & Garchomp G) with infernape 4 and blaziken FB

I locked up his ability to heal and his ability to bring up anyone he wanted active starting turn 2 and never looked back. He also didnt pull a supporter untill turn 4, and he didnt ever pull cyrus. Pretty much locked him up hard and then 1 hit KO his luxray with my gallade. He couldnt recover. GG :)

Round 2: GG vs. Salamance

I was really surprised at the amount of salamance decks out here. There are some pretty sick strategies with this deck. First, they run Kingdra, discard energies and do 60 and 20 to a bench. Then, they use delcatty and salamance AR to play multiple energies a turn, and the point is to injur someone on the bench to a point of being 20 hp away(usually claydol) and …

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